The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Some fundamental definitions before we go into the topics:

Karma Yoga
Whatever is done is indeed karma; that which is done to please God without any expectation is karma yoga.

Knowledge is seeing Brahma everywhere.

Bhakti consists in being loyally devoted to God.

There is only you and your Beloved! It is by sporting with this God you will be free of all the sports.

Vishaad/True Dispassion
When there is affliction, disease or loss of wife, child or wealth etc., the righteous individual at once becomes melancholic and then arises in him a desire to dispel his melancholy.

Yoga and Jnana:
To still the prana with the mind is jnana; to still the mind through the prana is yoga.

Aspiring God-realization:

  • Those who perform their spiritual practice with death in view alone are true sadhakas.
  • God is (ever) ready to reveal Himself to you– the mirror of your heart is lacking in mercury coating. How can you ever be able to see the reflection of God therein?
  • If you wish to see God, you will have to eat pure food, be of virtuous conduct, follow the Sandhya and Aahnika rites, obey commands of God, cultivate company of holy men and undertake to read and study the religious texts, only then will you be able to clean the mirror of your heart for God to reflect on it.

These are the duties necessary for those who want Sri Bhagawan Satchitananda:

  • Pure and sattvik food habits
  • Yathakaal Upasana (Sandhya and Japa of the mantra of favourite deity)
  • Brahmacharya (control of sexual instinct, restraint in speech, thought and deed)
  • Swadhyaaya (undertaking reading of scriptural texts in accordance with your spiritual practice)
  • Satsanga (company of devoted saints).
    • Through these, human beings can surely be peaceful. But due to earlier impurities in the body, and eating of prohibited food such as meat, egg, onion etc. it is necessary to go through penitentiary acts as prescribed by the Shastras.
  • When the bhakta forsakes everything for the sake of obtaining God’s darshan, so much so that he is willing to give up the attachment to his life, then God too cannot stay unmoved, He grants darshan and boons!
  • Those who wish to realize God cannot afford to have even the slightest trace of attachment; any attachment will preclude God-realization. Nobody can attain Him without renouncing everything… it is impossible!
  • Through Mantra, Hatha, Laya and other forms of Yoga, human being is able to renounce the defects incurred from karmas performed earlier, and gain freedom. Yoga is the means to overcome these defects.
  • Only when the mind is concentrated on a single object through prayer, prana is established in sahasraraand bindu is stilled, only then should one talk about jnana; the talk of jnana from a person of impure mind is insane chatter, delirious rambling and nothing more.

Sadhana, Spiritual Journey & Practice:

  • As long as man does not develop love and interest in spiritual practice, the din of the outside world remains.
  • Many troubles and obstacles visit the path. They are bound to come– you just keep calling and make progress! Don’t forget Naam!
  • Like the flood and ebb tides in Ganga– there are flood and ebb tides in spiritual world as well. But don’t worry. Once the Kundalini Shakti is awakened, she is bound to steer you back home safely.
  • Just as there is a day and night, one after the other. So it is in the spiritual world as well. There is nothing to worry though; one must continue to practice sadhana (spiritual practice) to the best of one’s ability.
  • The aim of Arya Sadhana is to annul the ignorance of unity of body and the soul and to establish oneself in an unbroken “I” who is one without the other.
  • Your sadhana begins by getting into a pattern of offering a pranaam to Lord saying: “You are everything”, and it ends with the practical realization of the fact “You are everything.”
  • There is no use just reading or hearing about things. It is necessary to carry out sadhana. It is impossible to find peace without sadhana in any Yuga.
  • Sadhana does not mean becoming a great soul overnight – it’s a lifelong battle.