The Mother Divine
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Almighty Brahman enters each and every Being from Brahma to a piece of grass as the Antaratma or the Self- Conscience. The easiest yet the most difficult question ever is Kah ayam atmaa or which is that Self worship worthy! The reply would be the Antaratma or the Inner Consciousness: the expressions such as ‘Samjnaanam’ or the emotive sentience being the state of consciousness, ‘vigjnaanam’ or worldly awareness or knowledge, ‘pragjnaanam’ or instant mental responsiveness, ‘medha’ or brain power and retention capacity, ‘drishti’ or discernment and perception through senses, ‘mathih’ or capacity to think pros and cons, ‘manisha’ or mastertminded skill of planning, ‘juutih’ or capacity of forbearance, smriti or memory power, ‘sankalpa’ or ability to initiate and decide, ‘kratuh’ or tenacity and dedication, ‘asuh’ or calculated sustenance, ‘kaamah’ or craving obsession all ending up in ‘Vashah’ or forceful possession; all these are rolled into one word viz. Conscience or the super imposition of the totality of senses viz. speech, vision, touch, taste and generation. It is indeed that kind of ascent of self-consciousness that submerges karta-karma-kriya into Brahman, once mortals attain at least of intervals of Immortality!

The Self and Supreme are mutual reflections; that identity of the two entities is despite the contexts of awaken and dream stages and the mortal’s life in the final stage be described as a caterpillar which once reaches the edge of a grass but would seek to hold another grass piece for support and jump over! The causative fullness and derivative causation or the Cause and Effect Analysis thus states: OM/ Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnaat purnamudachyate, Purnasya Purnamaadaaya Purnamev a-avashishyate/  Para Brahma is full and total; so is this Antaratma or the Individual Self Consciousness if full and total too. From ‘Karyatmaka Purnatwa’ or this causative fullness is manifested into the fullness of ‘Karanaatmaka Purnatwa’ or the derivative fullness. In other words, the Individual Self shrouded by the screen of Ignorance or Unawareness due all over its bodily form and sensual form, gets identified and unified to Fullness. In other words, from infinite cause the infinite effect is evidenced or from Infinite Universe, Infinite Brahman is evidenced or Asatomaasadgamaya or From Non-Reality to Reality or From Darkness to Luminosity! Futher, Damayita-Daana-Daya or Control-Charity-Compassion are three seeds of virtue.  Since Prajapati’s heart qualifies the Beings likewise, he provides Jnaana or Knowledge to them and the resultant Sat-Yat or the Murtha or Gross and Amurta or Subtle Rupas of Brahman ie. the gross form by way of Pancha Bhutatmika Jagat leading to Arishad vargas and their remedies of ‘Saadhana’ and ‘Satkarma’! Indeed, Brahman manifests as Water-Sun-and Bhur-Bhuva-Swah while Mind of an Individual is the key indicator of the Truth and Untruth or Reality and Falsity. The aspects of Brahman are in varied forms such as: Vidyut Brahman or Lightnings, Vaak Brahman or Speech signifying Veda and Scriptures, Vaishvaanara or Agni, Vaayu Brahman and so on. Now human beings are thus motivated to realise Him by austerities, detachment, Gayatri worship, meditation to Praana the Universal Energy by Ukta Gita, intense meditation to Surya, Agni, Vayu and so on as these all are the ramifications of the Unknown. The travel pattern of a Good Soul after death as per ‘karma phala’ enter the smoke zone of ether and travel to Pitru-Chandraadi Lokas and after enjoying the company of Devas and after stipulated time return to earth through ether/ rain as destined as a plant, insect, bird, animal or a human again.

There is a succinct and subtle message of Atma Jnaana about the True identity of the Individual Self and the Supreme Soul. This Universe in totality is Brahman from whom it is born, exists and dissolves; hence one ought to meditate with tranquillity and with sincerity; as he exists with conviction and faith, so does he depart; indeed, he or she shapes one’s own destiny for sure! The Self comprises of mind, the vital force of the body and inner consciousness; his soul is like the Space; he is essentially of good nature, good intentions, good actions and without complaints and craving. The Self within the lotus of my heart is smaller than paddy, barley grain, mustard seed and so on but is indeed greater than earth, space, heaven and the totality of the Universe! This Self of mine as present in my heart is what all that is performed by way of actions, what all is desired, of excellent tastes-smells-speaks, etc with no margins of non-fulfilment! Such is the status of Brahman; on departure of the mortal world, this Self of mine would leave the perishable body and be identified with Brahman. He who has this unshaken faith shall truly attain that status.

