The Mother Divine
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Lakshmi, the cosmic goddess, was very divine, but her older sister, Alakshmi, was totally undivine.
The ocean was turned and emptied and from its floor came the undivine Alakshmi, wearing a garland full of blood. Her clothes also were stained with blood. Every part of her was covered with blood.

No one dared to marry the dark, ugly-looking woman; not the cosmic gods, not the demons, not even the asuras.

Because she could not find a husband she was very sad and mad. She wondered, “Who will marry me?”

But the great sage, Duhsha, who devotedly practised austerities said, “It is my will that I do everything that nobody else can do. So, if no one wants to marry Alakshmi, then I will marry her. Not because I love her, but because nobody dares to marry her. If necessity demands, I will love her too. Right now I am only marrying her because no one else will, but if I feel like loving her, I will love her too. But let me first marry her, at least.”

So Duhsha married Alakshmi and she was extremely happy.

She wore dirty, filthy garments and adorned herself with jewels made of iron.

She was the cause of all unfortunate things that happened in the family and always caused calamities.

She smeared her entire body with a sandal paste made of pebbles and stones, and always carried a broom in one hand.

She was ugliness incarnate and unkindness incarnate. Her very face was destruction. Her eyes and every part of her were destruction incarnate.

Duhsha said, “Well, I have passed my first examination; I married her, which no one else could do. But I don’t even want to sit for my second examination. I don’t want to love her. I don’t want to love her.”

He lived with her for a few years and then prayed, “O God, save me. It is not always advisable to go against the current. When most people do things in one way, it is advisable to follow their way and not try to do things differently in order to win appreciation and admiration from them. No, if others are doing the right thing, I should also do the right thing. I did not do the right thing by marrying this undivine woman, to say the least. So let me get rid of her and return to my spiritual, austere life. I shall enjoy only divinity in its purest form.

So Duhsha threw Alakshmi out of his house. She cursed him saying, “You will be destroyed.”
Duhsha said, “Good. But I will be destroyed by someone else other than you. I am ready to be destroyed, but not by you. And if I have spiritual power, occult power, yogic power, then let us see who can destroy me. Needless to say, you cannot.”

“No, I cannot destroy you, true, but there will be someone to destroy you someday, somewhere, somehow.”

He said, “Let us wait and see who that person will be. But for now at least let me get some joy in my life. You get out of my life and let me get joy, joy, joy. I need joy in my life.”
So Alakshmi had to leave her husband.