By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The Brahmin:

If a Brahminundertakes Gayatri Japa count of one-thousand every day, he will achieve a total of one-lakh Gayatri Japa in three months and ten days; continuing at this rate, he will complete twelve lakh count of Gayatri Japa in three years and four months, with this he will acquire full brahminhood and reclaim all the lost (spiritual) vigour.

Offer prayers at appropriate hours every day. It is the bounden duty of every Brahminto do trisandhya daily. Other castes should only do japa , meditation and prayer.

Purify yourself through penance, observe sandhya thrice and do one thousand counts of Gayatri Japa daily - then God will not stay far from you for long.

O Brahmins, venerable among people! You have come into this world to impart knowledge to men. Do thou shine once again, with your practice of truthfulness, virtuous conduct, renunciation and austerity!

The mission of a Brahmin’s life is distinct from that of those belonging to other classes. A Brahmin is predominantly of the quality of sattva and endeavours to enhance the sattva quality. By eating indiscriminately in impure company, the tamas quality is increased. It is during the mealtimes that maximum paramanus flow out. Undesirable paramanus enter the body of a higher being through his food and unwittingly weaken him. This is detrimental to all.

Through the ravages of time, everything is lost. Now the Brahmins are abhorred, stigmatized and branded by other classes, all due to their karmas. This is the tragedy of India! To save the caste and avert further tragedy, the Brahmins will have to once again establish themselves in their own dharma .

It is the necessary duty of a Brahmin to observe sandhya at the three prescribed hours. A Brahmin who shirks from this religious duty, is self-centred and intent on worldly comforts, is indeed fallen. He should observe restraint and brahmacharya. He must eat sattvik food and everyday complete 108 count of Ishta Gayatri Japa and one-thousand-and-eight count of Vedic Gayatri Japa with the intent of gaining the grace of his Ishta Deva. It is after he has completed one-lakh count of Gayatri Japa that he will clearly realize that there is an awakening of an energy within him.

The wise ones have realized the import of the tragedy that has befallen Brahmins due to their transgression of the precepts of the shastras (scriptures). If nothing else, a Brahmin should at least undertake one thousand counts of Gayatri Japa and worship at three sandhyas – if not in one go, in three sittings. This, alongwith regular recitation from Chandi or the Gita, will bring them within the refuge of the shastras.

Men of today are busy acquiring knowledge that will help them earn money, bidding good-bye to the study of Vedas. If the Brahmins of current day observe three sandhyas, undertake brahma yajna (study of Vedas) and repeat one thousand counts of Gayatri, they will come within the scriptural tenets.

It is not enough to sow the mango seed and hope that the mango is ready; one has to wait for time to pass. A Brahmin who arranges sacrifice in the prescribed periods of impurity has to undergo punishment - he has to!

Ill-disposed fathers, lacking in common sense, impart to their sons a money-minded education bereft of dharma and completely frustrate their responsibility. Shaucha, sadachara, sandhya and upasana are the four basic duties of a Brahmin. They forget these duties and ignore sandhya. The son doesn’t perform these obligatory duties and the spiritually callous father doesn’t do anything about it either.

Members of the lower order among the Brahmins can get purified through chandrayana vrata or taking a holy dip in the Ganges with due spiritual resolve. But it is necessary to take on the sacred thread after performing homa.

Brahmin who has had onion and egg must fast before shaving off his head, and consume a little ghee in the evening on the first day; the following day in accord with twelve years vrata, he must give away thirty-five rupees by way of utsarga and twenty-five rupees by way of dakshina and wear the sacred thread in the prescribed rite, including homa. He must offer food to twelve Brahmins after this.


The body cannot remain healthy without celibacy; through the unbounded power of brahmacharya even a human being can become God of the gods.

Those who are able to maintain brahmacharya, things work in their support and turn every piece of their food into pistachio, raisins, milk, ghee etc.

Come, you immoral one! See what state this country has come to, due to meaningless destruction of virya (semen virile); you know what it is in your heart. Even now there is hope. Sattvik ahara, Yathakaal upasana (twenty-one thousand-six-hundred count of Ishta Mantra japa ) and brahmacharya (celibacy) — observe this and study religious texts. You will be able to acquire Thakur’s grace, your lost virya will be restored, and you will gain a new lease of life.

