The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The sentient, the non-sentient, the ultimate—
These three are primal essences. Know these
And go beyond all worldly fear. The man
Of knowledge and virtue is ever the same—
One beyond birth and death he is all wisdom,
And, whether free or bound, always attached
To the Lord. Know Him, wise man! As finer than
The finest particle. The Lord is seen
Differently in different bodies,
And creatures are countless—some free, some bound,
Some changeless. The Lord is ever present
In every body, pervading it. Man reaps
The fruits of his good or evil acts.
He is at all times the Lord’s follower.
In the state of bondage he thinks, ‘I am
The performer’; while free, he says with pride
‘I am His servant’. With such pride man wins
His salvation. The knowledge of essences comes
To one through the chanting of the Name.
Chant it, leaving all aside, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!

Understand the peculiarities of
The non-sentient: ever unconscious,
Insensible, dominating Matter,
The untainted Source of the world, bearing
A syllable for her name, benign, unborn,
Unentangled, is the Mighty Mother, attached
To the eternal, possessor of three attributes,
Known on earth as Goddess Mahamaya,
The ineffable. Whatever there is here,
Gross or subtle, is made of this non-sentient
Material. Men and women, beast, birds, insects,
Flies, trees, creepers, monkeys, elephants,
Streams, rivers, seas, sun, moon, plants, asteroids,
And countless stars—all these that are non-sentient—
Compose the Divine body. As Spirit, the Lord
Abides in all. What thou seest is the Divine.
See that and chant the Name, Sitaram, servant of the Lord.