The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The most vicious minds are freed from sin
By pilgrimage to holy places, and they go to heaven.
If the sinner sincerely takes
To pilgrimage upto the hour of his death,
All his sins will wear away—even patricide,
Matricide, the killing of a cow, a Brahmana, Or a teacher.
The good, wise man who lives
In a holy place soon wins the Lord’s love.
No object is holier in Kali-yuga than the Ganga.
Easy the liberation of Ganga’s votary.
Thou art born and hast lived on Ganga’s banks.
Pray with the Name of Ganga on thy lips and thou wilt be saved,
Repeat constantly the name of Hari
At whose feet Ganga had her birth.
Look at Ganga and chant Rama, Rama, and
Blessed will be thy life, Sitaram, servant of the Lord.

The act of chanting the Name is a great
Ritual—the essence of all rituals.
This ritual is being preached in Kali Yuga.
It’s an easy path, smooth and straight.
By constant chant pure peace will come to thee.
Recite the Name as long as there is breath in thy nostrils.
By constant chanting thou wilt
Have the Greater Life in which thy life will merge.
Thou wilt no longer think, ‘The body is me’.
With joy thou wilt walk and with joy sit down,
With joy eat and sleep: there will be nothing but joy here.
Repeat the Name and be thou blessed.
In joy the origin, in joy sustenance,
In joy the end at last!
Thou art ever wishing for joy.
So chant the Name by day
And by night, the Lord’s servant, Sitaram!