The root cause of good health is brahmacharya (restraining carnal desire). If you don’t observe brahmacharya, it is meaningless to talk of the body, dharma or knowledge! There can be no pleasure without brahmacharya. There can only be lifelong tears!

Without the observance of brahmacharya (i.e. holding of one’s semen within by abstaining from wasting it through sexual urges/activities), a man cannot gain genuine human character. Onion and other extremely aggravating foods (productive of negative tendencies) that are not in keeping with the shastras; reading sensational dramas, novels; and non-observance of shaucha rites, hinder the mind from moving towards God. Thoughts about women vehemently rush to the mind.

The river of consciousness is flowing in both the directions — it is flowing towards sin, and it is flowing towards well-being as well. If you don’t let her course on the righteous path of well-being, she will surely drift along the path of sin. She won’t stay still. He who spends time in the company of women or thinking about them, cannot observe brahmacharya. An individual without brahmacharya has no strength of the mind.

The phase of the long adolescence of your life is on its way. If you don’t practice brahmacharya and restraint now, you will be carried away in the strong currents of youth. You will not be able to enjoy (material pleasures) for a long time — you will have to suffer from chronic diseases and lament throughout your life.

Sitaram proclaims to all the students, men and women– ‘How many books have you all read? How many exams have you passed? Whatever happiness and merit you may have obtained from them – regular study of Gita, Chandi, Ramayana etc. can offer you a benefit many times more pronounced than that. You surely stand to gain a lot more.

To maintain brahmacharya, physical exercise is extremely conducive. Everyone must perform physical exercises.

Actively work towards maintaining strict brahmacharya; eat sattvik food! You are trying to strengthen your body by forcibly eating eggs, goat, onion etc. Hari! Hari! How could you ever achieve health with that?

The body that sheds semen cannot become healthy with any food. No, it cannot! Just can’t!

This is what I wish! I wish to initiate the young into the brahmacharya vrata. Yes, you have enjoyed the company of women enough! Now forsake the company of women and see what happens. It will grant you more happiness.

Stay away from women other than your wife. Do not stay alone in a secluded place, even with your mother, sister or daughter. Brahmacharya is the life and soul of spiritual practice; stake your life to preserve it.

A householder mating his wife only once a month during her productive period is counted among the brahamacharis.

Grahasta/ Advice to Householders:

You have created your samsara with your wife, children and relations; that has become the centre of your world. You have no idea of anything outside of it.

Your wife, son, daughter, son-in-law and yourself – this is your world; with your ability to feed these limited individuals, do you think you have achieved the ultimate? No! No! You are not so small. The entire power of God lies within you.

Don’t let young boys and girls eat eggs, meat, onion, tea and other negatively stimulating substances. Arrange to get milk or good quality ghee for their nutrition. Those who nourish their children with improper diet will regret it in the long run; even sweets should be served in limited quantities.

Behave sweetly with the members of your family; do not use harsh language with them. Do not use abusive words to your wife or beat her. If she commits anything wrong, gently admonish her in accordance with the shastras (scriptures). Use sweet words; sweet words are like hypnotic spells. It is possible to win over everybody with sweet words.

If your parents are alive, serve them as if they are your gods. Worship them with flowers, drink the water after washing their feet and remain obedient to their commands. Serve other elders also according to your ability.

It is an essential duty to perform ‘shraadh’ (last rites for the departed souls) and ‘tarpan’ (offering water to them), to serve Gods and the cows, to do your daily worship at the designated hours and always stay yoked to Naam.

Those who are in service should complete their morning and mid-day japas at one go. Once at the workplace, start work after praying, “God, Give me strength.” At the end of the working hours, salute Him saying, “God, please take the fruit of my work”, return home and do japa , meditation and prayer according to your capacity.

As far as possible, do satsanga i.e., be in the company of holy persons. Always try to chant Naam. Either alone, or along with co-devotees, chant Tarak Brahma Naam Sankirtan for a while every day.

