The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath


There is nothing to compare with the book
In which the glories of the Lord are described.
When, with moral law and knowledge, Lord Krishna,
The Life of devotees, went to his abode,
Then for the blinded humanity
Of degenerate days there arose the sun
Of the Bhagavata on this world.
The meeting-place of all joys is the joy
Of the Bhagavata: the gentle reader who drinks
At this fountain is refreshed in spirit.
Passion, wrath, sin and sorrow all disappear
And the devotee finds extreme peace with ease.
Even so by reading the Ramayana
And the Gita, men shake off sin and have
Devotion. Always read or listen to this with love.
Listening to the glories of the Lord
Who is all love, chant the Name, Sitaram,
Servant of the Lord, with a single mind. 


For one unable to read a book or
Hear it read, there is no other way than
Repeating the Name. All the meditation
And prayer that we have here are unequal
To the power of the Name’s recital.
One is not content even if one heard
The Name chanted by many million tongues
Through many million years. Recite the Name
O man, borne down by disease and grief!
Recite the Name you sinners, demons, monsters!
Recite the Name you, mean and low, poor and
Destitute. Repeat the Name, you pure
Chaste wives! Repeat the Name, you lewd,
Fallen women! Repeat the Name you who
Are wise and virtuous—the best of men!
Whoever you are, the Name will bring you grace.
The wish with which you chant the Name will be
Fulfilled. Why then O Mind! hast thou forgotten
Such a Name? Chant it and have mighty joy,
Thou Sitaram, the servant of the Lord!