The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

How shall I gain peace?

Hari, Hari. Gurudeva has given you peace and you have gained peace. Then why do you lament?
Gurudeva has given a mantra but has not given peace.

O Sitaram. That mantra is peace. Finish the mantra. Then you will understand what a great jewel Gurudeva has given you. Finish it. Finish the mantra.

What does finishing the mantra mean?

Finishing the mantra means that the mantra will end and will be no more. The mantra will show you God, deliver you from birth, death, decrepitude and diseases, and will merge you with the ocean of the joy of the realization of self.

How shall I know that the mantra has gone?

You will no longer have the power to utter the mantra. Even if you try to remember the mantra you will become still inside. God will appear before you and then the mantra will end. You will not be able even think of the mantra, leave alone, utter it.

I do not understand it!

It is not a thing to understand but to do. You will not be able to understand this with your outward focused intelligence. Finish it. Chant the name of Rama at all times. Meditate on the mystical prayer and let the mantra be finished.

You have done so many things; you have read so many books, you have performed so many Sadhanas and Bhajans but your sufferings have not ended because you have not been able to finish the mantra. Despite being immersed in the ocean of peace, you are looking everywhere for peace? You suffer from poverty despite possessing the touchstone? I proclaim that you are sure to gain deliverance in your lifetime if you finish your mantra. There is no restriction on performing Japa at any time, at any place and in any situation. Utter the mantra ceaselessly and peace will dance in and around your heart. The feeling of restlessness will not remain. Give up all other efforts and means and concentrate on the mantra with all your might. There will be no disease, grief, sorrow, suffering and want. What will remain are everlasting happiness and unsurpassed supreme felicity.

Finish it! Finish it! Finish your mantra.

Delay no longer.

You have got a human life which is hard to obtain. The preceptor has mercifully taught you the mantra. You will get whatever you want from that wish-yielding tree of mantra. Your mantra will give you virtue, money, desire and final emancipation. Finish, finish, finish up your mantra. Let not your human life go in vain.

Oh, enjoyment! Enjoyment can be had even in the life of an animal. But the mantra is not easily obtainable. You have got the mantra. It delivers you if you contemplate on it. Finish it.

As soon as you finish the mantra you will see that you are no more a bird in this cage of three and a half cubits, self-forgetful and troubled by disease, grief, sin, and suffering. You have become as solemn as the ocean and as vast as the sky. Joy is dancing all around you. Walls of joy have surrounded you from ten directions. You are immersed in the ocean of joy. Finish it, you traveller! Do not cry; finish it. Finish your mantra. Resolve that either you will fulfil your mantra or lay down your life. With this resolve try with all your might to finish your mantra. I promise that you will get supreme joy as soon as you end your mantra. You will surely get it.