Offer food to cows daily; distribute food to birds too. Give Vaishwadeva Bali and offer pranaam to Cow, the Mother. If you can afford, rear one or two cows in your home.

Trividh Rina (Threefold Debt:

A human being comes into this world overwhelmed by three kinds of debt. Deva rina, rishi rina and pitri rina (debt unto deities, sages and ancestors). The debt due to deities is repaid through propitiating deities with puja etc., the debt due to rishis is repaid through study of Vedas and other shastras, and the debt due to pitris is repaid by giving birth to a son.


When the guests come home, receive them lovingly and serve them as much as you can, with due hospitability. Even when you give alms to the beggars, try to bear this spirit in mind that you are offering the same to God.

Who is a Pita?

Listen! He who fills the mother’s breast with milk for the unborn child has made all provisions of food. Those who focus on Him and not merely on food, those who inspire their children towards God, they alone are worthy of being called ‘Pita’ in the true sense of the word.

Responsible parenting/ Family life/ Marriage:

Kali Bhagawan (Lord of this Dark Age) is acting through the institution of marriage and making people of this age hate their mother and father, become slaves of their wives, disciples of their in-laws, brothers of brother-in-laws and following their father-in-law. They say: “Who is a father? And whose father, I say? Who is a mother? Everyone has come here according to one’s own karma.” It is marriage that makes highly educated men eventually become slaves of their father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brothers and sisters-in-law.

Just as when an animal is bought with money, it becomes the property of the buyer, in the same way, after a bridegroom is acquired with dowry, he becomes the servant of the girl who buys him.

Wealth is an integral aspect of life. In olden days, the girl’s father used to give dowry to the daughter and her mother-in-law. Now Kali (Lord of this Dark Age) assumes the shape of a dowry-seeker in order to turn him into a follower of his wife and father-in-law. Now a price is fixed to complete the father-in-law’s proprietorship of the bridegroom. Individuals are sold in exchange for money; they hate their parents and pursue the interests of the wife’s family. This is what happens today!

That the woman will hate her father-in-law and mother-in-law was ordained for Kali Yuga. Why won’t she hate them? After all, when someone whom she has bought, begins to serve his own father and mother, it’s natural for her to be livid.

One hears sad lament of many parents, ‘Our son doesn’t look after us properly,’ ‘He doesn’t let us eat rice’ and so on. Why will your son give you food? Mother, you nourished the son in your womb, brought him up year after year, spending so much money until he passed M.A. and then you gave him a proviso: ‘we will arrange your marriage only when we get five thousand rupees in dowry’. The father-in-law has bought him for five thousand and made him his wife’s follower. You have no rights over your son now. You sold him off. The girl started earning money through the instrument (husband), bought through her father, to satisfy her wish and whim. Her husband, a qualified M.A., (purchased with money) became her servant. The father-in-law and mother-in-law became his Guru; the brother-in-law and sister-in-law became the nearest of his kin and the principal counsellors. Now he severed his contact with the mother and father; like an animal bought with money, this educated animal left his own parents to join the family of his in-laws.

Kali, the lord of the present Yuga, is separating the son from his parents by getting him married with dowry and he comes under the sway of the wife. Even young men, who are highly educated and have passed exams like M.A., Phd. etc., having been sold by their parents, dance to their wife’s tunes. They sit and stand, clap and dance as per her wishes. This is natural too, especially since these young men are already sold. I don’t say this is the reality in every home, but it is surely the picture in most. Isn’t it?

O parents of highly educated men! Sitaram pleads with you not to sell your sons. If you want to keep your son under your control, if you want to be honoured through them as your descendants, if you want your son to look after you and be devoted to his mother and father, please don’t sell them. Don’t place demands at the time of your son’s wedding.

Don’t deprive your son of the right to serve his father and mother by handing him over to someone in exchange for money. If you do this, your son is bound to hate you, there’s no doubt about it.

Dearest young men of excellent education! I am sure you understand what Sitaram is telling you. If you want your independence, if you want a wife in the form of a dharma patni (spiritual companion), fall at the feet of parents who are out to sell a son and stop them from this transaction, lest you become a permanent gift to your father-in-law and to your wife.

