The Mother Divine
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Sri Vrndavana is not merely a tirtha (holy place), but is Bhagavan’s own dhama (abode), or His own home.

It is no exaggeration to say that Vrndavana is Krishna’s svarupa (form) because Krishna and His abode are non-different.

According to the Puranas, Devarsi Narada was once singing the glories of Sri Hari on his vina when he reached Prayaga.

This Prayaga is Tirtharaja, or king of all holy places.

Prayaga welcomed him with great honour and narrated the story of how he became Tirtharaja.

Sri Narada said, “Bhagavan has given you the post of Tirtharaja, but I have some doubt in this regard. Does Vrndavana ever come to make offerings to you along with the other holy places?”

Tirtharaja said, “No.”

Sri Narada asked, “Then what kind of Tirtharaja are you?”

This statement pierced the heart of Tirtharaja, who understood it to be true. Thinking in this way, he went to Bhagavan.

Seeing Tirtharaja approaching, Bhagavan honoured him appropriately and asked him why he had come.

Tirtaraj humbly replied, “Prabhu, You have appointed me as Tirtharaja, but Sri Vrndavana never comes to make any offering to me. If a small holy place like Vrndavana does not accept my jurisdiction, then it is not at all appropriate for me to hold the title of Tirtharaja.”

Upon hearing the statements of Prayaga Raja, Bhagavan became silent.

His eyes brimmed with tears as He remembered Braja.

Cow grazing, His sakhas (friends), Nanda Baba and mother Yasoda’s affection, His beloved Kisori Sri Radha, the gopis and His rasa vilasa (sweet pastimes) – these memories appeared in His heart along with many others from Braja.

Bhagavan’s heart melted and He spoke gravely:

“Oh Tirtharaja! It is true that I have appointed you the king of all holy places, but I have not made you the king of My home, Sri Vrndavana.

The land of Vrndavana is not only My home, but is the supreme place of My beloved Sri Radha’s pastimes. We reside there eternally. Therefore Vrndavana is not merely a holy place.
You too can worship and serve Vrndavana in some way.”