The Mother Divine
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By Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja

In every age, the youth and student population represent the future and hence hope for the people at large. The adolescents of today are the torchbearers of the civilization of tomorrow. The youth of today has strayed from the righteous path under the influence of Kali of the Kali Yuga. Meaningful value-education is being imparted neither at home nor in school/college.

The Ganga River of Indian philosophical thought continues to flow. When the Atma has been neglected, the great souls have descended upon the soil of India and awakened the people of India to their true inheritance and destiny. The sheer strength of their sadhana and wisdom has caused their call to the true path to be irresistible. Now, when the ethical values of school-going and college-going youth seem to have reached the nadir, lack of control over mind and body have made for lack of vitality; intellect, memory, patience, forgiveness…all have been gravely weakened, the courage of the youth is delimited by rebellious sloganeering and calls to damage and destroy. Sitaram calls upon the infinite reserves of the power deep within the individual and exhorts the individual, with respect and affection, to attain full authority and mastery over this power:

O beloved children! And the dear youth of today! You do not know what you are, how much Shakti prevails in you, why you have come here. Want to hear? You are the image of God; you are a miniscule portion of God. God as Paramatma abides in your heart for all time. As the fire of your digestive power, God is consuming the food you have eaten.

Your body is the body of God! Owing to deep slumbering, you have become forgetful of the fact that all His powers reside in you. Hence, I say, awaken!

Meditate on the God in your heart and attain all powers of God. The principal means is maintaining celibacy. No penance is truly a penance; it is celibacy, alone which is the true penance. The one whose energies are directed upwards (urdhvareta), not downwards, is truly a god.

Conditions, which conduce to brahmacharya or celibacy, are:

1. Pure, sattvik diet, 2. Study and learning of scriptural works, 3. Devoted service to elders, 4. Obedience to elders, 5. Good conduct and avoidance of self-indulgent, luxurious lifestyle, 6. Giving up evil company, 7. Practice of Sandhya at trisandhyaakaal and the practice of Naam.

The vitality being protected on account of assured sexual continence or successful practice of celibacy, the individual can go about seeking his true self, which possesses a divine nature. 
O you Indians! India, among the nations, is the jewel in the crown. You have taken birth in a land where even the gods wish to be reborn! Under the influence of Kali, you are engrossed in imbibing only the gross and material forms of knowledge. The men and women of India are not meant only to be engrossed in earning a livelihood. Their prime duty and goal is to know God. So, cast off this influence. Study the shastras and march towards immortality…

Sitaram enthuses the ones who wish to gain mastery over the celibate life. Likewise, he also, and equally, encourages those who are on the path of darkness, to come onto the path of light. In a paternal spirit, he admonishes and gives cautionary advice to the latter while offering hope.
Grounded firmly in celibacy, one gains the abode in that kingdom of bliss. By keeping the mind always occupied in the meditation on the name of God, and, keeping to the path enjoined upon one as given in the scriptural texts, one can assuredly march towards that kingdom.

Pure sattvik diet, timely practice of puja and Japa, practice of baddhapadmasana and ashwini mudra, treating women as one’s mother, incessant chanting of Ram Ram Ram… these are the sure shot methods that grant success in celibacy. Ram Naam will surely give you new life. So, embark on this journey towards the kingdom of light and bliss in the company of Ram Naam. Those who have much bonding with their mother will do well to chant Ma Ma Ma… The diamond-hard shining weapon of the word ‘Ma’ is sure to destroy lustful tendencies in you.
O beloved disciple!

Cast your glance on the Mother’s feet With reverential care
This beauteous creature is none But your Creator
And thus shall you Overcome the Lust

Sitaram has recommended celibacy even to adults in married life. Celibacy he preached would grant peace and a happy married life. Often highly educated persons in prestigious positions in society would come to him with their tales of sorrow and suffering. Sitaram would listen to each one with great patience. He would then preach to them the methods, the path, by which they would reach everlasting freedom from this sorrow; the one method, which was efficacious in giving relief to physical, mental and worldly sufferings, undoubtedly was celibacy.

Sitaram the witness of the Truth, the greatly compassionate one, sometimes needed to be harsh. But this harshness was like that of the skillful surgeon who intent on the restoration of good health of his patient, performs the much needed surgery:

“O dehabhimani (one who is identified with and proud of the body)!” he would begin his address, “move forward towards the sacred knowledge of the Atma (atmajnana). You are not the body, you are Brahma. Every pore of your body bespeaks the misery of the loss of the vital fluids through an incontinent life. Adopt pure diet, proper sadhana, self-study and celibacy… and you may reclaim your life.”

Sitaram would tell the story of Yayaati in this context. The tale of Yayaati (recounted in another chapter) bespeaks the avaricious nature of desire and lust. Yayaati learnt that desire and lust are like a fire, which are only inflamed further when offerings of clarified butter (ghee) are poured into it. No amount of experiences can satiate the appetites for the objects of desire. Even if Yayaati had the wealth and women of the entire world his cravings could not have been diminished.

Quoting Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma, Sitaram says that the Universe is a reflection of Mother Prakriti acting in unison with Purusha. In this limited world of ours, males and females, both partnering equally in procreation, are worthy of being cautioned and advised. Hence Sitaram has cautioned both men and women in this regard. In the book, “Light for the Righteous Woman”, he addresses women in particular, issuing the same cautionary and recommendatory advice:

On witnessing the frenzied dance of lust on all four sides, Sitaram sometimes would become sorrowful and lose the usual grace of the language he used. If a child has just burnt himself, the mother’s language and deportment depart from social graces. In like manner, Sitaram too would be carried away temporarily by the goings-on around him.

Sitaram would shower all with the elixir of his gracious and compassionate speech.