You have passed B.A. and M.A. How much more money will you earn? With whatever money you have, serve your parents. Undertake to do virtuous acts. Take a wife with a feeling that yours are two bodies but one soul – walk the path where love floods. Let your human life attain blessedness.

Everyone is a B.A. and M.A. these days, everyone is earning money and status, but where is the satisfaction? The root of satisfaction is lost somewhere. That is why I am telling them to discipline the prana and reclaim your lost strength.

Keep a vigilant eye on your children and younger brothers. Ensure that they do not fall on bad company or read novels and dramas etc. Offer them good books to read and ensure they observe rites of purity and perform japa twice a day.

Explain to them that it is their duty to avoid taking food indiscreetly any time, at any place, or, offered by any person.

Always keep an eye on your children. If they have been addicted to any bad habit from any evil company, make them desist from indulging in the same. At any cost, do not allow them to fall on bad company.

Duty of a Brahmachari:

All the sinful and virtuous deeds of men are stored in the orb of the sun; God offers these to human beings at the appropriate time.

Be obedient within the authority of your parents and your Guru; offer pranaam to them thrice a day. The blessings of your mother and father and the dust of the feet of your venerable Guru improves lifespan. The body stays healthy; intelligence is enhanced. Show deference unto holy men.

A human being has come into the world to get darshan (vision) of God, he must perform the sandhya, and morning and evening japa everyday right from childhood. It is the duty of Brahmin boys to observe three sandhyas and do one thousand counts of Gayatri Japa.

You will win the world if you can manage to keep ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’ on your tongue always.

You should concentrate on studies; do not read drama and novels, do not associate with boys and girls who are accustomed to vice and improper conduct.

Work hard, always engage yourself in work. Sorrow is a regular companion of the indolent lot.

Eat sattvik food; don’t consume tea, cigarettes, tobacco, fish, meat, onion, egg, chicken etc. Don’t eat to your stomach’s full capacity. Eat in moderation. Do not indiscriminately eat out of anyone’s hands and at any place.

Don’t engage in laughter and merriment in female company. Beware! Do not take to anything immoral.

Don’t waste time in useless play; the time that has passed will not return. After going to the toilet, take water and wash your feet. Change your clothes after relieving yourself of the bowels.

Cinema, theatre, fêtes, dance and song are all worthy of being given up by the students as though they are poison.

It’s better to keep away from women. For students, studying is tapasya (asceticism).

While speaking to women, practice gazing at their feet. Do not ever be a part of an assembly of women.

Serving your mother and the father:

He who is devoted to his mother and father can rise to impossible spiritual heights. He doesn’t have to perform any other spiritual practice in order to realize God. God grants him vision of his own accord.

The son who serves his mother and father with devotion is surely the master of the world. In Pandharpur, in the state of Maharashtra, God voluntarily gave darshan to Pundarik, the devout servant of his mother and father, without any solicitation.

The son who doesn’t serve his father and mother, who misbehaves with them, addresses harsh words to them, refuses to look after them and give them food, for such an unfortunate son, even great religious duties prove fruitless. The son who hates his mother and father has to suffer torment in hell for an infinite length of time.

There is no remedy indicated in the Shastras to check the advance to hell of a son who is hostile towards his mother and father. He suffers hell until he lives, and after his death too, he continues to suffer it for an infinite length of time.

Duties (General):

It is the duty of a Brahmin to observe three sandhyas daily; the duty of a son is to serve his parents as though he is serving the mothers and fathers of the whole world; the duty of a wife is to serve Narayana in the form of her husband. It is everyone’s duty to forsake prohibited foods, take food and water only after offering it to God and constantly chant Naam.

It is the duty of the servants to carry out the orders of their masters; the duty of the king is always to protect his subjects on all occasions. Protection of all living beings is said to be the religious mandate for the Kshatriyas. The mandate for the Vaishyas is to carry out the Yajnas, alongwith entertaining the guests. The mandate for the Shudras is said to be serving the three other castes, e.g., the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas. Finally, desiring for the welfare of all living beings is the duty of the grihastha (householder).