The Mother Divine
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By Swami Ramdas

What is required to set life free and make it blessed is to do all actions in the spirit of perfect surrender to the will of the all-wise Master-the master of your being and of the world- existence. This is possible in all the fields of activity in which you are placed in consonance with your nature and attainments.

Life is a game with which you play as you play with a doll. All the emotions and passions you exhibit in this play are the necessary and inevitable movements of it. When you observe, as an unaffected witness, this most wonderful game of life made up of the clash of ideals, interests and thoughts, you realize that it is there before & you only as a sport and nothing else.

The goal which Ramdas places before all people is nothing short of an independence and freedom, born of the submission to the Divine Power which controls, guides and actuates every individual in the course of his or her life on this earth. To live like “dumb-driven cattle” is not the purpose of life. Each individual has to draw upon all the latent resources of his or her existence in order to rise to the height of absolute freedom-a freedom by virtue of which he or she yields, wherever it is necessary to yield, and stands firm like a rock, wherever it is proper to do so.

To be a timid creature without firm convictions, vacillating at every passing breeze and circumstance, is indeed to become an object of pity on the part of some and of derisions on the part of others. “Success and failure be the same to you”, is a truism to be realized in order to attain a peaceful mind. Whatever God determines should be implicitly believed as for the best. Really, every loss, failure and misfortune is pregnant with absolute good. It must be recognized with full faith that, at the back of the relative mind, exists a Divinity which causes all its workings – a Divinity which is the very abode of peace and bliss.

Success in life depends upon a daring and determined course taken up through unshakable faith and confidence. Vacillation is the greatest handicap to success. By taking complete refuge in the Almighty, you should decide upon a definite line of action, and then, by an unflinching perseverance, carry it out through good or ill. When taking such a step, do not rely for help and guidance from anybody in the world except upon your Self.

God-the great Self in you-is your help and guide in all matters. In accordance with His command pursue any path which He prompts you to. All power, strength and wisdom are within you, because the great Self who is all these is your true being. He will see that your life is a magnificent success. Harbour no doubts or misgivings. Faith and grit win the race. Strengthen your will by surrender to the Divine Will. Turn your mind within for divine peace. Rouse yourself in every way and bravely fight this battle of life, which is a battle for all alike, and come out triumphant as a soldier of love and peace and goodwill.

Life is a perpetual adjustment and readjustment it is an ever-changing movement on the surface but in its depths, it is perfect calmness, peace and stillness. Since universal motion is a wave from the infinite silence and repose, it has the nature of the source from which it has sprung. So, bliss is the beginning, the middle and the end of all things-be it static or dynamic.

Really, human life becomes blessed when God brings about occasions for turning its course towards Himself. Thereafter God takes up such a life and controls it according to His supreme will, which works always for good. Life, in every condition can be lived in freedom and joy, provided the soul within remains unattached to external forms of life. When the flow of life becomes spontaneous, it is always surcharged with the glory of pure love and service. What a splendid gift is human life! The man who does not behold the finger of God working in all events and happenings experiences needless suffering.

Therefore, peace and contentment belong only to those who have submitted, in all the vicissitudes of life, to the supreme will of God. Instead of allowing your mind to externalize itself, do make it go inward and mingle and merge in the depths of your being, where dwell ever-lasting life, peace and joy. To behold the Truth within oneself, and then in all beings and creatures alike, is the true vision of life.

The purpose and goal of life is to realize your immortality and the eternal union and identity with the supreme Beloved who is the immanent and transcendent Lord of the Universe. The object of your life is to be happy yourself and give happiness to others. In fact, real delight consists in so adjusting your life as to make it yield joy to others. If you have faith in God, use this faith in cultivating patience and equanimity. Faith always goes with cheerfulness, resignation and peace. Be childlike-not childish—be blissful and a free child of God. Reveal your innate divine nature, and diffuse around you always love and joy.

By struggle you conquer. Struggle means development of will-power and a gradual awakening to the real purpose of life—which is Self-realization. Make every influence on your life, favourable or unfavourable, work for your spiritual advancement. Give up controversy, discussion and justification, by subduing sensitiveness and sentiment. God’s name is your help. Feel less and less the so-called heavy responsibilities of life which you have imposed on yourself. The truth is, the moment you are free from attachment and sense of possession, the whole world is at your feet. Have no misgivings, throw overboard world’s opinion. Rise above these petty things. Be tremendously earnest and determined in your spiritual quest.

Surely life has a beautiful meaning and purpose when it is understood to be of a universal nature and significance. The utmost grandeur of it is revealed when it breaks through every sense of division and diversity, and sheds all around soothing light of pure, spontaneous love-the rapture of an inexplicable joy and peace. Every, power with which you are gifted has to be cheerfully utilized for the service of God in the world. It is also the experience of every great soul, who has dedicated his or her life for relieving the distress of the world, that the path is one of acute suffering. Hence self-sacrifice has been the badge of saints all over the world. The lamp can give light only at the cost of its oil.

“Give and give”, is the law of the deathless spirit working in nature. The whole beauty of life lies in its utter dedication. This, life is not worth living if it is not consecrated to the devotion of Sri Ram-if it is not offered up completely to His service. For attaining this you have to cry to Him day and night for His grace. Yes, Ram is very kind. He is ever ready to fulfil the wishes of His humble devotees. You have only to pray to Him to enable you to keep up His remembrance continuously, ceaselessly. Don’t ask for anything else.

“I pray to you, Oh! Love Infinite, for only this-Your remembrance, which means Your darshan. An active life is perfectly in keeping with Self-realization and divine service. What is needed is a total dedication of your entire life to Him. In all situations maintain a steady consciousness of Divinity within and about you. Do not harass your mind with thoughts of weakness. Infinite strength is within you. Drawing inspiration and power from this source, be cheerful and contented at all times. Let the name of the Lord dwell ever in your mind!

From whatsoever angle Ramdas looks at the world, he finds nothing wrong anywhere. Everything is as it should be. Because one Truth pervades everywhere-one life has revealed itself in infinite forms. So, you are all children of that Truth-that Life-nay you are yourself the Truth the Life. Some people prefer to call themselves sinners. They must be wishing to enjoy the fun of it. Else, what to make of the way they speak of themselves? They are offering a direct insult to God when they dub themselves sinners. This is as good as denying His very existence. If you believe that He is, you would not care to know whether you are a monument of virtue or mountain of iniquity. You would only feel that you are simply as God made you. You have a harp which is ever tuned to one strain. It sings only of sin, misery and death. Do change the song to one of peace, joy and immortality.

Your life has to be lived not for yourself, but for the sake of all those with whom God has ordained you should come in contact from time to time. The purpose of life is to take delight in giving peace and joy to others. This you can do in every circumstance and condition of life. Life means service. The true joy of service is felt only when you make it a spontaneous flow from the fountain of your immortal existence. Hence, self- surrender has been held forth as the means for the realization of your immortal nature and the consequent blissful activity. Whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, do not forget the great and merciful Lord of the universe. Life bereft of the thought of God is verily not worth living. God is our mother, guide and protector. To be in constant awareness of Him means purity, strength, courage and peace; because God is all power, knowledge and bliss.

The world is a world at all times. The playful nature of it in which every kind of creature and event exists is as it should be. What is needed is a change within you, by which you open your true sight, and look upon the world as a leela of the Lord. This state is attained by merging your relative existence into God’s absolute being. Ceaseless remembrance of the Lord is the way.