The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Sense Pleasure/ Limitation & Merit Of:

  • There is no happiness in sense-enjoyments; happiness lies in restraint, in renunciation, and it is always established in singing the praise of God.

  • The pleasure that is derived from sound, touch, taste and smell is very little. There is hundred times more suffering than joy in these.

  • It is only through the material pleasure that one can conceive of the divine bliss. There is a state after attaining to which man is capable of experiencing unadulterated bliss at all times. This is the greatest treasure.

Effect of Abuse of the Sense Organs/ Body:

  • Whichever organ of the body a man abuses, God deprives that individual of the freedom to exert that very organ in the next birth.

  • He who incurs sins with the body, to him God does not grant the bodily freedom in the following birth, which is the reason one is born in the form a stone or a tree.

  • By sowing the sting of the scorpion, sweetness of sugarcane cannot to be expected; by planting babul one cannot expect to grow mango tree. To perpetuate the cycle of creation, it is necessary to properly appropriate God-given organs of the body; to misuse them would mean inviting suffering, a suffering that has to be endured life after life.

  • God deprives the freedom of speech to those who incur sin through speech. Birth in the shape of birds and beasts is the result.

  • He who incurs sins mentally is rid of his mental freedom. Then he is born in a low caste like that of a santhal or other tribes etc. denied of access to education and learning.

Krodha / Conquest of Anger:

  • As long as there is a sense of doership, there will be anger. The cause of anger is opposition to one’s desires; for instance, if someone says, ‘today I will serve rice and potato curry’ and does not really serve it, then there’s a cause for anger.

  • Easiest way to overcome anger is not to make a sankalpa (resolve) to do a thing. From resolution comes desire, and anger arises when desire is thwarted. ‘I wish to go to Rameshwaram, beyond that its God’s will!’ This kind of resolve does not produce anger.

  • If you are angry, keep quiet and sing Naam. Do not speak as long as anger prevails.

  • Whenever you are angry, see yourself in the mirror. If there is Ganga or a lake close by, take ten dips or just pour ten mugs of water on your head.

  • We shall have to repeat the Naam while being outraged by lust and anger. These will flee as the Naam is repeated. They will surely disappear.

  • Always keep yourself busy with some work. If an impulse of anger or lust appears, sing Naam loudly until the agitation subsides. Do not stay without Naam even for a moment.

Kaam / Overcoming Lust/ Restraint in Conjugal Life:
Kaam / Lust & Overcoming It:

  • Of all the things difficult to overcome, Kaam (lust) is the greatest foe. Though it is extremely insurmountable, it can still be won over.

  • Let no one consider himself above sexual attraction or immune to its harm; as long as one is alive, both man and woman must be on guard and protect themselves (from lust).

  • If the man does not stay away from woman and woman from man, they are bound to court misfortune. I am not saying this merely on the basis of what I have learnt from the Shastras – in my long life, I have seen the truth of this. Even if the motive is satsanga, there is a possibility of fall.

  • He who gets a crore gold coins, will he desire to obtain a penny? In the same manner, he who has tasted the inner bliss, will he crave for extremely inferior carnal pleasure? He has scaled great heights and is established there on the high, low-grade pleasures of this world cannot even reach there.

  • Like the craving of taste, which flies have for ulcers, you are repeatedly drawn to the sexual pleasure and put away from your great essential nature; you have started declaring yourself to be ordinary creature.

  • It is the duty of my devotee to renounce the company of women and also men (who are attached to female company) and carry out spiritual practices in a secluded spot. He who cannot do this; I ensure that he is repeatedly kicked by women and is finally compelled to renounce their company for good.

  • This soft and flabby body of a woman! After it is dead, it is infested with worms; can it be worthy of being enjoyed? Shame! Shame! It’s the doorway to hell. Don’t gaze at it!

  • It is for the duty of men and women keen on treading on the path shown by the sages to renounce the company of the opposite sex in every possible way. Whoever is indifferent to this premise is bound to undergo penalty for the same, this is certain.

  • If sexual pleasure were the ultimate thing, nobody would have been as happy in this world as the prostitute; if sexual pleasure was all, a licentious person would have been the happiest person in this world.

  • The procreative tendency escalates day by day with the diet of chicken, egg and meat. How many goats and sheep have thus come into being! Hari! Hari! Have you been satiated with frequent sexual intercourse? No! You are not satisfied, nor will you ever be!

  • Today you are fallen because of extensively mixing with the sensualists. You have forgotten the adage ‘putraarthe labhate bhaaryaa’. You are procreating with strength gained from eating unnatural foods. You are not even limiting the production of children. Enquire! How many women are afflicted with gynaecological problems today? Isn’t it because of the beastly outrage perpetrated on them? Think about it! Give it a sound thought!

  • Unfortunate traveller! Are the diseases like blood pressure and diabetes uninvited guests? You have voluntarily summoned them. Think of the days of youth and with whom you mixed with then. Think of all the women you ruined! At that time, you were proud of the fact you had several women coming after you. And thereafter– chronic diseases! The reason, obviously, is great sin.

