The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

SEEKER: For how long does one have to sing ‘Naam’ before one can get ‘Anubhuti’ (perception or internal realisation)?

MASTER: There is no fixed duration. If the person is a great sinner, who likes bad company, eats whatever he likes, indulges in women and is wilful, he gets ‘Anubhuti’ after a long time. On the other hand, if the singer of 'Naam' keeps good company, eats 'Satwik' food, follows the ‘Shastras’ and avoids the company of women, he can get ‘Anubhuti’ in no time. Eating ‘Rajasik’ and ‘Tamasik’ food, associating with bad people and keeping the company of the fair sex are all obstacles, as big as the Vindhyachal hills, in the path of ‘Sadhana’.

SEEKER: If one sings ‘Naam’ but cannot give up the company of women, can he get salvation?
MASTER: He does, but after a long lapse of time. God himself has said:

“The person, who wants to realise self, should give up company of women and of even such men as associate with women; fearlessly seating himself in a lonely place he should think of Me tirelessly. For a ‘Sadhaka’, the company of women and of men who associate with women is more troublesome and painful than anything else”.

Therefore those who desire to gain real ‘Shanti’ (peace of mind) should, by body, mind and word, forsake the company of women and of men who associate with them. Similarly women ‘Sadhikas’ should also forsake the company of men in every way; otherwise they will not be able to make any progress in their ‘Sadhana’.

SEEKER: But that is going too far. What will those persons do who are married and are householders?
MASTER: If a man keeps company of his wife according to the ‘Shastras’, he is considered to be a ‘Brahmachari’.

SEEKER: Does it follow that the person who associates with women has no way of gaining salvation?
MASTER: The way is opened up by ‘Naam’ itself. After getting insulted repeatedly by the wife, his ‘Jnana’ (proper understanding) appears. Then he gives up his wife’s company and settles down to steadfast ‘Sadhana’. In Nabadwip one day a famous Vaishnava Saint was going with his disciples to bathe in the Ganga. The party saw that a Vaishnavi (woman Vaishnava) was driving out a Vaishnava (male) from her house and beating him up with a broom-stick. On seeing the Saint, the Vaishnavi ran back to her house. Some among the disciples laughed at this sight. The Saint asked “Who laughed?” and added this is not a joke. ‘Purusha’ has to suffer in this way in the company of ‘Prakriti’. ‘Naam’ gets a person purified by subjecting him to such insults.

SEEKER: If the person does not recover his sense even after being insulted, what happens to him?
MASTER: If he does not take shelter with ‘Naam’ he is bound to be born in his next life as an animal. But if he takes shelter with ‘Naam’, ultimately he will develop great regard for it.

If one utters ‘Naam’ even once or even thinks of it or hears it, be it done in good or bad way, ‘Naam’ certainly saves him from this ocean of ‘Sanskara’, provided there is no distortion of the word.

SEEKER: How is the ‘Naam’ distorted?

MASTER: If you say ‘Rajama’, the letters ‘ja’ fall between the letters ‘Ra’ and ‘ma’. Then to utter the word 'Rajama' is not the same as uttering the word ‘Rama’. But some Acharyas even go so far as to say whether one utters ‘Naam’, distorted or even partially, it releases the person from all sins and bondages.

SEEKER: One finds lots of people singing and hearing ‘Naam’. What happens to them?

MASTER: In reply to that the above ‘Shloka’ says — ‘If the Naam falls on a villain, who is the worshipper of his body, indulges in sex and loves wealth, then it does not bear fruit early. Fruit it will bear — but there will be delay. If the seed is sown, the plant is bound to grow.’

SEEKER: But if the seed falls on a rock - what happens then?

MASTER: The powerful seed of ‘Naam’ will smash the rock into dust and convert it into good soil.

SEEKER: But if it falls in fire?

MASTER: The fire will be extinguished and will be converted into wet earth.

SEEKER: And if it falls in a desert - does it sprout even then?

MASTER: Even in the desert wet soil will be created by this changeless, indestructible, immortal and fearless seed of ‘Naam’. It can never be destroyed. It will accompany a person from life to another and, after ultimately purifying him, will take him to his real abode — the ‘Param Dham’; there should be no doubt about it.