The Mother Divine
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The Mother is a quarterly journal which publishes informative and critical articles on Hinduism, thought pieces, short biographies of saints, translations of scriptural texts, critical commentaries, book reviews, point- counterpoint articles, analysis of religious tradition, festival columns etc.

The principal editorial goal of The Mother is to publish critically reviewed articles that promote tenets of Santana Dharma, Hindu Philosophy and teachings of Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath, which emphasize the Hindu Shastras, Omkar doctrine and Naam. The Mother seeks to promote significant dialogue and practical reflection on all the issues related to Hinduism.

The Mother aims at exploring the implications of Hinduism for use in practical life and enable philosophical understanding of Hindu theology. We will monitor and critically present thoughts, perspectives and controversies arising in the broader field of religion and spirituality. The Mother will research, represent and advance philosophical and spiritual wisdom of the Indian civilization and provide a room for discussion on related issues for the contemporary man. This may also involve the resources of such disciplines as iconography, cultural studies, historical theology, and metaphysics.

The editors feel that the philosophical foundation of Hinduism is a holistic living ideal and it can guide kindred souls in their journey of life. This editorial policy is formulated with the belief that a serious dissemination of religious tradition will lead to progressive life forms, and that these in turn will yield new insights, deeper understanding, and new knowledge at the frontiers of spirituality, which is essentially every man’s calling.
Most issues of The Mother will include several articles on a predetermined subject. Special Preceptor Issue, for instance will predominantly try to represent different aspects of the glory of Guru along with other articles of merit.