The Mother Divine
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By Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja (Excerpts from Shri Vitthal Uvaach)

Q. Can you briefly tell us about the different bhavas?

A. There is Vatsalya Bhava – this is the motherly bhava like Yashodha’s love for Sri Krishna. Dasya Bhava – this is the bhava for servitude like Hanuman served Lord Rama with dasya bhava. Sakhya Bhava – this is the bhava denoting friendship like Sri Krishna was a friend, philosopher and guide to Arjuna. Madhurya Bhava – this bhava denotes love and romance like Radha’s love for Sri Krishna. Shanta Bhava – this bhava is for the rishis (saints).

Tears & Sattvik Bhava

“Watch out for Sattvik Bhavas: ashru (tears), romanch (horripilation), pulak (goose-pimpling of the hair). Before Sri Bhagawan comes, His ambassadors will come. Just as before a VIP arrives, the roads are cleaned, everything is tidied, these Sattvic sentiments come to the devotee before the one and only true VIP (God) comes.”

Q. What is the significance of tears in spirituality?

A. The tears wash dirt in one’s heart. Following quotations from Shrimad Bhagvatam, Thakur’s writings, Tulsidas and Geetanjali enlighten us more. The Lord has assured that, “Tears of bhakta crying for Me while singing Naam alone can bind Me. By no other means, can I be purchased." Thakur has guaranteed that ‘whosoever worships God with his tears, he shall have God’s darshan, without any doubt.’ Tulsidas has shown the path to attain God. ‘Adhere to the sadhana given by your Guru, speak the truth and do not hanker for the riches of others.’

Q. Whenever I sit for doing japa, I have tears flowing from my eyes. Is this natural?

A. Ashru, tears, are most beloved to Hari. They are the result of sattva infused with unspoken but deep devotion. These tears are invaluable.

Q. Why were you so interested in giving diksha to that man? He did not bring even one offering for the Guru. He was weeping profusely at a time when he should have been happy.

A. He did not bring an offering? I did not notice. See how eager and pure he is... He was overwhelmed by positive emotions not fully known even to himself, hence he had the tears. Is that a small gift?
On Love

Q. What is your perspective on prema (love)?

A. Prema (love) is thing of the high heavens. As students of literature, we recognize that the main sentiment in the world is prema. Man dares to undertake the journey towards the Infinite by taking support of prema. Prema helps transcend beyond one’s limited, finite, insignificant self. It is through prema that one is attracted to urddhva chaitanya, higher consciousness.

Q. How can the human mind (which is finite) be blessed by the bliss of the Infinite?

A. The mind is able to hold the Infinite through the finite. For ages, devotees have realized the Infinite by bringing the Infinite into the finite. It is possible to bring the Infinite within the limits of the finite through prema.

"हम लोगोको सब चीजपे जय करना है।
क्या शक्ति है जय करनेकी, बोलो?
प्रेम … एक वही शक्ति है।

Hum logo ko sab cheej pe jaya karnaa hai,
Kya Shakti hai jaya karne ki bolo?
Prem! Ek vahi Shakti hai.

We must triumph over everything. Tell me, what’s the power with which we may be able to win our victory? That power is love, and love alone!"