The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

  • Why are you scared? You are a Mother’s son, why are you getting a creepy feeling looking at the ghostly dance of the world? All that is untrue– just call out! Till today no one has ever failed in realizing the heart-felt wish after taking refuge with God.

  • Don’t lose heart. Listen to me! Listen to what I say! Even now it is possible! People who take refuge with God are able to attain peace.

  • “As long as there is breath, there is hope.” Those who have lost everything, if they call out to God with all their heart, He shows compassion. There is no doubt about this– no doubt whatsoever!

  • If a mighty sinner takes refuge at Guru’s feet with exclusive devotion and surrenders to him, he doesn’t have to adopt any other spiritual practice.

  • Sorrow, distress, disease, want, debt, happiness, prosperity, applause, ridicule will continue to bark like dogs in this world; by accepting none of these, and making progress repeating ‘Ram’, ‘Ram’, these things will scream and chase you for a while and then become silent automatically.

  • Despite repeated obstructions, excellent men don’t forsake the effort they have initiated.

  • There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved through unflinching perseverance. He who works diligently and with determination, even if he is a paragon of stupidity, with time, he comes to be recognized as champion among the great souls.

  •  A stone too wears out when rubbed—one must always bear this fact in the mind. Even a person of dull intellect, through perseverant effort, can realize in time that the subject on hand is not as difficult as it seemed. Some will grasp it by studying it once, some twice and some thrice.

  • By dint of repeated effort, anyone can succeed in acquiring the strength that is lacking in him. “I am a dull-witted person, how will I achieve this subtle and difficult task?” Reflecting thus and forsaking the task is not a mark of brave a man.

  • Even an easy task becomes difficult to accomplish for a person who thinks, “I am powerless; how can I accomplish such a difficult task?” For a person with a firm resolve, who, on the contrary thinks, “I shall surely be able to do this job”, even a difficult task is easily accomplished in due course.

  • In point of fact, it is not impossible for any individual to accomplish any object by striving for it, but lazy ones who are averse to hard work, blame it either on bad luck or their lack of merit and intelligence, while abstaining from acquiring the g gem of knowledge or understanding the true significance of things.