The Mother Divine
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(Story from the Puranas)

In various Puranas, there are diverse accounts of Narasimha Dev's history. The Bhagavatam presents the most recent incarnation of Narasimha, but the Padma Purana also mentions his appearances in previous Kalpas, featuring slightly different accounts.

In one instance, Hiranyakashipu sought Lord Shiva's blessings through rigorous worship. He demanded that his son, Prahlad, accept him as the Supreme Deity, but Prahlad firmly refused.

In other versions, Hiranyakashipu had acquired boons from Brahma, which varied across different yugas. In a past yuga, he sought protection from death inside or outside any dwelling. However, in this current kalpa, his boon had distinct conditions. In a particular incident, he threatened Prahlad to acknowledge him as the Supreme Deity by 6 o'clock that night, or face death. This highlighted a difference in his approach.

Hiranyakashipu also attempted to eliminate Prahlad by sending soldiers armed with various weapons. Strangely, each weapon transformed into a blue lotus flower upon touching Prahlad, showering him with a symbolic floral tribute instead of causing harm. Even a wild elephant, sent to attack Prahlad, lost its tusks upon attempting to harm him and fled in embarrassment.

Hiranyakashipu made numerous attempts to kill Prahlad, but all his efforts proved unsuccessful. At one point, realizing that he couldn't eliminate Prahlad directly, he decided to get rid of him by burying him deep under the ocean and covering him with a massive mountain of stones and boulders. He hoped that this would silence Prahlad and prevent him from spreading his beliefs about Vishnu. However, something extraordinary occurred. Prahlad possessed a unique power, becoming weightless and effortlessly rising through the boulders, eventually floating on the water's surface. He swam back to shore and confronted his father once again, who was bewildered and questioned why Prahlad wouldn't die. Prahlad fearlessly responded, revealing that he was protected by Vishnu, which made him invincible. Despite Hiranyakashipu's various attempts, he couldn't succeed in harming Prahlad due to his unwavering protection from Vishnu. This remarkable tale illustrates the unshakable devotion and divine safeguarding of Prahlad amidst numerous adversities.

In the Bhagavatam, it is explained that the demons decided to give Prahlad another chance by sending him back to school. They stationed a group of armed guards, the top army personnel, around the school, with instructions to shoot and kill any Vaishnava who approached. Little did they know that Prahlad himself was a Vaishnava, having been trained by Narada Muni while he was in his mother's womb. So like that. he got all the other students to chant Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Finally, so many things like this happened. The Padma Purana says this time Hiranyakasipu had built a big stadium, like a huge pavilion, so huge that it was more than a 100 kms long and 50 wide and very high, even there could be aeroplanes inside. It was climate controlled. So you will always feel comfortable inside. Never too hot and never too cold. If anyone felt sick and they go inside the pavilion they will feel healthy. There was a nice buffet of all kinds of edibles. So if you are hungry you go and eat. So all of these facilities for nice sense gratification.

On one side there was big dais like a high raised place and there was a gigantic throne for Hiranyakashipu. People would come there. So much sense gratification from him and they would worship him.

Glories to Hiranyakashipu! We love you. Give us more sense gratification! He was popular amongst many people. Prahlad was placed near the throne of Hiranyakashipu, who gave him a deadline until 6 o'clock to acknowledge him as the Supreme Deity. Prahlad confidently assured that Lord Vishnu would come to protect him.

When Lord Narasimha Dev manifested, there was no pillar involved in this version of the story. He appeared with half-human and half-lion form, causing fear among the demons living in the capital city. As they attempted to attack Narasimha Dev with air force and missiles, all their efforts proved futile, and they were defeated. In the end, Narasimha Dev, during the particular moment which is neither day nor night, overpowered Hiranyakashipu and defeated him, then put him on his lap and bifurcated him. After this Prahlad offered prayers to Narasimha Dev. But the heat of Narasimha Dev was too much to be handled by the common folk – it seemed to burn everything down, so the Brahmins requested Lakshmi to adjust Narasimha Dev's effulgence to a cooler, moonlight-like glow so that they could offer their prayers without being burned by the intense radiance.

While there are variations in the details of the story, the ultimate result remains consistent - the triumph of goodness over evil, and the protection of Prahlad by Lord Narasimha Dev.