  • Of all the sins there is none that can compare with the lack of restraint with the private organs. There is no ailment that cannot afflict an unrestrained one.

  • Unfortunate brahmacharis who laugh and make merry with women cannot be saved by anyone in the world.


  • Of all the sins in this world there is none equal to illegitimate association with another’s wife.

  • Every woman other than your wife is Jaganmata (World mother); always bear that in mind. Make no mistake about this. Can you imagine the suffering (in violating this)?

Reason for Attraction among Sexes:

  • There is just one reason behind this attraction between man and woman. This world came into being through the union of Purusha and Prakriti. There is no object in this world that is not composed of these two, and this is the reason they attract each other.

  • What is the attraction between man and woman? It exists because creation is made with both man and woman. It’s like a single brick, which you can see, which is prakriti; what you are unable to see is the one who holds the brick, he is Purusha. That’s the reason there is attraction. What is seen is Prakriti – that which cannot be seen is Purusha.

Restraint in Conjugal Life:

  • Just see! How many children you have given birth to, and how many among them are genuine and natural? It is impossible to get a virtuous child without austerity accumulated by parents over several lives; it is no big deal giving birth to sheep though! Investigate this– many children are rebelling against their mother and father; as for those who are of virtuous turn, you are unable to show them the path. How can you? You are yourself unaware of it; you have been burning all your life in greed for money and pondering over lust.

  • In order to bring self-restraint, initially one needs to teach restraint to the wife; even she should be encouraged to take part in daily worship, reading of sacred texts, japa and dhyana. She should thus be made a companion in these things; otherwise, it’s very difficult to remain undisturbed by her charms.

  • On holy days, to stay in the bounds of restraint, it is necessary to arrange separate bed for oneself, otherwise it is difficult to guard one’s own self.

  • Wife is not just a mate for the conjugal acts; it is the duty of the husband to urge her to take to the virtuous path. Separate arrangements should be made for woman who refuses to take to the path of virtue.

Attraction to Woman:

  • There was a time when nobody looked at the face of a woman while speaking to her, now is the time when nobody knows how to speak without looking at the face of the woman.

  • Eternally free soul! Does it become of you to be bound in the arms of a woman? It is true, there is no pleasure equal to sexual intercourse, but the pleasure of sexual intercourse is merely a reflection of the brahma-sukha. You have enjoyed woman enough; haven’t you experienced torment of hell, moment after that happiness? Put your hand on your heart and tell me!

Method to Conquer Attraction to Woman:

  • After practicing to offer pranaam, treating everything as God, the mind will be purified; the bad will become good, and then the devotee will be in a position to say: ‘Mother! Which of your manifestations is this? I am your child, Mother! I offer you my humble pranaam and beseech, please don’t reveal to me this particular form of yours.’

  • Those who are busy with the welfare of men and have the calling of a preacher must avoid dwelling in an uninhabited place with a woman until the end of their life. Even when in the company of people, don’t engage in laughter and merriment, chatting etc. Don’t chant Naam Kirtan in the company of a single woman; forever keep away from association of women and always practice offering them pranaam saying: ‘Mother! O Mother!’ Let not the tongue rest without the word ‘Mother.’ Never forget offering pranaam with the words: ‘Sharanaagatoham – Mother! I take refuge with you!’

  • When the mind hears the roar of ‘Ram’, ‘Ram’, it drops all thoughts about woman; it is not possible to drive away the thoughts of woman from the mind by saying: ‘Out! Get out!’ When the thought of woman comes to the mind, at that very moment fold your palms in submission and say: ‘O Ram! It is You who has assumed the form of a woman and come; I offer my pranaam to You.’ That’s all! You will see the thoughts of woman have fled in a trice.

  • When you look at the women, think ‘O how God has adorned Himself in the shape of this woman!’ and mentally offer pranaam to her. Keep God’s Name on your lips. Thinking that everywhere, there’s nothing else but God in various guises, practice the rite of offering pranaam. When you start walking on a new path there is bound to be some error, but never mind. Don’t give up your efforts.

  • If you are a devotee intent on God-realization and engaged in spiritual practices like japa-homa-mauna, and if you cannot forget the beautiful eyes of the woman, take it from me, you will lose it all. There is no telling when, and in which moment, the woman will devour you and ruin your life! It will take several lives before you get another opportunity. Be on the guard! Watch out! Watch out! Do away with the desire to behold the beauty of woman’s eyes once and for all! There’s a remedy– woman is not a woman, she is a mother, whenever you see her offer and pranaam to her saying: Sarva mangal mangalye shive sarvaarth saadhike sharanye tryambake Gauri Narayani namostutey. Never forget to do this.

