The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

One day the madman was sitting in the cottage and saying ‘Rama, Rama, give me the key; give me the key’ when, Haladhar came in.

Halada: O madman! Who are you putting under lock and key?

Madman: All are camping together. They are all gathered there in that den! Give me, give me the key. Rama, Rama, Sitaram.

Halada: Who have gathered and where?

Madman: Sitaram. ‘The object of knowledge of the absolute desireless Harihar Brahman, Yogi’s object of realization, the destroyer of the fear of life and death, the embodiment of Being and consciousness, and the seed of the entire universe, have become manifest in the Brahma-conscious Heart Lotus. Guru is also seated on the throne in the centre of the Lotus.’ Sitaram Sitaram.

Halada: So? What then?

Madman: The cloud-complexioned and beautiful One says in the Gita, ‘It is I and I alone, which enjoys cosy and permanent occupancy in each person’s heart!’ Jai Sitaram.

Halada: So what of it?

Madman: He not only lives in the heart but pervades it totally, in as perfect a manner as possible. Life exists as long as He lives in the body. Death comes as soon as He departs from the body, like a balloon deflating as soon as its air escapes. Sitaram, ‘God exists in the hearts of all.’ Not only does He live in this recess of the heart, but He also makes everyone dance like puppets, with his illusion or maya. Jai Sitaram.

Halada: Rama, Rama, Sitaram. Oh, look! I too just uttered, ‘Rama, Rama, Sitaram’ with you, in a moment of absent-mindedness. Now what?

Madman: Sitaram, this absent-mindedness is good absent-mindedness. After having placed Apana in the rectum, Samana in the navel, Vyana all over the body and Udana in the Sushumna, Prana himself is sitting in the heart. Sitaram Sitaram. This soul is in the heart. Atmarama is also there; comfortably leaning on the shoulders of that Prana. Shandilya Shruti says, ‘In this body the living being rides on the Prana.’ Dhyanabindu Shruti says, ‘In the heart there is the Ashtadalapadma. Within it is a circle. In the centre of which, is the minute self-effulgent Jivatma’. Whatever there is, resides in this Jivatma. Rama, Rama, Sitaram.

Halada: This is extraordinary! Everything is right here; within the heart?

Madman: Sitaram, listen on. Yogatattvopanishad says, ‘In the heart there is a downward-facing lotus, with its tube pointing upwards and the Bindu below; the mind resides within.’ Jai Sitaram.
Halada: Then the absolute attributeless Brahma, Gurudeva, Lord Krishna, God, Prana, the soul and the mind, are all in the heart!

Madman: Not only this, Sitaram. This is the lotus of the unstruck sound. This is where the flute plays on its own. The kingdom of Omkara is there. Dhyanbindu recommends that one must meditate on God in the form of the pure Omkara, located in the seed-vessel of the Heart-lotus; the size of one’s thumb and as steady as a lamp.

Halada: Pranava is to be meditated on in the Heart lotus. But that is not the home of the Omkara.
Madman: Rama, Rama, Sitaram. Does Shyama come to the house of Rama? This is their permanent house! All have gathered in the same home. Sitaram, Sitaram. One mad woman lay sleeping below. She woke up and began to dance wildly. Not only dancing but also singing. With so many different notes, tones, drums, bells and flutes as accompaniment. That song is sung without rest; without end. Is there only dancing, singing and instrument-playing? No, she is also creating at the same time. Dancing and giving birth. In all four directions there is only glorious effulgence! Jai Jai Rama, Sitaram.

Halada: What is she giving birth to?

Madman: Sitaram, Sitaram. She is creating one Bindu after another. White and soft; tiny ones; tinier than the grains of dust! She is giving birth to masses of light and spreading sky. Dancing all the while! Jai Sitaram.

Halada: Well, how?

Madman: Rama, Rama, Sitaram. Dancing in the heartlotus of yogis, the serpent; the all-consuming Mother, has created an upheaval by all this creation. This dancing has to be controlled. Rama, Rama, Sitaram, now where is the key? Let us lock them. Attributeless Brahma, Brahma with form, the Soul, Prana, mind, Omkara and this dancing Mother Kundalini; all have gathered in the same place. Lock them up together. That mad woman will unite them all with her rhythm and music. All quarrels and confusion will be settled. Rama, Rama, Sitaram.