By Ravidas (English version by Nirmal Dass)

When I existed,
You did not.
Now You exist
And I do not
As a storm lifts waves
From water
Still, they are water
Within water.

O Madho,
How can we describe
This illusion?
What we believe does not exist.

A mighty king sleeps
On his throne
And in his dream
Becomes a beggar.
Seeing his kingdom vanish
Before him
He greatly mourns
Such is our condition.
Like the tale
Of the serpent
And the rope.
I know a little
Of the secret.
Seeing many bracelets
We think gold has many forms
But it is always forever gold.

In all things
Exists the Lord,
Assuming countless shapes;
In each pore he plays and sports.

Ravi Dass says,
He is nearer than my hand.
All that comes to pass
Is by His will alone.