Food is the product of five organs of Individual Self and five creations of Brahman viz. Pancha Bhutas but both the entities are the same.  Vayu Deva  the Deity of Dishas assumes the form of a bull and teaches about the magnificence of Brahman; He  manifested just one ‘Paada’or foot and Agni was a part of that single foot. Then Agni in the form of a Swan explained that beside him, Surya-Chandra-Vidyut too were manifested in that one foot; An aquatic bird confirmed what Agni stated and qualified further that Praana-Chakshu-Shrotra-Manas too were the objects of worship. Undoubted supremacy of Praana the vital force in the body of a Being vis-a-vis the organs and senses. The status of Post Life Soul upto the stage of transmigration was interpreted by five oblations to Ahavaneeya Agni and the final oblation  by water. Any person of Satkarma would take to Deva Yaana or the Divine Path  versus Saamaanya Yaana or the Common Route after death; cautions for do’s and don’t’s while alive  need however to be observed. Much unlike the blind man and the elephant, the Universal Self is comprehensive comprising Sky, Vayu / Praana, Space, Earth etc.  The futility of Teachings lands in arrogance but not the realisation of  Truth ‘Adviteeya’ or the singularity of existence manifesting surprising  plurality all rolled out of the same Uniqueness as with Andaja, Jeevaja and Udbhuja or  born out of eggs, reproduction or sprouts as also  Sun, Moon, Lightnings, the three folded forms of Agni, Aapas and Prithvi, the three basic colours of red-white-black have been highlighted for merger into Oneness. Three folded forms of Food-Water- Heat are evidenced by and emerging from Manas or Mind-Breathing and Speech.  Mind indeed is the dominant factor for the survival of food. Hence finally is the Truth:  TAT TWAM ASI! Like bees collect honey from flowers, Truth or that Antaratma of all the Beings is similar too. Rivers flow in the same direction and so do various Beings remain as the same species as they are born, yet the common thread of Antaratma is retained always. The illustration of a live banyan tree since got dried up is dead but the Eternal Soul moves on further. Tiny and wasteful seed of a massive banyan tree is realisable only by the mind and faith as that explains its subtle essence of the Self in which indeed is the truth! More explicitly explained is the salt dissolved in water which is the Supreme Self as aham Brahma asmi! That is the Subtle Essence of regaining the Self; indeed, That is That!  A dying person loses speech, mind, energy and body warmth ready for merger into the Subtle Essence. In the mortal world, justice is delayed but never denied; retribution and recompense are real and definite; indeed, Thou Art That! That is the truth and the Self! To realise Brahman one might underline the Power of Speech and Mental Calibre, Strong Sankalpa, Sturdy Self and Will Power, Application of Mind, Vijaana / Knowledge, Physical Strength arising from Anna / Ideal Food, Water, Heat Energy, Mental Power to see, hear, and think, Hope, Trust and Firm Conviction, and above all Praana, Nishtha / Commitment, Karyacharana /Involved Activity and Service towards Fulfillment. Brahman who is incomprehensible is indeed the Individual Self within one Self itself!

