The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi) By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

One day, in the morning, the madman was sitting on the bank of the Ganga; looking at the sky and saying to himself, ‘Rama, Rama, the Master of the Doer.’ Ramadas Bhattacharya was returning after bathing. On hearing what the madman was saying, he said, ‘O Mad Father, why are you saying ‘The master of the Doer?’

Madman: Sitaram. At first the Master was alone. Suddenly he felt a sensation in his self and felt afraid. Next moment he thought, ‘there is none other than me, whom am I afraid of?’ Fear was dispelled but he was no longer happy. He felt empty. Wishing to be two, he split his own body into two and became husband and wife.

Ramada: What then?

Madman: Rama, Rama, Sitaram. He united with her and from that men were born. His mate thought, ‘He created me out of him. How is he copulating with me? Let me flee.’ Thinking thus, she became a cow. The Master at once became a bull and copulated with her. As a result, cattle were born. As soon as she became a mare, the Master became a horse. As a result, the horses were born. When the Mistress became a jenny-ass, the Master became a jack-ass; and beasts with uncleaven hooves were created. The Mistress became a female sheep and then the Master became a male sheep and copulated with her. Thus the sheep were created. In this way, all creatures were produced by that Mistress and the Master. All the living beings that are seen in the world came from that couple; the Mistress and the Master.

Ramada: Of them which is the Mistress and which the Master?

Madman: Sitaram, what is seen is the Mistress and what cannot be seen is the Master. Jai Jai Sitaram, Sitaram.

Ramada: Then you cannot call everything the Doer or Purusha. Call it the Doer and the Prakriti.

Madman: As the Doer lives in it, this body is called Brahmapura. The Purusha resides in the right eye and the Prakriti resides in the left eye. Once it happened that a petty thief called ‘I’ went to steal the authority of the Doer. When the Doer came to know, he began to whip the thief mercilessly with the whip of disease-grief-want-lust-anger-greed, which was fashioned like the tail of the Shankara fish. Dear me! What a whipping it was! The thief ran away and began to cry, ‘Mother, Mother’, and shedding rivers of tears. The mother, being unable to stop herself, drew him into her bosom. At once, ‘I’ became a little child, laid his head on the mother’s shoulders, clasped her neck with both hands and went to sleep. There was no knowing whether he is dead or alive. Jai Sitaram. Yes, from that point the Master and the Mistress lived happily in the world created by the two eyes.

Ramada: Is it so?

Madman: Yes, Sitaram. They live in the eyes. One day the master said, ‘Mistress, let us go to Kashi.’ The two together went to Kashi and lived in a two roomed house of light, resonant with music and melodies. Rama, Rama!

Ramada: Where is Kashi?

Madman: Kashi is just between the two eyebrows in line of the Sushumna. Sitaram Sitaram.

Ramada: What then?

Madman: Rama, Rama, Sitaram. One day the Master wished to be the sky. At once he became a vast sky. The Mistress became a very little point and went to measure the extent of the Master and was lost in him. There was no trace of her. Nobody now knows her whereabouts. Rama, Rama! There’s no one but the Master, He’s the darkness and the light; The Creator, the Sustainer, and The one who brings the Night.