The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
(Rendered into verse by Dr. Sarol Kumar Chatteijee, D.Sc)
Know no fear,
Son of bliss!
Chant My Name
And live in peace
My sons are bold,
At death they laugh,
At evils they mock
At voyage rough I
A Brahmin, Kshatriya
Or a Sudra by birth
Men of any caste
Known on the earth
Devotion makes them
Purged and clean,
And leads them all
To a land un-seen.
Blessed is indeed
A devoted soul,
He forms a part
Of the endless whole.
He is My breath
The pulse of My life,
The soul of My soul
The throb of My life.
He is My treasure
He is My all,
Chant My Name, dear,
You I call
Chant My Name
In spirit gay,
This is what
The Lord did say:
He pleases Me, My Name
Who sings in tears.
And not he, who meditates
For years and years,
Not he, who does
The religious rites
Not he, who visits
The holy sites
Not he, who reads
The Vedic hymns,
Me he pleases more,
My Name who sings.
In oneness with Me
He lives in peace
My Name who sings,
Know You this."
To save the righteous
The knaves to kill
I am here
Here 'am still.
To keep the flag of virtue
Flying, dear,
In the garb of Name
I am here.
Name and I — all the same,
Together do we stay,
Chant My Name — holy Name,
Chant it night and day.
Me then You will behold
O Me — from pole to pole
Of Me You will have a glimpse
As the cherished one of Your soul.
My Name who sings or does writes about,
Or does hear or does see,
Him I love and do grant
All that he prays from Me.
Come! Come Ye all
The sinner, the fool and the wise,
Come Ye — the starved and stunted souls -
From Your slumber do arise
Come Ye — my aimless, helpless sons!
The troubled, tired souls!
Come Ye of diverse castes and creeds
Lo! the day there rolls!
Come Ye all — old and Young
Come! Come in haste,
My Name is like a mighty tree
Under its shade lie in rest!
In my loving breast lie in peace
Hushed in soothing calm,
For your earthly burns, Name will act
As a magic, healing balm!
From birth to birth, from age to age
For ever there you play,
Chant My Name, shake off fear,
Take it as I say!