The Mother Divine
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By Swami Ramdas

In the depths of samadhi, the Yogis get the experience that the world is not, because in the Nirguna there is no name, form or movement. But after coming down to the external consciousness of life, the visible universe is experienced as the revelation of that absolute, silent and immutable Spirit: “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma”.

When you remember God in a particular form, you worship Him as Saguna, and when the image dissolves in your mind, raising you beyond the sense of duality, then you realize Him as Nirguna. Both are the aspects of one Truth. For a human being there is no privilege greater than that of becoming the child of the Divine Parent - the immortal child of the Eternal Parent. This spiritual relationship is based upon the knowledge that the child and the Parent are one. Verily, there is none or nothing but the one Supreme Lord of the worlds, who is all, and all in all.

Truly when you become the smallest child of the Divine Mother, you merge your little individuality in Her cosmic personality. Here you realize that the Mother and the child are one. Here again in your play as a child, if you wish to remain so, you are ever basking in the sunshine of Her divine grace and protection. Mother is no mother if you do not understand Her in the true light, and submit to Her will and guidance in all matters. Really, what She wills is ever for your good. To revolt against Her will always knock out of you a good deal of your strength and peace. This Divine Mother is the Heart of your heart, the Soul of your soul. Being universal, She is the supreme deity ever having Her place and seat within you. Her revelation of the world-phenomena is simply marvellous. Her sweet and gracious presence, Her smiling face, Her ever guiding and protecting hand is seen everywhere. Her dazzling form is the sole attraction of your eyes. Her melodious and soothing voice is the most charming music for your ears. To serve Her, that is, to do all things in Her name, for Her sake, is the most blissful service you could render. Oh! the Mother is your all in all. May Her light ever shine on the world. May Her light ever dawn in the hearts of all creatures, and awaken them to the knowledge of Her invincible and all-beneficent existence and power!

The personal (Saguna) is He with name and form, in the form of the entire universe. The impersonal (Nirguna) is also He, without name and form, without attributes, beyond the range of intellect to understand, beyond words to describe. In the personal, He is love, light, knowledge, power, peace, bliss, purity. The Nirguna (impersonal) stands for peace, while the Saguna (personal) for anand.

In the entire universe, He pervades as Shakti, the universe itself being His form. He is most manifest in man. Mahatmas and Bhaktas are He in full manifestation. Service of them results in the realization of Sri Ram is His saguna form. Sri Ram is ever seated in the hearts of us all and we are all His forms. Saguna, Nirguna, everything is He. This supreme realization - this darshan of oneness in many, is the height of inexpressible peace and bliss.

The mind must be purged of its selfish desires that make for diversity, pain and misery. It has to be freed from raga and dwesha. It must attain samata, i.e., equality, which means samadarshan which is again the same as Ramdarshan. Love all, love all. To love all is to love Him, for He is all. First see Him in Bhaktas and Mahatmas, then see Him in all - as all. Give up the notion that you are the doer. It is the Divine Shakti that propels you to all action. Root out all doubts, and rise above the joy and grief, gain and loss, honour and dishonour, friend and foe, virtue and sin, etc.

God alone is Shakti or Prakriti in form, change, movement and action, and who is Shiva or Purusha as the formless, immutable, unmoving, actionless, all-pervading Spirit. Shakti in movement and action stands for infinite love and bliss, and Shiva for absolute peace. Purusha and Prakriti are the two eternal aspects of Purushottama who is both these and beyond them. Enjoy the perfect calm and peace as Purusha, the witness, and the bliss of universal love as Prakriti or Shakti.

Change is the order of the universe. The how and the wherefore of events, great and small, happening in the world are questions which do not have any answer. The Lord’s will is supreme in all things. In the early stages of sadhana, when the individual and egoistic will persists and makes progress difficult, to subdue it, surrendering to the will of God is indeed an easy path. A really independent will works in you only when you are actuated by God's own will. The saint has made his will God's will and vice versa. Surrendering of the weak and faulty will of the individual to God's will, eliminating thereby the ego sense, is truly easier than the assertion of Divinity within you. On the one hand, you have an Almighty hand to lift you up and guard you against any fall, whilst on the other, since you depend on your own will, there is always the danger of a fall.

God’s will and power is seen in the manifested universe. All movement, all change in it, belong to that power. To realize this truth is to surrender to the power or will of God. The individual “I” is utterly unreal. He is the truth. He is infinite love and infinite joy. Just as the Sun’s power lies in the heat and light he gives, so God’s power expresses in love and joy. God and His power are at one and yet different, like the milk and its whiteness. God stands for absolute stillness and peace, His power for eternal movement and joy. Love denotes movement. So, love belongs to God’s power - which therefore makes for joy. Power creates, maintains and destroys. It is all the work of love and for joy. The visible universe is a manifestation of power, i.e., of love and joy; the unmanifest is the calm, silent, still, all pervading, immutable Spirit. A top is rotating at the highest velocity. To all appearances it is perfectly at rest. A piece of iron is lying before us. It seems to be resting, while its particles are in a state of vibration and motion. Here rest and motion are combined in such a way that they exist simultaneously with regard to every object. Apply it to the whole universe. It is eternal movement co-existing with eternal rest. Eternal rest is the ideal; eternal movement is the real. The one is Spirit and the other is Matter. Ideal and Real, Spirit and Matter, are the two eternal non-moving and moving aspects of the Transcendent One - the supreme ultimate Truth.