Detachment and Deliberation are the rudiments of Realising the Supreme. Righteous action irrespective of fruits begets further longevity to keep pursuing the path of enlightenment; Involvement of evil actions caused by panchendriyas like vision, hearing, touch, breathing, generation accentuated by mind blinds the Essential Truth and the pace of recovery would be too slow even nil; Unity of Self and the Supreme is evident and harnessing body parts and senses is of paramountcy to reiterate that essential Truth; both the Inner Self and the Supreme are stable yet on the move, nearby yet distantly unrealised, right within but without calling for intense introspection; the Self has no hatred for others since the action-reaction syndrome does not affect it in the least and those Yogis when realise this Reality wonder where there is hatred and what is the love; As there is ‘tadaadmya’ or absolute Identity, the Self and Supreme ought to be the same, irrespective of the play of senses and thoughts that the body carries; the Supreme is all pervading, unborn, bodyless yet allots clear instructions to follow by all entities; Pursuit of the path of Vidya and Avidya ie Knowledge against blind Ignorance needs to be distinguished since the latter enter the portals like rites, rituals and Sacrifices or get stuck to karma kaanda alone but Vidya is the higher plane of Learning ; Fruits of Vidya on the ascent path  by wisdom, meditation and Karma or Work defined and duly blended; Knowledge and Ignorance both cross life and death but the former gets bliss while the latter gives rebirth; Prakriti or  Maya and Purusha are manifest/ unmanifest but what is really worthy of worship be distinguished clearly; maya creates, preserves, destroys and recreates but the Driving Force is the Supreme; worship to Maya and Hiranyagarbha differs -one by ‘Karma’ another by ‘dharmaacharana’ and detachment; Truth and Immortality are concealed under the thick blanket of ignorance, may Surya open the Solar Orbit and let the golden vessel unveil Brahman or in other words worship to Solar Orbit reveals a golden disc and a Face within as Brahman ; solar Orbit discloses the Truth that Brahman is Surya Himself as it represents vision, the signs of death as also Bhur-Bhuvah-Swaha; Eternal Truth as divulged by worshipers is the Golden Disc or the Solar Orb and that the Supreme is Vayu the Vital Force; Vidya or Avidya, Deed or Misdeed, but the Ultimate Reality is Death and Agni.  Thus, Karmacharana be utilised to conquer ‘mrityu’ and utilise atma jnaana to accomplish amritatva. ‘Manas’ or Mind is remote controlled by Almighty indeed. How does one realises this Almighty. The Teachings are invariably directed to two paths viz. Paraa Vidya and Aparaa Vidya. The former Knowledge is intended to achieve ‘Sadyo Mukti’ or of short term Liberation and Aparaa Vidya aims at superior learning to accomplish ‘Krama Mukti’. The ParaaVidya seeks to overcome desires by way of Mind from the pulls and pressures of material desires by way of Abstinences, Sacrifices, Charities and such other acts of ‘Karma Kanda’ or ‘Karma Yoga’, while ‘Aparaa Vidya’ necessarily involves elevated levels of ‘ Atma Samskara’ or of purification of mind and thought and focus on Inner Consciousness by way of demolishing the thick walls of Ignorance by way of  ‘Samyak Drishti’ or Inward Vision as reflected in, and unification of the Self with the Supreme leading up the ladder of ‘Krama Mukti’. Paraa Vidya is essentially highlights Sacrifices, Rites, and Meditations controlled by Manas and Praana or the Mind and Vital Energy as further controlling actions and their far-reaching effects. It is stated that there are three Lokas attainable viz. the Manushya-Pitru- and of Devas. The world of Humans is attained through sons alone, that of Pitru Devas by way of Sacrifices and Deeds of Virtue, and of the Worlds of Devas by higher learning. While the Individual Self is unaffected by the deeds of virtue or vice, Brahmans seek to upgrade themselves by study of Vedas, yagjnas, daanaas, sacrifices, penances, fastings, etc. Karma kaanda attains offspring, wealth, fulfillment of material ends, and finally turns persons as ascetics and terminates their lives; yet the Self is unattached and whatever the body and mind does has no bearing on the Karma Phala. Thus, the return of the Self be it from Swarga or Pitru Loka, after rebirth occurs even after the exhaustion of temporary Liberation. But why not seek indeed the Aparaa Vidya or Superior Learning to earn ‘krama mukti’ and secure ‘Tadaatmya’ or Unification of Jeevatma and Paramatma by way of Self-Realisation! Kena Upanishad opens with the interrogation as to who indeed is the driving force of one’s life and the reply is that one’s mind is the cause supported by Praana the Vital Force but its Remote and Real Instructor is one’s own Conscience. The infrastructural set up of the Mind comprises the ‘Panchendriyas’or functionaries of the body and these five are divided into five each of jaanendriyas or sensory organs and a set of Karmendrias or body parts enabling the execution of the acts as speech, vision, hearing, touching, and generation all as directed by mind and remote controlled by the Conscience of Self. But indeed the Cause and Effect pattern of the Conscience causing the Praana and mind further effecting the body organs and senses is irrelevant for the simple  reason of the Antaratma which is the Supreme Brahman would be far beyond comprehension of humans and Devas alike. Inner consciousness is neither of the faculty of ‘Vaak’ alone, nor of Manas, nor of Chakshu nor of Manas or all the faculties put together. As to whether anybody knows about Brahman the significance of speech; vision, Mind, and so on recalling the story of a blind man seeking to highlight one part of the body or another and deduce that an elephant was a head-its trunk-its tail-feet-etc.  Indeed, one does not consider that he does not realise that he does not know either! It is known yet It is unknown! The Supreme is not an object even of extraordinary knowledge but of immense introspection and Self Realisation; it is neither perception nor comprehension but only intuition. Thus, to know one does not know but desires to know yet It remains unknown is all what all one knows! Once on realising the Supreme Truth, the Individual becomes aware that the Inner Consciousness or the Antaratma itself is within itself as the Paramatma. One wonders whether It is Maya ever preventing Jivas and Devas to discover the Truth.  Devi Durga the Mother of the Universe would certainly descend to Earth to curb extreme pressures of the evil influences; Devi Durga is represented by Her divine wisdom as the spring of Brahma Vidya an awareness of Brahman both from the Cosmic and Individual Levels: In the Individual context, the Teaching is: the Indwelling Self or the Antaratma is always embedded into and anchored on to mind and; latter once sharpened even while encased in the physical frame, be buttressed with knowledge, faith., righteousness. As these are retained on the right side of the body, the truth on the left side and concentration of highest order in mind, Satya Brahman is then realised as the Truth! The phrase ‘Satyameva’ signifies the idioms ‘Sat’ or Tyat viz. Murtha-Gross and Amutra-subtle, the gross being Pancha bhutaatmika or of Five Elements as also Arishadvargaas of Kaama, Krodha, Moha, Mada, Matsaras; indeed ‘Brahman’ is Invincible, Birthless and All- Pervading. Concentration, faith, renouncement are the keys, while Vedas represent the limbs and Truthfulness!

