The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi) By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

He from whom this universe has been born,
And who protects it for ever—the mighty
Being in whom at the dissolution
This vast universe will merge, by whose light
Sun, moon and stars shine; through fear of whom
The wind blows unceasing and the earth does not
Sink down below; who is lodged everywhere
Firm as the mountain; who sees everything;
The merciful, the Supreme of the Essences,
Who is gracious by infinite goodness,
Is Providence of all, who forever moves
With His eternal Consort, whose feet Brahma
And the other Devas adore, and who
Gives protection to one who seeks His shelter—
That Lord of the universe fills the soul with joy
Ever chant His Name, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!

Two birds sit on a tree—Self and Superself:
The self always acts and takes the fruits,
The Superself remains a witness within
The body and sees everything in silence,
Forgetting his true nature, man, borne down
By grief, turns mad and wails in deep despair.
But when he sees the Superself in the self,
The Soul of his soul, he becomes deathless and fearless.
The Deity pervades the soul like unvoiced
Sound and unplaced point and shines in and out.
Then thy gross body becomes His form.
Know, wise man, that thy soul is His body.
The loving Lord is embodied in the sentient
And the non-sentient; his Name brings supreme
Delight. Merge thy little ‘I’ in Him.
And chant single-minded, the Lord’s servant, Sitaram