  • It is true that it is very difficult to protect oneself in today’s prurient and evocative civilization– all efforts must be made nevertheless. Practice fixing your gaze at the ground always; whether in the bus, tram or local train: lift your gaze only to the extent it is necessary, just keep repeating Ma! Ma! Ma!

  • By chance if your gaze falls on a woman’s face or bosom, say ‘sarvamangalmangalye Shive…’ and offer pranaam. After following this practice for few days, grace of the Mother will descend from above, and then no disturbing thoughts will appear in the mind.

  • There are some miserable spiritual aspirants who ruin countless women taking on the guise of a seeker. What is the meaning of such acts? What’s the point? You did not become a seeker to ruin yourself by taking to sex. The mahamantra of your sadhana is “Ma” Naam. Adopt this mahamantra and eternally unite with the feet of the divine Mother by conquering your fatal enemies like lust.

Paap Kshaya (Destruction of Sins):

  • How will you know whether paap kshaya (destruction of sins) is underway? You will begin to develop interest in Naam, you will develop devotion towards mother and father, and you will begin to like religious texts. (These are the signs testifying to destruction of sins).

  • The sinner can rid himself of his sins by confessing his sins to people, repentance, undertaking ascetic practice, study of religious texts etc. Even reading of Gita, Chandi, Ramayana etc. can deliver a man from sins. He obtains the desired object; knowledge arises in him.

  • Women as also those who are not Brahmins can purify their body through chandrayana vrata or having a holy dip in the Ganges with due sankalpa (pre-determined intent).

  • Sinful person can undergo penitence as per the Shastras and undertake regular japa. That will lead him to the companions of God’s heart viz. Naad and Jyoti, divine touch, taste, smell etc. These in turn will lead him to God.

  • Progressively, as the physical body is purified and the mind is internalized, the material aspirations are reduced.

  • The flame of a lamp does not flicker left or right, it directly rises upwards. If you try to curb it under a lid, the lid will be blackened with soot. In the same manner, the flame of the soul is forever directed upwards. Past karmas put a lid on it and tarnish this body with various sins.

  • By hiding something, you will be cheating your own self. Open up and show the store of impurities, I shall turn it into Nandanvana by wiping out all the faults and deficiencies, and cleanse you.

  • The root cause of all sufferings is sin. Through virtuous deeds, visiting holy places (titrthas) and rendering service to humanity, one divests oneself of sins and company of sadhus and interest in dharma is also gained. Desire to listen to tales of God follows from it.

  • Great is the power of God’s Naam and Katha (Divine History)! When His Name and qualities are heard, He appears in the heart and rids one of all the evil desires. There is no remedy to purification of heart greater than Naam (Divine Name), Leela (Divine Sport) and Guna (Divine Qualities).

  • The cause of disease is evil doings. These deeds may not have been committed in this life, but how can their fruit be lost? Misdeeds of the earlier births present themselves in the form of disease to relieve the devout men of their sins.

Fall from Spirituality:

  • If gold is thrown into the latrine, it does not become iron, but it is smeared with excrement. In the same way, he who has seen God does not suffer a downfall, but his body can be tainted with dirt. Therefore, even God-seer must be on the guard. It is their duty to go only in that direction in which there is no danger of falling from the ideal.

  • Due to influence of providence if a sadhu does an evil deed, he must confess it in front of others without hesitation– this does not bind him in attachment to the deed. A person embarking upon fresh karmas is sure to fall from his spiritual practice if he keeps his sin a secret and remains attached to it.

  • When the virtuous and evil deeds are both absent, there is no possibility of assuming a human body. When the minds of lower rung of devotees lustfully go to another’s wife due to influence of sinful karmas, through the grace of God that attachment is dispelled. The mind of the excellent and the medium rungs of devotees are not attracted towards another’s woman.

  • If practices such as karma, yoga, jnana, tapasya etc. are undertaken without taking refuge with God, there is a great possibility of a fall. God always protects him who has taken refuge with Him.

  • Until such time that the spiritual aspirant does not get the vision of the favourite deity, his fall is definite. But after the vision, if one imparts mantra by God’s command, with the welfare of beings in mind, those bestowals do not result in his fall.

Patan / fall:

  • Like a flower that is exalted in its fall, enthusiasm increases after the fall. Suppose, you set out to take a holy dip in the Ganges, and some obstacle crops up en route. You could even die on the way, but the fact remains that you started with the purpose of taking a holy dip. Take another example: One is going to Badri Narayan, one has to cross ups and downs enroute. While going down he is not visible, he goes down the hills. But once you have come down, you can surely behold him as you ascend.

  • Sometimes one falls during the course of spiritual practice. How does one figure out whether it is a fall or something providential? How is one to know if it is prarabddha? If some bad deed is done, but after that it is confessed to everyone or atoned for, this is prarabddha. If this does not take place, and one gets drowned in it, one can take it that it’s a new karma.

  • Those who are held in favour by the Guru, even if they perform some wrong deeds and stray away from Guru Mantra etc. Guru does not forsake them.