Now, the concepts of Deva Yaana and Pitru- Yaana and about the passage of Soul after death. As one leaves the world, all the Beings are stated to reach the gate way viz.  the Chandra Loka first; if fortunate on the basis of the karma phala or the balance account of good or negative results of the previous births, the gates get opened to Swarga or higher Lokas to the extent of what the positive account decides; if not the return starts and on way back experiences negative results and then returns back to earth by way of rains and is reborn again on the basis of karma phala is reborn as a worm, insect, fish, bird, lion, or snake or as a human being. During the period of expectancy or the period in the garbha or the womb, the Praani or the Self would be in the form of Pure Consciousness and once delivered the thick cover of Ignorance or Maya envelopes and adopts the features and actions of the newly born. On the other hand, if the departed Soul has an excellent track record and is destined to reach up to higher lokas right up to Brahma Loka due to Sacrifices, Tatwa jnaana, and so on then he or she attains the status of Brahma itself! How such blessed Soul is pampered with divine experiences are detailed in this Upanishad.  ‘Paraa Vidya’ or the Highest Wisdom that Brahma was in the celestial forms as Surya, Chanda, Vidyut or Lightning, Thunder, Vayu, Agni and Aapsu Purusha or Water. But finally, Antaratma is indeed the reflection of Paramatma:  Ya eteshaam Purushaanaam karta yasya tat karma savaiveditavyah ; thus Brahma Vidya was taught.

Citing the analogy of two birds named Suparna and Saayujya sharing the same tree, one being busy eating sweet fruits of the tree and another refraining from eating; as one is immersed in enjoying material pleasures, the other resists the temptations of life. The self indeed is the source of Brahman attainable by Yoga, Karma, Tapasya and Truthfulness. As the Seeker of Reality finally confronts the vision of the golden hued ‘Over Lord’, he merges with the non-duality of Purusha and the Self as the Source of Brahman.  The Seeker attains equation and then the riddance of Tri Gunas and features, merits and non-merits, ‘paapa punyaas’ as the final goal. Realising the significance of Praana as the key factor, the person concerned would rather target the Antaratma in the Self instead of getting involved with esoteric exercises and show off knowledge and delights in the quest of the Self by taking to the established routes. The Self is achievable through the understanding as to what is Truth and Untruth as also Tapasya or austerities with control of mind and senses as the latter includes ‘nitya Brahmacharya’ or continuous abstinence, straightforwardness and non-pretentiousness, and clean inner conscience leading to Self-Illumination; indeed that is the Path of Parama Nidhana which truly indeed is the Seat of the Golden Hued! Since the role of Maya is the Cause of Rebirth and the Ultimate Truth is of Accomplishment, the Mundaka Upanishad describes the nature, pattern and emancipation finally. At the Time of Mukti or Deliverance, the fifteen body constituents of Five Jnaanendriyas or sensory organs, Five Karmendriyas or the responsive body parts of Action, Five Basic Elements of Nature, besides Mind all of them being headed by Prana at the end would all become integrated and unified as the Self Consciousness as the latter is but the same as the Supreme. Thus takes the qualification of the Self as tarati shokam tarati paapmaanam guhaa gandhibhyo vimuktomrito bhavati/ or overcomes grief of mind, blemishlessness, and then the ‘Sthitapragna’ achieves freed from the knots of the unknown cave hidden in the mortal heart as shrouded by ignorance of Maya and accomplish Immortality!

