The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Q. Then with what end in view should one sing Naam? 
A. One should sing Naam for pleasing God, for the sake of Naam itself, for generating love for God and for His ‘Darshan’ face to face. That best of the Bhaktas who, without any mundane desire, sing ‘Bhajan’ for the sake of ‘Bhajan’ only, is to be worshipped by all.

Q. One should not have the desire even to see God? 
A. No, that desire also should not be there — “I love, that is why I love. I do not know why I love, Love is my ‘Japa’ and ‘Tapa’. Love is my ‘Sadhana’.” 

Q. If one does ‘Bhajan’ for the sake of ‘Bhajan' only, does God appear before him? 
A. The person, who does ‘Bhajan’ for the sake of ‘Bhajan’, gets His ‘Darshan’ much quicker than one who does it for having His ‘Darshan’. Now hear a story of how sin is destroyed by Naam —

In Kashidham, one day a Brahmin came to Tulsidas Goswami and said — ‘Ram, Ram, Ram, I am a killer of cow, hence I am a great sinner! Ram, Ram, Ram.” Goswamiji said — “Well sir, you are incessantly uttering Ram Naam and yet you call yourself a great sinner; how is that possible? Sin cannot exist when one does Ram Naam. You are without sin. Please go and have a bath in the Ganga, then you will have 'Prasad' (food dedicated to God) along with me. The Brahmin asked — ‘Then I have no sin left’. Goswamiji said — ‘No’. 

If one does ‘Japa’ of Ram Naam, millions of grave sins are immediately destroyed. On hearing this, the Brahmin, with a happy heart, went and had a bath in the Ganga and had ‘Prasad’ with Goswamiji. There was a great uproar when this news spread in Kashidham. All the residents of Kashi used to respect Goswamiji as he was a great ‘Bhakta’. Then why did he behave in this way which was not sanctioned by the Shastras? Without first getting ‘Prayascitta’ (expiation ceremony) done by this killer of a cow, why did Goswamiji eat sitting in the same line with him? These adverse comments were not passed in his absence only; some Brahmins went to Goswamiji and asked him — “Why did you do this act which is forbidden by the Shastras?” 
Goswamiji asked them “Do you accept — the tenets of the Shastras.” They replied — ‘Of course, we do.’ On this Goswamiji said — 

If a person always i.e. in his childhood, youth and in old age, commits sin, even he goes to ‘Sanatan Param Dham’ by singing Ram Naam. 

Those sinners, who utter ‘Sri Ram Ram Ram’, get relieved from millions of sins in a moment. 

A wicked man may commit sins by body, thought and deed, in morning, noon, afternoon and night, but even then, if he does the ‘Japa’ of Ram Naam, which is the Param Brahma, Param Dharma, Param Pavitra (pure) and Param Shrestha (greatest of all), all his sins are certainly destroyed. 

Sri Krishna has said that by doing ‘Japa’ of Ram Naam, a person can with ease cross the ocean of ‘Samsara’ — he certainly does it. Are these not the words of the Shastras? If one utters Ram Naam once even unwillingly, his sins gathered during millions of births are destroyed. Then when this Brahmin is uttering Ram Naam, incessantly, how do you all accuse him of being a sinner? The Brahmins said — “Whatever proof you have quoted from the ‘Shastras’ is correct. Yet we are unable to believe that this person has become sinless.” Goswamiji asked them — “What will give you the faith that this man is sinless?” The Brahmins said — “If the stone bull of Baba Viswanath eats from his hand, then we shall believe that he is sinless”. Goswamiji said — “All right”. Taking some grass and a plateful of ‘Maha-Prasad’, they all arrived near the huge stone bull resting near the well of ‘Jnana’. The Brahmin, who had killed a cow, held the plate of ‘Maha-Prasad’ near the bull's mouth. Goswamiji then spoke - "Oh king of bulls, if this Brahmin is sinless, then you take the ‘Maha-Prasad’ which he is offering you.” No sooner had he said this than the stone bull ate up the grass and the 'Maha-Prasad'. Everyone was astonished to the stone bull eating in presence of all in open day light. In the end the Brahmins begged of Goswamiji repeatedly to be pardoned.
Q. When shall I acquire the power to believe that all this is true? 
A. God has limitless power; I hope you believe that?

Q. Yes, I do. 
A. The Yogis possess the eight powers like ‘Anima’ etc. Do you believe that? 

Q. Yes, I do. 
A. Then what is there to disbelieve in the fact that the stone bull ate as the result of the prayer of Goswamiji, who was a ‘Siddha’? 

Q. This miracle could happen due to Goswamiji’s ‘Sadhana’ and not due to the power of Ram Naam. 
A. But what helped Goswamiji to attain this state of ‘Siddha’? It was Ram Naam. 

Q. That is true. 
A. ‘Naam’ and the ‘Name’ are not different. When you can believe in the limitless power of the ‘Name’ (i.e. God) why can you not believe in the power of ‘Naam’?

Q. That I do not know. You please kindle the faith in me. 
A. Repeat ‘Ram Ram Ram’; your faith will come running by itself.

Ram Ram Ram.