By Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja

(Excerpts from Shri Vithhal Uvaach)

“Why do you think so much about what will happen if I am unable to abide by the precepts after receiving diksha? Diksha is diksha…initiation is not just a formality. It is real. If you are initiated, you are initiated…it will have an effect whether you do anything or not.”

“I am not a Guru who would work miracles! I only introduce disciples to the all-important world of spirituality. Once you enter this world you find things happening of themselves!”

“You say you simply cannot do any japa? You have all possible reasons for not doing japa? Never mind. You see, if a child is too small to walk, Sitaram Baba will lift it up and carry it Himself! His compassion will bear fruit someday if you have been given diksha!”

“You are unable to do Sadhana? Have you been initiated with Diksha? Yes? Then you are already in the moving train! Whether you stand, sit or walk inside, you will reach the destination: hence do not worry.”

“On a different note, lots of people take diksha but don’t have any questions. They carry on with their lives. There is no flow of shakti. The shakti is there, but it does not flow. Those who have questions, go to their Guru or search for mahatmas for answers. Then there is a flow of kripa shakti. Then there are those who can’t find Guru or mahatmas, they dive deep inside for with their quest and sometimes they get answers from inside.”

“As per the Guru Gita, the most difficult attainment in all three worlds is the genuine Guru.”

You see, people are scared of diksha. But if you tell them that I’ll just give you a mantra (which is the same as taking diksha), they readily accept it.

I’ll tell you a story. There was a milkmaid. She used to give milk to a Brahmin daily and daily she asked him for a mantra. Now, this Brahmin was not a very good Brahmin, he was a man full of vices. ‘What mantra? Just go away!’ he said.

But the milkmaid continued to pester him. Finally, the Brahmin was fed up. He said, “Come here, I’ll give you the mantra.” Her joy knew no bounds. She went to him forthwith. “Oh, cow! Take this grass! This is your mantra. Now, leave me alone.” This is the way the Brahmin got rid of her.

From the following day the milkmaid was no more in sight. She left him alone. Her entire life changed. She would sit in meditation for long hours and, ‘Oh, cow! Take this grass! Oh, cow! Take this grass!’ She had just one cow. She fed the grass to that cow with the same mantra, treating the cow with great reverence. Then one day God appeared before her. She ran to the Brahmin and thanked him profusely. ‘Thanks to the mantra you gave me, I got a vision of God,’ she said. Brahmin was shocked. He screamed, ‘How could you have seen God with a mantra ‘Oh, cow! Take this grass! That’s absurd!’

But that was not absurd. It’s the sentiment that counts. She never cared why there was a cow and grass in her mantra. She thought of God and believed in the mantra. And it worked.

Q. What is Siddha Yoga?

A. Siddha Yoga is a tradition in spirituality wherein a Siddha Guru (like Sri Omkarnath) takes over the onus of realization on behalf of the disciple. All that the disciple has to do is to actively surrender, the rest happens automatically. There’s no grinding, backbreaking effort here. In fact, that’s what differentiates siddha yoga from saadhya yoga. In Saadhya Yoga, you walk up the stairs, in siddha yoga, you take the elevator and you are right on top swiftly, effortlessly. You are carried.

Divine Compounder Vitthal Maharaj said, “My office starts at 10.00 am, but for all of you, it is early start today. Chalo, diksha room me baithate hai.” He then led the disciples into another room. “All diksharthis, sit in front row, others may take a seat behind them,” he commanded. Pointing towards Shri Thakur’s photo, he said, “Have darshan of Guruji. He is the main Doctor; I am just an ordinary compounder in this process that will follow.” If Vitthal Ramanuja Maharaj is indeed the compounder, we would rather call Him Divine Compounder!

“In a classroom the teacher teaches the same thing to different students, but the students fare differently in the examination and get different scores. This is because though the teacher and the teaching are imparted in the same way, the students absorb it and work on it differently. Some work hard, some don’t. It’s so in spiritual instruction too, the disciple has to do the job and he or she will gain fruit commensurate with one’s own faith and effort. This is called sadhak’s aadhaar, his foothold.

The better the aadhaar, the better is the progress. Have faith in the Guru and everything will be achieved. However, one who keeps asking whether things will happen or not, he has no faith. It’s clear the time has not come for him, because there’s no faith that things will happen.”