The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath


Mind, Creator of Samsara:

  • The object of all yogas– Mantra, Hatha, Laya etc. is to obliterate the mind– mind is the creator of samsara.
  • Purification and stabilizing of the mind:

  • The purpose of human life is to realize God. Gita states that without purifying the chitta (mind), it is impossible to realize God and gain the knowledge– “Everything is God.” Nishkaam Karma is aimed at purifying the chitta (mind).

  • Are you saying you cannot still the mind? How can it be stabilized? Have you ever tried to still the mind? If not, how can you expect to still it at once?

  • For a long time, you whipped the mind to go after sounds, tastes, forms, touches and smells. You have eaten everything indiscriminately, kept the company of all kinds of people. You never observed any restraint of thought or conduct, never called out to God; this is the reason your mind is not able to calm down

  • The ways to stabilize the mind are– ahara shuddhi, living in pure mental state, and singing Naam always, while standing, sitting, eating or lying down. Undertake vaachik japa (oral) first, then the upaanshu japa (audible only to one’s own ears) and finally manas japa (mental); once initiation in genuine japa is made, one does not have to wait too long to still the mind

  • Sitting on the banks of Ganga, stare at the water for half an hour or forty-five minutes, continue to look at the water– your mind will very quickly become one-pointed.

  • Mind Control:

  • Very purpose of sadhana is to conquer laya and vikshepa. During the course of one’s spiritual practice the mind is bound to be restless. Siddha avastha (perfection) is the ability to dwell in a state of oneness.

  • Many people say that their mind is unstable, that Japa does not succeed in stilling it, but I say why should it become stable? You let your mind wander about all these days; I want this, I want this, and so on. Now you hope to make it still by merely asking your mind to keep quiet. How can that be possible?

  • To keep the mind in one’s control, any one of Name of God, devotional song, poem, prayer or japa should be maintained on one’s tongue.

  • Practice manan with the help of the mind. Manan means contemplation in solitude on what one has heard (about God). The short-cut to God in Kali Yuga is Leela Chintan.
  • Nature, Man & Health:

  • Body composed of five elements is being destroyed every moment. By going for walks in open spaces, the loss of the sky is made good; through strolls in open air and inhalation of pure wind the loss of air is made good; through bathing and drinking of water, the water loss is made good; by rubbing mud on the body parts, loss of earth is made good and by dwelling regularly in the warmth of sunlight the loss of fire is made good.

  • Yogasanas, physical exercises approved by yoga, mudras etc. are also extremely good. One should not exert in pranayama without Guru’s instructions. “Baddha padmasana” rids the body of diseases and awakens energy.

  • Prana:

  • The prana is straying in different directions today. Whole hue and cry is only because of it. The remedy? It is to control the prana. The way to control it is to restrain rajas and tamas gunas and increase of sattva guna. Enhancement of sattva guna is achieved through regular prayer and japa and eating pure food. Do not have the slightest doubt about the existence of God.

  • God is a firm principle. That is the reason; there is a need to have your mind and the breath still, in order to meet Him.

  • Seventy-two-crore-seventy-two-lakh-ten-thousand-two- hundred-and-one (72, 72, 10201) arteries and veins make the prana vibrate in a vikruta chanda and enslave the individual to the senses turning them into animals. Majority of today’s people are bereft of dharma; even if the desire for dharma is awakened in any one, the prana set to a vikruta vibration takes him away from his wish and leads him loyally to the sordid external pleasures wherefrom he has to undergo intolerable suffering.

  • Surya/ Malefic Effects on Prana:

  • It is the sun that dwells in the human body in the form of prana and the eye. When sandhya is not done at prescribed hours, ghosts and spirits live in the bones of the body; fiends and demons enter the blood vessels. They gobble up Surya in the shape of knowledge.

  • The heat of the sun destroys both disease and sins. He who worships the sun quickly becomes free from sins. It is sin that obscures and obstructs attainment of knowledge. It is only after the sins have been destroyed that the knowledge of “You are everything” springs up on its own.

  • The outer prana of every being is Surya. Due to the motion of the sun, blood is polluted on full moon and new moon days. The illnesses like rheumatism are enhanced

  • The (malefic) gaze of the Surya falls on white-gourd melon on pratipada (first day of bright half of fortnight), the white-gourd melon suffers decay, and its consumption leads to restlessness.

  • On the ashtami (eighth day of fortnight) the sun acts on coconut and despoils it, this causes deformity in the intellect which is why he who eats coconut on ashtami becomes dull-witted.

  • On the trayodashi (thirteenth day of fortnight) the sun acts upon eggplant. Harmful microbes adversely affect the semen; this can even lead to loss of progeny.

  • Eating rotten, decayed, squelchy foods as also those forbidden by the Shastras, leads to countless diseases and deficiencies; it is the cause of growth of hospitals in every next>

    Subtle Nature of Things: Paramanu Srishthi:

  • Another name of paramanus is prakriti. She is possessed of three gunas. Paramanu and Prakriti are not different.

