The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath


Water, blood, fat, marrow, seed, flesh and bone—
These seven materials and five elements make
Thy body. Air, bile, phlegm and the senses, too,
Go to the making of the frame, born of
Desire. Purity, passion and dullness have
Constantly been tying down thy soul here.
Four breaths reside in four different places
Of the body; the fifth, vyana, travels
In all the arteries. And these five breaths
Protect the body. Of the arteries,
That number millions, three are the greatest:
Ida, Pingala Sushumna—they are
Lodged prominently in the body.
This Is what adepts have said through discernment.
Recite the Name with all attention, thou,
Sitaram, the servant of the Lord.


If thou desirest to hear, I’ll tell thee,
Listen. The universe lies in the body,
Say all the yogis. The Sushumna lies
Within the backbone like the lotus tendril,
As sun and moon and fire; it is peerless,
From top to bottom of man’s body it spreads.
At the bottom is the four-petalled
Lotus, the base; beside it the self—
Existing six petals; above, at the navel
‘The city of jewels’ with ten petals;
In the heart the twelve-petalled lotus, untouched;
In the throat are sixteen petals; within
The brows two; in the head the pure thousand—
Petalled lotus, all attached from above
To the Sushumna that lies within.
At the base lies the Kundalini asleep
And is awakened by spiritual effort.
Chant, singleminded, the Name, thou Sitaram!