The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

SEEKER: It is not possible to stay in the same mental state for long. It often happens that I am progressing nicely and am in a state of great bliss; but suddenly all that disappears and sorrow overwhelms me.

MASTER: Apparently, you do not do all the ‘Sadhana’ that is needed to keep you steady in the same state; therefore, you get deflected. Well, have you ever searched for the way to remain constantly in bliss (‘Ananda’).

SEEKER: Yes, I have.

MASTER: Have you found the way? That way consists of ‘Sat Sanga’ (good company), ‘Satwik’ food (pure vegetarian food), prayers at proper time (three times a day) and the effort to remain with ‘Naam’ all the time.

SEEKER: By following this path, I get good thought no doubt but it does not last long.

MASTER: I will tell you a story. One Muslim Faqir prayed to God as follows — ‘Oh God, you give my mind a permanently good state’.

God replied — “Do you want to be Myself (God)? In this world only I am changeless; everything else is changing; so long as you do not become one with Myself — how can you get a permanent feeling or condition?”

SEEKER: Can a man not remain rooted in one thought?

MASTER: Yes, he can.

SEEKER: How can he do so?

MASTER: If he acquires full knowledge of the cause and effect, then even if he is tossed by many diverse thoughts and ideas, the ‘Bhakta’ will remain steady in one thought i.e. the thought of God.

SEEKER: What is this knowledge?

MASTER: You see there are many types of earthen vessels — a jar, a plate, a jug, a bowl etc. Their shapes are different; they have different names; the potter makes them to serve different purposes. Though different thoughts and ideas go in their making, yet if any one succeeds in finding out the real substance behind all these vessels, he will see that all these are made of the same constituent i.e. earth. Then from his mind the different thoughts will disappear. Similarly, one who realises that everything in this world is God, and that the world itself is created out of God, he no longer will be tossed by many conflicting ideas. The root idea is God’s desire - ‘I shall be many, I shall be born’. This is the truth as given by the ‘Vedas’. Everything that one sees in this world is but his projection. Man or woman, boy or girl, Brahmin or low caste, cow or donkey, tree or creeper, sun or moon, molecules or atoms — whatever exist — all are his creations. One cannot play alone; so God, desiring to engage himself in play, takes on innumerable forms and shapes and he plays with them. He is the world stage; He is the actor in many forms, He alone is the actor, the audience and the stage of the play that is going on from time infinite and everything visible is His Leela-murti. Nothing exists but He. He is the witness; He is the seer and He is also the scene. He is the One who is most desired of all.

SEEKER: Can one ever acquire this knowledge? Can one always stay with the one thought that ‘All is He’?

MASTER: It is not impossible for the person who really tries.

SEEKER: How can one do that?

MASTER: By remaining with ‘Naam’ always. God Himself has said –
— Hear this truth, told by Me. If a man utters My Naam even once, he becomes My equal.

SEEKER: I cannot understand this properly.

MASTER: Alright, hear further —
— That ‘Param Pada’ which one can attain only after doing ‘Sadhana’ for millions of births, can be easily gained by a ‘Bhakta’ who recites the two-syllabled word ‘Hari’.

Hear further —
— That ‘Bhakta’, who recites the two-syllabled Naam ‘Hari’, gains complete spiritual knowledge and attains the ‘Amrita Pada’.
I have forsaken the rules of the Vedas,
I only sing ‘Hari Naam’, the destroyer of all pains,
What, if I have to be born a thousand times,
No harm can come to me if I have ‘Hari Naam’ on my lips.
Let me never forget that lovely form (of Krishna) of tranquil blue;
Which puts to shame the deepest blue of the ocean;
Let Him constantly dance before my heart and mind,
As He used to dance on the beaches of the Jamuna.