The Mother Divine
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by Shelley Dhar

Oh God! You made this once a house of pleasure,
And then it was a house of bestowed treasure.
But now, oh God! What have you done
What have you done to your house of fun?

You built it up with your own two hands
You have broken it too with your two hands;
You were then like a little child
So weak, so innocent and so mild.

So gently like a child this home you did carve
An image of your own wonderful home above.
Create, oh God, create again
So that those lost ones we may regain.

What have you done, oh sweet God to yourself —
You seem to me as if like Satan himself.
You have no mercy you have no heart
Don’t leave, oh God! Of this house a tiny part.

Please, oh God, oh please do grant
Back the lives of the two souls we so want
And let us live in happiness again
And we’ll be God-loving and fearing again.