The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath


It is better for all peace-loving men and women to keep away from saints who approve of desire-driven or indiscrete lifestyles. How long can an unrestrained person of wilful conduct remain energetic? Five to seven years at the most! Thereafter everything becomes quiet. God! The stomach is gone! He goes looking for a TB hospital. He is admitted in the mental asylum and dances like a madman.

Just think! Those who haven’t done good deeds – those who have done exactly what they pleased regardless of good and evil, how can they see God? If all the senses are not held in control and allowed to function in an unrestrained manner, it is the same as misusing them; the consequences of the same are inevitable. I hear of the ridiculous birth control practices, they are not a part of Indian culture. They belong to the worldly race of foreigners. These are things required of those who cannot see anything beyond the body.

Conquering Speech/ Tongue:

In the spiritual world one has to conquer the tongue first. It is not possible to conquer any other sense organ without being able to win over the tongue. The tongue ardently longs to relish shadrasas: six flavours viz. the bitter, astringent, sweet, pungent, salty, sour etc. Therefore, it is the duty of the seeker to renounce these flavours in every possible way.

You are not dumb, you have the gift of a tongue, but by talking ill of others and by indulgence in eating, the tongue has been defiled. May singing Naam and His attributes always purify it – may the tongue be purified!

Control Of Speech:

Control your speech. Without control of speech, peace cannot be obtained.

Overcoming Defects:

Lust, anger, nishwas (breathing out), fear and sleep are the five defects of the body, the dosha panchaka. These are dispelled through nissankalpa (absence of resolve), Kshama (forgiveness), laghu ahara (light and moderate meals), apramaadata (mindfulness/awareness) and tattvaseva (impersonal objectivity about truth). Lust is dispelled by absence of resolve, anger through forgiveness, nishwas through moderation in food, fear through manoyoga (effective absolving the mind) and sleep through tattva vichara.

My dear, do you really care about your own welfare? Do you really want to make the most of having assumed the human form? Has that desire (for perfection) really awakened in you? If yes, you will have to renounce the six defects: excessive sleep, indolence, fears that keep you from acquiring sound character, anger, laziness and dirghsutrata (procrastination due to disinterest) and chirkriyata (postponing things by saying ‘I will do it’, ‘I will do it.’)


This world was created out of Vaak, the Articulate Word, therefore those desirous of walking on the spiritual path and attaining peace must observe mauna for a predetermined duration daily; one can undertake two or three hours mauna in the morning, for instance.

Concentrate On One Thing:

By resorting to one path, everything is realized. By taking to many paths, everything is lost. First of all, one must get diksha (initiation) and try with all might to attain mantra siddhi. By practicing as per the prescribed tradition, the mantra is sure to turn siddha (realized).

Note: Patanjali (1:30-44) discusses the obstacles (chittvikshepaah) in the spiritual progress of the aspirant. In 1:34, he lists those thoughts and actions, which result in pain wherein he includes anger (krodhah), greed (lobhah), and violence (himsaa).
When the mantra-shakti is awakened by sadhana, the presiding Devata appears, and then perfect mantra-siddhi is acquired.

There is no point in reviewing too many scriptural texts. Adopt the bija mantra bestowed by Gurudeva, and read those texts that are conducive to it.

Seclusion & Solitude:

In order to make progress, it is necessary for everyone to meditate regularly and perform austerity in a secluded spot. This brings about welfare of the world. Without solitude, man cannot achieve perfection.

There is no escape from agony if you stay intoxicated with the sense objects. I am very fond of solitary, uninhabited places. Go, chant Naam, sitting in solitude, and I too will sit there and listen to it. Do not contest the fact you are not able to see me. I am merely waiting for the right time; the moment the time is ripe, I will appear before you.