The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi) By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The madman was shouting in the morning, ‘Rama, Rama. It is eating up! It is eating up!’ Haladhar came near and asked, ‘O mad baba, who is eating up whom?’

Madman: ‘You’ is eating ‘I’.

Haladhar: What is that?

Madman: With a mouth spreading from the heaven to the netherworld, ‘You’ has eaten up all the ‘I’s there were. Rama, Rama, Sitaram.

Haladhar: Has ‘You’ eaten up your ‘I’ as well?

Madman: Yes, Yes, Sitaram.

Haladhar: But your hands, feet, head and mouth are intact.

Madman: These have been eaten by ‘You’.

Haladhar: The other day I heard that the hands, feet, mouth and ears of everyone belong to God.

Madman: Not only that, absolutely everything.

Haladhar: What do you mean by absolutely everything?

Madman: Svetashwatar says that ‘You’ are the woman; ‘You’ are the man and ‘You’ are the youth, the maiden and the old man with trembling limbs. ‘You’ only take birth as different things.

These are no longer hands, feet and head. They have become everything; the whole.

Haladhar: Then the woman, the man, the youth and the maiden, are all ‘You’?

Madman: Yes, Sitaram.

‘You’ are also the blue insect and the large black-bee; ‘You’ are the red-eyed parrot; ‘You’ are the cloud with the lightning in the belly and ‘You’ are all the seasons. ‘You’ are the seas that exist. ‘You’ have no beginning. ‘You’ are all-pervading. The whole universe has been created by ‘You’. Rama, Rama, Sitaram.

Haladhar: It is so, mad father. ‘You’ are all, ‘You’ are all. Nice! It is very nice. ‘You’ are all; ‘You’ are all.

Madman: Rama, Rama, Sitaram.

The vast world is only ‘You’.

There is no thing as ‘I’

‘You’ were; ‘You’ are; and ‘You’ will be

Not ‘I’ or ‘Me’ or ‘My’

Rama, Rama, Rama, Say Rama, Rama, Rama.

Haladhar: O mad father, why does the man cry and suffer on taking the ‘I’ out of this joyous kingdom of ‘You’?

Madman: Sitaram, everything is an act! As there can be no game with just one player, it is ‘You’ which is also becoming ‘I’ and playing the game. Rama, Rama, Rama.

Haladhar: Mad father, the ‘I’ ties itself down to one place and keeps lamenting. How can this ‘I’ be uprooted?

Madman: Sitaram, finish your ‘self’. Jai Sitaram.

Haladhar: Is there no way other than finishing one’s self?

Madman: Sitaram, blast the false ‘I’ with the cannon of the Name. Blow away the ‘I’, its house, its belongings and its roots by ring 21,600 shots from the cannon, everyday. One day you will and that ‘You’ will appear smiling before you, like a deluge of joy; dressed in clothes whiter than moonlight and more brilliant than the Sun. Jai Jai Rama, Sitaram, Rama, Rama, Rama.

Come, running if thou wantest to see the death of ‘I’

‘You’ alone is playing on this earth, devoid of ‘I’.