The Mother Divine
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By Atmananda Saraswati
  1. Never grieve
    Bhagwad Gita is like our mother. She reveals the art of healthy, happy and holistic living. She tells us ‘never worry and get despondent’, there is always a way out of every grief, however enormous and choking it may appear to be.

  2. Pray for Right Knowledge Always remember that all grief is just because of some wrong understanding, and is never given by God or destiny, etc. So whenever you come to any crossroads, just approach a wise man and request for the right knowledge.

  3. Two points of view
    You can see life from either your personal point of view, or impersonally, from God’s point of view. Individual-centric perception is of a limited and divided world, full of endless misery; while the vision from the point of view of totality is a divine scenario – one, blissful and all embracing. How and What we ‘see’ is always our personal discretion and freedom

  4. Consequences of Egoistic Life
    The lives of self-centric people, who are always driven by their personal likes and dislikes, are very isolating, limiting and above all choking. They live a highly stressed life, with indecisiveness glaring at them at every crossroad. Success binds these ignorant ones as much as their failures do, and the tragedy is that irrespective of what they achieve and experience, they continue to remain condemned as a seeker.

  5. Blessed lives of Enlightened ones
    The wise see the world factually; they are awake to the truth of themselves and the world, which is one. They live an extremely blissful, blessed and also an inspired life. Their cup is full, not because of anything but in spite of everything. Their fullness does not manifest in the form of inactivity, but as selfless and dynamic life for the welfare of one and all. World remaining same, it is just their ‘vision shift’ which made all the difference. 

  6. Karma Yoga is Integrated Yoga
    The motherly Gita prescribes one integrated approach to prepare our minds for enlightened living, and never suggests any ‘different independent paths’. She suggests that may ‘all’ your faculties – intellect, heart and actions, get lovingly directed and dedicated to the feet of God. Art of such an inspired, integrated, holistic and selfless living is called as Karma Yoga.

  7. Blessings of Karma Yoga
    Karma Yogi lives an inspired and dynamic life. They see themselves as instruments of God. Their entire life along with their deepest motivations are all seen as the blessing and wish of their beloved and benevolent master, and whatever they do is always their humble offering at HIS feet. Such a ‘connected’ person always lives overwhelmed, getting infinite love and reciprocating as best as they can.

  8. Yoga is door for Brahma-Gyana
    Gita tells that Yoga, the art of blessed and positive living, prepares us for something more profound and sublime, the ‘Brahma-Gyana’, the direct knowledge of the Absolute. The journey ahead does not lie in doing or not-doing anything whatsoever, but in just opening of our eyes, fully. For this we need to humbly approach a knowledgeable and enlightened guru. The process of subsequent enquiry alone is true meditation.  

  9. Brahma Gyana is Enlightenment
    Brahma-Gyana is like fire, it burns off ignorance and all its products. All thoughts and also the very ego drop, and then the timeless and transcendental divinity stands unveiled as our very Self. Brahma- Gyani is the enlightened one, the free one. He sees himself pervading the whole world, as the very self of all. He is divinity incarnate. He is a blessing for one and all. Love for all is as natural to him as light is to sun, and they never grieve. The motherly Gita coaxes and guides all to the portals of such an awakened, magnanimous and enlightened being.
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