The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Essence of Sadhana (Spiritual Practice):

  • Let me tell you the gist of all sadhanas (spiritual practice) in a nutshell: to hear of His Name and His divine attributes with  your ears, singing His praise through your speech and contemplating about Him with your mind, this is indeed Mahasadhana (the supreme spiritual recourse).
  • Chanting of Naam, study of scriptural texts, mauna are all parts of spiritual practice. If someone undertakes to pray only through Naam and reading of religious texts, he will achieve his end only through this. He won’t have to open the books and study them. When one reads in soft tones thinking that God is listening, the heart and soul is filled with joy.
  • Listen, my dears! Enthrone commands of God like ‘aharahah sandhyamupaasit’, ‘aachaarhinam na poonanti vedah’, ‘aahaar shuddhi sattva shuddhih sattva shuddhau dhruvaa smritih’ etc. in the seat of God and try to follow them. Great good will follow you.
  • Believe in the Shastras. Offer your prayers at appropriate time. Be devoted to your father, mother, Guru and the elders. Partake of pure food and conduct yourself virtuously; you will be able to realize that the fountain of infinite happiness lies within your own heart.
  • If you wish to conquer death, stake your life and try to act in accord with what the venerable elders and preceptors command you. If you do this, you will certainly win the world, you surely will!
  • Practice lying prostrate before the elders and the deity thrice every day, consume sattvik food, observe brahmacharya, and endeavour to enhance sattva guna by gazing only at the feet of women.
  • To begin with, listen to the Name and Divine Sports, thereafter sing kirtan, meditation will come of its own. Simultaneously reflect upon the divine history of your favourite deity.
  • In the case of those to whom Guru has designated Ishta (favourite deity), texts concerning the same deity should be heard or contemplated upon.
  • Not only for a sadhu, even for general men and women, restraint, moderation in eating, devotion to religion, and belief in God are pertinent.

Everything Is God/ About Omnipresence:

  • God exists, He reveals Himself– firmly believing in this, and aspiring to obtain darshan, keep praying at God’s feet.
  • God exists, even today human beings can see Him– this is a statement of truth, of extreme veracity, a great truth.
  • The waves are no different from the ocean, in the same way, though men and women, birds and beasts, insects and worms, appear in different forms, there is nothing in this world other than God.
  • There is just one life force behind all beings. One akasha has given rise to vayu, it is just one Lord of all lives who is performing the Divine Sport, and He has assumed the shape of Sitaram and all of you. Even though the bodies are different, the life force is the same. Just one Being has assumed several forms.
  • Omkar, Atma and Brahma are the names of just one Supreme Being. A desire sprang in Him: ‘I shall be many’, that is the reason He is performing the divine sport assuming various forms.
  • Assuming varied forms, He alone performs Leela. Spiritual practices and worship is directed towards unfolding this Leela, the mystery of His Divine Sport. The differences are perceived because of the daivi maya (His deluding potency).
  • The underlying truth is one. God willed– ‘Bahu syaam prajaayeya’ (God resolved to become many).  It is He who has taken many forms to enact His Divine Sports. Creation is His outgoing will. When a person is directed inwards, he takes recourse to the Shastras and undertakes spiritual practices in order to realize God. While doing spiritual practices he gains experiences, and then finding the Beloved of his heart in his own heart, he is fully immersed in bliss.
  • God alone is performing His Divine Sport adorned in varied attires. Bliss! Man can obtain pure and unalloyed bliss by taking recourse to pure diet, Naam Kirtana and Gayatri Japa.
  • ‘Everything in this world is God’. All religious and spiritual practices; services or worships, have for their end the production of this sentiment.
  • We have now found the essential link with Atma (soul) – He is the Ear of the ear (the auditory power of the ear), the Power of speech of the tongue, the Life of life. He is the dwelling place of sense organs like eyes, ears etc. Atma is nothing but the true power of perception.