The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

  • Never mind whether you are a sinner or someone in distress, if you are afflicted with disease, or cursed of thousand offences! Surrender to God saying: “I have taken refuge with you”. You will surely succeed in securing His Grace. You surely will! There is no doubt about it!

  • One of His names is Patita Paavana Adhama Taarana (Uplifter [lit. purifier) of the lowly and the fallen ones!); even the greatest of sinner is not precluded from His kindness.

  • No matter how sinful and dissolute a man is– he has nothing to fear if he takes refuge with Him and says from the bottom of his heart – “God! I am a great sinner, I am degenerate, and I have no hope! Please have mercy on me out of your kindness.” God will lift Him up and clasp him to His heart.

  • Everyone has a right over God. There can be differences of language, some may not have the authority of Vedic mantras but there is no proscription of any kind on love. Everyone can take God captive by means of love.

  • He who is already good, what good can be additionally done to him? However, even if you are able to turn one characterless person to the path of virtue, enough good is done to the world.
  • If you don’t see any hope when you look at yourself, don’t lose faith. Believe that He is the redeemer of the sinful! The rescuer of the fallen!

  • No matter which state you are in, the remedy lies in that very condition! Come! Come forward, O you proud of mortal body! Come forward with the intent of acquiring self-knowledge! Come ye seeker! Come! Step forward on your path. Just serve your Guru. He will absorb you.

  • Brahma is free from the triple distinctions caused by birth and allegiance, and differences such as kindred and alien. By repeating ‘Hari’, ‘Hari’ without any rest, the individual soul in Kali Yuga can succeed in gaining knowledge of Brahma transcending the triple distinctions.

  • God, who is the only support for the devotees; He whose feet the yogis have contemplated in solitary places for ages, those hallowed feet from where the redeemer of the fallen, and the rescuer of the wretches, the divine river Ganga originates, and sanctifies all the three worlds, the Shudras too have originated from the same supremely redeeming lotus feet coveted by Virinchi and Shiva. The Shudras are not despicable. They are supremely pure; it is their duty as well to offer worship at appropriate time daily.

  •  To err is human. Being human, there is bound to be some weakness or failing in everyone— thinking thus, one should not reproach anyone– everyone will have to be drawn to one’s heart with love.

You Won’t Have To Leave This World:

  • You won’t have to leave this world; you won’t have to leave your wife and child; while staying in the midst of them, I will take you to the world of happiness. I will hand you your true nature– look at yourself just once! Why must you be voluntarily bound in the eightfold attachment? You are free— you have no restriction.

  • It is not necessary to renounce the world; everything is maintained as it is, and one enjoys illimitable pleasure by merely taking refuge with God.

  • In this very life and this very body, you will gain your divine identity– through sattvik and pure food, worship at regular hours, swadhyaaya and daily japa.

  • You have slipped down from your divine nature, separated from your real self– that is all! You can re-establish yourself there while continuing to do japa. This will be achieved through daily sadhana.

  • You won’t have to renounce any job. Your samsara will remain the same; you just have to spare three hours from it daily.

  • Experience your true self every day— in the morning, midday and evening. It is not that you will experience and gain something in distant future. You will obtain supreme happiness right here in the samsara and you will be free while staying in the midst of this samsara.

  • Do you know, who is the woman you call your saha-dharmini (wife)? She is your Ishta Devi! A desire for sexual pleasure rose in you; that is why Mother had to come in the form of a wife. This time, pledge that you will be her son, her brother and walk up the spiritual path.

  • If you could succeed in living in such a way that you always sing Naam, you will be free of worldly existence.

  • My dear! One cannot renounce the world by merely talking about it! Renunciation has to be practiced. He who remains within the samsara and then attempts to undertake japa or dhyana for one or two hours to begin with, and then about ten to twelve hours, such a person becomes competent to renounce the world. You must practice renouncing the samsara while staying in the midst of it.

  • Nothing can damage a person more than company or association. While in company of men, try to look for God. Chant God’s Name.