Indeed Sri Ram’s ways are inscrutable. Your work is to watch the workings of His divine lila - His wonderful world-play. The concepts of the pairs of opposites that you have are nothing but unreal bubbles on the calm ocean of Sat-Chit-Anand. But how often you are deluded into the belief that they are real! You see the mirage from a distance, you take it for real water, while in truth there is no water at all. Such is this world. The irresistible Maya tries her best to fix up firmly the curtain of ignorance between you and Reality. There is a way out. Surrender to Sri Ram, the Infinite existence, splendour, power, knowledge, purity and bliss, who tears off this false curtain that shuts your eyes to His glory and magnificence. How to surrender to Him? Universal love; universal love - that is the path.

Let your life be attuned to and guided by that Love. Oh, how grand, how sublime is that Love. You then lose yourself in the vast expanse of a depthless, limitless, all-pervading ocean of love. To taste it is joy, to enter into it is bliss, to merge into it and become one with it means unutterable rapture and inexpressible divine ecstasy. Then the world is not a world of diversity and discord for you, but you behold that harmony reigns everywhere, love pervades everywhere, and there is bliss everywhere. Be conscious always that the God that you pray to is within you and everywhere about you. His protection and grace are there ever for you. Be always aware that He is guiding you from within. True, God’s power is manifest everywhere. Prakriti is He in His universal revelation. His light and glory fill all things. To surrender to Him and realize His unthinkable and inexpressible greatness is to attain immortality and bliss. Where are bondage and pain for the soul that has tuned itself with this magnificent Truth? The supreme Lord is the very breath of your breath. You are ever His, He and you are not different. All glory be to Him! The world is a grand display of the Lord’s lila. In fact, each one of you, playing an individual part in it, is Himself in His self-expression. In the light of this knowledge and vision, you are all eternally one; the appearance of diversity belongs only to the surface.

The whole universe is indeed a blissful manifestation of Sri Ram. Every form in it is a wave and movement of His infinite love. Diversity and discord are unreal, off-springs of a mind deluded by ignorance. Unity and harmony are the true attributes of that Truth, in whom God, universe and man are one. There is no existence but He. He is eternal truth, love, power, light and bliss. What words can describe Him, He who transcends all speech and thought! Where is your most loving Divine Mother and Master? Oh, what joy it is to be conscious that this Supreme Being is ever enthroned in your heart. You eternally dwell in Him and He lives in you eternally. Sri Ram fills and permeates the entire universe. Every particle, every atom, is thrilled with divine music. The glow of His splendour illumines all. He is the inexhaustible spring of delight, peace and bliss. He is the infinite fountain of love and compassion. All glory to Him!

As devotee you are at once one and different from God. You are like the river. The river is one with the ocean; yet it is ceaselessly flowing towards the ocean. This is the wonderful mystery of God and His Bhakta. You are all He. To realize this is the common aim of all - the one real end of this human existence. When God puts you in situations in which you are forced to remember Him and to pray to Him earnestly in order to take you to His holy feet, is He not kind? Is He not kind when He gives you some transient baubles of this world which bring pain and misery? He does grant these things also when you pray for them. But He warns you at the same time, “You have asked for the perishables; but you cannot have permanent happiness from them. Pain, anxiety and sorrow are always associated with them. Seek the Eternal, seek Me alone. I am Sat-Chit-Anand, infinite existence, consciousness and bliss.” So, pray for His grace and vision. You are already free and immortal. Pray to Him to give you this knowledge, to give you this realization.

The Divine Mother who presides over all activities, events and happenings in the universe always means well. The sole purpose of Her work is only to bring about harmony and peace. The doubting mind sees discord and confusion in Her activity. The Mother is a veritable personification of love. So, none of Her actions can be for anything but good. The sun, by his very nature, can shed only light and is incapable of producing darkness. Similarly, the Mother’s doings are always in every way, beneficial. The so-called evil is the product of a mind that has no faith in Her. Pray to Her this way – “Oh, Mother of the worlds, I am Thy ignorant child. Guide and control me as Thou wilt. Thou art my only protector and I am Thy child. I am ever Thine. Bear me always in Thy bosom as Thy eternal child. This is the refuge I seek. Eternity is the link that unites me to Thee. Being ever in tune with Thee, let me be Thy child.”

God arranges all things in His own way and at the time He appoints. You should work in the free and cheerful spirit of a child, leaving all the results to be determined by Him. God himself is a child, playing this universal game. Everywhere is He and everybody is He.

Sri Ram is infinite love, light, power and bliss. He is seated in all His glory in the hearts of all. Indeed, Sri Ram’s name is marvellously potent. It has transformed a robber into the great saint, Valmiki. It has helped Kabirdas, Tulsidas, Ramdas and many others to cross the ocean of samsara. That great name is as sweet as nectar itself. When, by His grace, this name has firmly settled on the mind and tongue of anybody, that person becomes blessed and attains eternal freedom, bliss and peace. Sri Ram is pure love, a veritable sea of love, absorbing, permeating, nay flooding the whole universe with love.

O mind! Ever be intoxicated with this supreme, indescribable love; be merged in it and realize all that you behold, as the expression of that love. When all forms, all things, all actions, all happenings have their source in this love, where is pain, sorrow, doubt or fear? You live, move with your being in this love. Sri Ram is this love. To think of Him, to meditate on Him, to repeat His name, to talk of Him, to write of Him, is to realize Him, to attain this love and reach Him. He is without form and name. He is beyond all dwandwas and gunas, but you can go to Him only by worshipping Him through name and form. Sri Ram is that name. Universe is that form. Love Him with all your might. Let your mind find its perfect union with Him, and let the body be active as an instrument in His hands.