  • All the good and bad transactions of this world are done through paramanus. It is the paramanus that perform leela in the form of human being, animals, birds etc.

  • Whatever you are able to see is a manifestation of collection of paramanus.

  • If the men gaze at the feet of women instead of looking at their face, the sattvik paramanus of women will come and enhance their sattva bhava. And if it is possible to repeat ‘Ma’, ‘Ma’ always; the paramanus of World-mother will protect the Naamkari bhakta in the same way as Sudarshan Chakra protected Ambarish..

  • World-mother, possessed of three gunas, and of the nature of great deluding potency, the wish-yielding tree, sports in this world all-pervasively, assuming infinite states and forms-tastes-smells etc. Whenever an individual prays with the help of body, mind or sense organs, the Mother grants the object prayed for at that moment in the form of paramanus.

  • A man, who is repeating ‘Ram’, ‘Ram’, will attract the paramanus of Ram; where praise is being sung; there the Mother will send the paramanus of stavan. As soon as the desire is awakened, the Mother sends forth paramanus. Ordinary men cannot grasp this, but the yogis can harness these paramanus and demonstrate their presence.

  • As soon as anything is spoken or thought of, it attracts the paramanus of the nature of that object or person.

  • Evil deeds attract a host of foul paramanus. Wherever the unfortunate activities transpire, the foul paramanus make it their home.

  • Flow of Parmanus/ Sattvik Paramanus:

  • By sitting close to each other, the paramanus flow from one body to another. Mahabharata states that one has to fast for three days after sharing the same asana with a woman. The paramanus of lust cover the body so badly that it is only after three days of fasting that the body is purified

  • The paramanus of a mantra attract the devatas; in the same way the paramanus of man and woman attract each other.

  • By singing Naam aloud, the bad paramanus disperse –they are forced to run away.

  • Burning of aromatic fragrances, frankincense etc. attracts sattvik paramanus.

  • It is through the assemblage of sattvik paramanus that Tulasi and Bilva plants, Peepal and Banyan trees are created. By worshipful service of Tulasi or Bilva plant and dwelling at their base, man becomes free of sins very quickly. By drinking Tulasi juice man gains abundant sattva guna.

  • Sattvik paramanus stay unmoved and firm at places where there is well-wishing, noble thoughts and positive regard attributed to things; in these places rajasic and tamasik paramanus are not allowed to come in, and even if they come, they are drowned in sattvik paramanus.

  • All the paramanus of the group of rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, Kaveri, and Krishna are sattvik in nature. By residing on the banks of these rivers, by drinking their holy water, a man is bound to acquire sattvik nature

  • In creatures like cow, deer and peacock, and trees such as banana, mango etc., there are sufficient sattvik paramanus. In foods such as peas, lentils, moong dal (green moong beans), cow’s ghee, and milk etc. too there are abundant sattvik paramanus..

  • Rosaries of Tulasi, Rudraksha and Sphatik enhance the property of sattva; urdhvapundra or tripundra attracts sattvik paramanus.

  • There are sound reasons why keeping a dog at home can lead one to fall– a dog has tremendous amount of tamasik paramanus which restrict the access to the state of true awakening, the path is interrupted and downward hellish tendency comes into operation.

  • The touch of Shaligrama shila can destroy sins of crores of lives; there is no rebirth, one gains proximity to Hari.

  • Bhasma, Tilak Dharan, Shaligrama Paramanu:

  • Smearing of bhasma attracts sattvik paramanus and enhances the sattva bhava of the one who smears it.

  • Rajas and tamas paramanus cannot come close to those who smear all parts of their body with bhasma.

  • The bhakta can surely wear mala and tilak, after taking on mala and tilak declaring: “I am a servant of God”, and making God an intimate associate, one can rid oneself of the attachment of body-consciousness.

  • When the vaishnavas apply tilak in dwadash angas (twelve parts of the body) the mass of sattvik paramanus are attracted towards tilak and they unite with the parts of the body where it has been smeared.

  • Through the matted locks the sattvik paramanus are attracted and united in entirety; they strengthen the sattva bhava of the one with matted locks, progressively partaking of pure sattva, they transcend the gunas. This is also the purpose behind wearing a mala.

  • The retarded paramanus surround a sinner from inside and outside. He always dwells within the retarded paramanus in sleep and in wakefulness

  • One reaps a crore-time benefit by doing japa close to a Shaligrama shila.

  • Mala, tilaka etc. are identification marks of dasatva (servitude). By looking at the tilaka, people recognize here is a servant of God – a traveler on the spiritual path!

  • If you have a tulasi or rudraksha mala, wear it round the neck and do japa. Plant a tulasi in a pot and keep the pot close to you when you do the japa.