The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Translated into English by Kinkar Viswananda (Sri B.N. Mullik)

Mother is not far from you. She ever resides in the innermost recess of your heart. Mother is the eye of your eyes, the ear of your ears, the word of your words and the life of your life. Mother envelops this entire universe and exists inside and outside every animate and inanimate object. In Her Nirguna state, She is your father; in Her Saguna state, She is your Mother. You are the darling of that Mother; then why are you crying? Just imagine that you are sitting on the lap of your Mother; and She is holding you tightly with Her ten Arms. You are all the time looking in front of you; that is why you get frightened and cry aloud at the sight of sorrow and disease, poverty and want, which float like terrible sharks in this ocean of life. Do look back but once; see on whose lap you are sitting; who is holding you in her arms. You turn outgoing senses inwards and see how Mother is protecting you all the time. Wipe away your tears, wipe them away. Say only Durga, Durga, Durga.

Whoever has taken firm refuge in Mother, he has gained complete and eternal peace. Think of Ramprasad, Kamlakanta, Vamakshepa, Ramakrishna Paramhans – they had all gained Her Darshan. Even in this age, Mother does come. She appears before one if he calls for Her with real Bhakti and humility. Even if you have no faith, yet call Mother. If you call Her, your faith will gradually grow. Even if you cannot call Her with earnestness, yet you say Durga, Durga, Durga. Your earnestness will grow. All your doubts will disappear. Say constantly – Durga, Durga, Durga.

Shiva has said “That person is Mukta (free) who thinks with Bhakti of Durga, the destroyer of all sorrows and poverty. He who does Japa of Durga Naam, who does Dhyan of Durga is Mukta, there is no doubt about it.” If you go on repeating the name, Durga, Durga, the lotus in your heart will blossom. If that lotus you will see Mother in all her effulgence. Your do not have to look here and there; you do not have to think of the means. Mother has already taken the entire responsibility for your well-being and She is constantly protecting you. If you go on doing Japa of Durga, Durga, you will realize that you are not without shelter in this world. There is Mother always next to you. Go on constantly repeating, Durga, Durga, Durga.

There is no Puja comparable to Durga Puja. There is no result comparable to gaining Durga. There is no Jnana (knowledge) comparable to the knowledge of Durga. If you do constant Japa saying Durga, Durga, then the ignorance that “I am this body” will be automatically destroyed. As you go on doing this Japa, your heart will be filled with light, vibrations and Ananda. You will then realize by yourself that “I am not this body, I am Atma” and you will be able to see within yourself the effulgent Omkar Atma in form of Nada. You go on repeating Durga, Durga, Durga. There is no Tapasya in this world, done either by word, deed and mind, or even fasting etc., which is comparable to the Tapasya of doing Japa of Durga Naam. The aim of all Tapasya is to attain Mother, who is ever full of Ananda and in form of Omkar. If one does Japa of Durga, Durga, She illumines the lotus of that person’s heart and appears before him. So do not be worried. Go on doing Japa of Durga, Durga, Durga. Go on saying Durga, Durga, Durga.

If you only call Her and say, ‘Mother, I have taken refuge with you’, you will not require any other Sadhana. If you go on chanting Her name, your mind will be stilled without your knowing, and Mother will wake up inside you. She is always anxious to hear your call. If you call Her, She will hasten to you and place you on Her lap. So you go on calling Ma, Ma, Ma.

To meditate on Mother Kali, you do not have to observe any special rules or rites. You should meditate day and night on the Mantra given by your Guru. To lie down on bed should be taken as Pranam by prostrating yourself, your sleep you should be looked upon as Dhyan, at the time of your meal you should look upon every morsel of food as being offered in Ahuti to Mother, whatever sound goes into your ears should be taken as Her Mantra, when you walk about; you consider that you are doing Pradakshina (going round) of the Mother. ‘She exists in everything’ – this is the greatest Sadhana. If, with this thought in mind, you practice doing Pranam to every object, you will soon gain Brahma-Jnana. So go on meditating constantly - Ma, Ma, Ma.

Go and announce to all those who are sick, distressed, poor and afflicted that if they call Durga, Durga, they will get whatever they desire. Their biggest dangers, terrible sickness, great sorrow, all will pass away and they will remain immersed in Ananda if only they go on repeating Durga, Durga. So go on calling Durga, Durga, Durga.

There is no Naam in this world more powerful or efficacious as the Durga Naam. If one repeats Durga Naam whether with or without faith or reverence, willingly or unwillingly, he will be fully gratified. Mother will protect him and he will have no anxiety either in this or the next world. She will take charge of all his anxieties and relieve him of all trouble. So go running to Her, calling Durga, Durga, Durga. If you call Mother constantly you will get Her signal. She will tell you not to fear. If you go on meditating on Durga Naam you will realize that you are not far from Her and that She is constantly protecting you holding you to Her bosom. You will be able to see it yourself. In your heart the lotus will blossom forth, the strings of your heart will sound music by themselves and will play many Ragas and Raginis. She will be constantly playing in your heart. You will be filled with light, joy, Ananda and fearlessness. You do not have to do anything else. Only go on repeating, Durga, Durga, Durga.

He who meditates constantly on Durga Naam,
Remains immersed all the time in Parmananda.
He suffers no longer from disease, disappointment and sorrow;
He plays about in constant, unbroken joy.
The whole world becomes one with Mother Durga.
His cycles of birth and death ceases for ever.

If you surrender yourself to Mother Durga, you will have no anxieties left. She will take complete charge of you. She will come running to you from wherever you may call her. If you simply chant Ma, Ma, Ma, you do not require any other forms of Sadhana. She loves to hear Ma-Naam from a Bhakta and she goes running to him. So you go on calling Ma, Ma, Ma, meditate on Ma, Ma, Ma, chant Ma, Ma, Ma. Then whatever you see or hear or speak will be only Ma. You will get immersed in this sea of nectar of Ma Nam. So go on saying Ma, Ma, Ma.