The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Translated by S. Chakrabarti

Is it not blind faith?
No, no, faith in the divine Name is not blind faith.
One chants the Name so that one may pass to Vaikuntha after death: of what use will it be? Does it result in any immediate benefit, as, say, hunger is appeased as soon as food is taken?
It does, of course.
It's all a question of blind faith. I take my meal and hunger ceases forthwith.   I say Hari Hari, why I've nothing concrete in return.
What do you eat to ease hunger?
Say, rice.
Right, Sitaram! But how is this rice obtained?
Why, boil rice and you have it.
Rice as food-grain, before it is boiled or cooked—pray how is it made ?
Paddy is boiled, dried, husked with a wooden implement.
How is paddy produced?
By tilling the soil, planting, hoing, reaping, carting the harvest home and threshing it with flail.
Jai Jai Sitaram! So, true as it is that hunger is appeased with eating rice, how long-drawn is the process involved in preparing rice itself?
That's Indeed a fact.
Call Him howsoever you will, call Him, standing, sitting, eating, going to bed—peace shall be yours.
I do think of chanting the name, but am disturbed by such violent passions as kam.
Chant the name and kam will cease.
How will it, if I chant the name, Sitaram?
Sitaram! The word kam is used in two senses: desire, and lust.
And both are equally oppressive.
Sitaram! Kam, resolution, vacillation, all these are affairs of the mind. These frisk about just because the mind is restive. Chant the Nam and the mind's unrest will vanish.
Pray, how may it vanish?
Whatever is no earth is restless. In birth after birth the mind has been in contact with   things restless: so it is in this birth as well.   Far from ebbing, restlessness has therefore been steadily growing. God alone is still. Him you've to capture and to make your own.
Can you suggest how He may be captured?
That precisely is what I've been discussing. The Name and He whom the Name belongs to, are not different. Just hold to the Name and the mind will grow still. The Name is just as still as He to whom it belongs. Keep company with the Name and the mind shall grow still.
In what sense Is the Name still?
Consider the Name ‘Ram': for ages, for aeons It has been just the same, immutable, changeless. Keep company with the Name that is still, only say Rama Rama; all will come aright.
The same old question arises: how will It, by simply saying the Name?
Well, Sitaram, it shall, without fail! "Should the mind falter and the body fail, even then go on with merely verbal spiritual exercise with mere word of mouth. Such is the power of spiritual exercise that It advances of itself by virtue of Its own strength coming eventually to permeate everything." Jai Sitaram.
What hinders the chanting of the Name?
How to get rid of sin?
By just repeating 'Rama Rama.' As you say (Ra' the mouth opens and sin goes out: as you say 'M' the mouth closes and sin can't enter again, Then dive—right into madhyama ; dive again and you reach Pasyanti; dive yet again and you come straight to para. Let me now sing a song, listen:
Why not dive, Oh mind, with Kali on the lips
Into that fathomless deep the priceless sea of your soul
That sea is not a void, it is a mine of treasures:
Can pearls be fished with two or four dips?
With one bold dive, plunge, Oh mind,
Right on to the shore of Kula Kundalini.
Clasp, Oh clasp the Mother.    Who but the Mother can ever grant peace?   Jai Jai Sitaram.