The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Practice In View Of God’s Omnipresence:

  • ‘Everything is an extension of God’s body’ – with this in mind, practice offering pranaam. Do not address harsh words to anyone. With a smile on your face, speak sweet words to people.
  • Whatever obstacle you confront, blow it up with the cannon of ‘Everything is Your manifestation!’ Whatever situation arises whether favourable or unfavourable, overcome it with the mantra: ‘Everything is Your manifestation!’
  • Start seeing Me in every object. In all the sounds, hear Me; in all the tastes, taste Me; smell Me in all the smells — I am holding you in my lap, just turn back and see.
  • When one reflects, ‘You are everything. There’s nothing that’s not You,’ ‘Even in Your forgetfulness, it is You alone,’ then the mind becomes calm.
  • Once there is a firm belief with regards disease, sorrow, distress, want, debt, wealth, happiness and peace that ‘You (God) are all these!’ the mind will no longer be agitated.
  • If you don’t engage your mind in Divine Sport or Form of God, your mind is likely to conjure up the world, become worldly and make a big hue and cry.

Everything Is Auspicious:

  • To turn your face away from Shiva is to court sorrow. Shiva is mangal, mine of auspiciousness! Those men and women who forsake this mangal, how can they hope to meet with good fortune?
  •                    Chir mangalmaya Bhagawan

                              Jaa Karen tini sakali mangal
                              Gaahe Veda Purana
God is perpetual embodiment of goodness!
Whatever He does, it is always for the good, so sing the Vedas and Puranas.

  • Know this for sure — whatever God does is auspicious and for our betterment.
  • In every transaction, one must be patient. He is doing only that which is best for us.
  • Sri Bhagawan (God) has two feet: dakshin and vaam – right and left. Happiness, peace and joys are the right foot and disease, grief and distress are the left foot, no matter which foot He extends in front of you, clasp it saying ‘Guru, Guru’ – this is the remedy to overcome happiness and sorrow.
  • Listen O Mother! The book is already written. Just keep turning the pages. Whatever happens from time to time is auspicious. Well-decreed, nothing is inauspicious in the whole world.
  • Whatever God does, it is always for the good. In my long life I have experienced the truth of this statement again and again, which is why my throat is never tired of proclaiming it loudly.
  • By bestowing disease God seeks our good. A man learns to repeat ‘Ram, Ram’ in disease.
  • Always keep repeating ‘Ram, Ram’ and firmly believe that ‘Whatever God does, it is for one’s good,’ then the sorrows, distress, disease, none of it will overwhelm you.

Suffering Is Good:

  • Just keep calling out! He knows better than you as to what is good for you and what is bad for you. What has been God-given must be reasonable – it has to be! Why fear?
  • Brother, there is nothing in this world like suffering. The more suffering there is, the more does the human being embrace God.
  • How many woes you have gone through? Think of Mother Sita – she suffered despite being the wife of God. Think of Nala and Damayanti. Think of the tale of Srivatsa’s distress. Think of the misfortunes of Pandavas. Think of the pain of Nanda, Yashoda, boon companions of Krishna, and the beloved Radha and other consorts.
  • The torment of samsara gives a new path to the human being. Majority of the people who have taken to the path of God have gone through suffering in this world.
  • Those who take refuge in God’s shelter due to torment and suffering are blessed indeed! As for those who don’t take refuge with God due to the sway of their karmas and wander between vaids and doctors, it’s their misfortune.
  • Like birth, even the nature of death is predetermined. Devotees who are under the shelter of great saints attain to a higher state even if faced with untimely death.