The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Knowledge is of two kinds—relative and absolute.
The four Vedic texts—Rik, Yajus, Saman, Atharvan—
Phonetics, Ritual, Grammar, Astronomy, Etymology,
Metrics—these are said to make relative knowledge
The knowledge of the eternal, the invisible,
The unapproachable, the formless, the causeless,
The indestructible, the Lord of the universe,
The impersonal, the all-pervading Being
In whom one realises the Brahman of the mystic Word,
That is called absolute knowledge by the Veda.
By this knowledge, one is relieved of sorrow.
Chanting of the Name is absolute
Knowledge, and the essence of all knowledge.
Repeat it day and night—the Name that streams
Nectar. The mystic Word will come and take it
To its heart, and lie together in the Secret chord.
Thy heart will melt with joy and light
And the unuttered sound. Repeat the Name,
Thou Sitaram, the servant of the Lord!

Ceaseless talking is a sore malady of mind.
Stop speaking and cure the burning fever within.
Even without a listener some will talk
Glibly to himself, as everybody knows.
The cure for poison is poison, say doctors.
Talk with thy loved Lord, the mind will be curbed.
Sitting or rising, lying down or eating,
Speak with thy Lord with a devoted heart.
The happy companionship will bring
Purity; passion and dullness will flee.
Spotless purity is described as love.
By dint of love thou wilt win victory.
If thou canst not do that, repeat the Name.
Chanting the Name for the Kaliyuga
Is great spiritual effort, one needs nothing else.
Sing the Name, brother Sitaram, servant of the Lord!