What would be the ‘Shodasha Kalas’ or the Sixteen Attributes of Purusha and the reply was that due to the cover of ignorance the sixteen body parts were misconstrued as shodasha kalaas, since they were stated to condition the movements of the Self Conciousness.  Maha Purusha the Hirayagarbha created Praana, as from it Shraddha or Faith, Kham or Space, ‘Vaayurjyotiraapah’ or Air, Fire, Water, besides Prithveenidriyah Manah’ or Earth, Physical Organs and Mind as also Food, Vigour and Self Control. Also, were created Veda Mantras, Rites, Worlds, Names, Nomenclatures of Beings and Forms. The Maharshi also explained the ‘Shodasha Kalaas’ of or sixteen constituents of Human Beings counting from Praana would get merged into the Purusha with no trace of the merging traits and features. Death is thus but a gateway to another cycle of births and deaths. In each such existence, Consciousness activates mind but the latter executes actions by the organs and senses, while Antaratma remains as a spectator to the actions of body parts and senses which are all but mortal!  questions were about the Creation of the Universe and the methodology of Realisation; the prime supports of Life and Praana; Origin and destination of Mortal Life; Dreams during Life and the pattern of control and significance of towards Self Realisation; ‘Om’ the gate way to better life and beyond and Shodasha Kalas or Sixteen body organs and senses interplaying with the Antaratma!

What is all about the Truth of the Truths, the delineation of the Truth and desperation to attain It while facing death. Then a profile of Virat Purusha the Unsurpassing Cosmic Being: angushtha maatrah purushontaratmaa,sadaa jnaanaam hridaye sannivishthah, as also Sahasra sheershaa Purushah sahasraaksha sahasra paat, shabhumin vishwato vritwaa ati atishthad dashaangulam// Purusha  evedam sarvam yad bhutam yaccha bhavyam utaamritatavasyeshanno yad annenaanirohati// or the Individual Self is hardly of thumb-size always residing in one’s heart  the distributing hub of energy from praana, with one’s mind as charioteer of body organs and senses; the Virat Purusha or the Cosmic Person is stated to have thousand -figuratively - but countless-heads, eyes and feet thus describing His reach and magnitude, yet in the context of ‘Antaratma’ He is hardly of the size of ten inches covering Sapta Lokas, Sapta Patalas, Sapta Dwipas, Sapta Samudras, and Sapta Parvatas. Interestingly, the Cosmic Person Maha Purusha, being the Antaratma is totally unaffected by the actions of Individual body organs and senses; the latter is of myriad forms yet the Singular Form of the Supreme. The Eternal Paradox of Existence of Beings is described in this connection by an analogy of two birds viz. Suparna and Sayuja both being companions clinging to the same tree, one eating sweet fruits and another refraining from eating at all, thus one enjoying the sweetness of life even becoming slaves of the evil influences with no regard of moralities of life but another exercising restraint despite temptations and calculating consequences.  Sankhya Siddhanta of Duality of the Supreme is discarded. Indeed the pull of Maya and Prakriti tends to blind the Beings to such an extent that the negativity of life invariably results in succumbing to the cycle of births and deaths and karma and dharma accounts are very rarely balanced let alone cancel off to attain Realisation of Rudra, the Pashupati natha subtly hidden in the Inner Self or Antaratma of all the Beings as Tat-twam-asi  or Thou art Thou!

CONCLUSION: Paramatma the Unknown Brahman resolved to let Hiranyagarbha Brahma be self-manifested. The latter created the principal ingredients of the primary Creation such as Pancha Bhutas, Surya Chandras and Antariksha as well as Prajapati Maha Purusha with a prototype Physique. The latter tore off his body to two parts viz. the Self and Prakriti Maya and together manifested as the Universe into Devas and Asuras to represent Virtue and Vice besides Praana the Vital Force and ‘Charaachara Srishti’with human beings and other types of creation. Representing Praana as an alternate form, the Maha Purusha stays Him Self as the Antaratma of all the Species. Human beings are blessed to possess body parts and senses as Panchendriyas, besides ‘Manas’ the Mind as the head to perform noble or ignoble acts. Prakriti Maya who cleverly hides Antaratma and creates endless material attractions of the worlds to deviate attention from the Reality with the aid of a mix of ‘Gunas’ dominates the colouring of the spotlessly white, pure and transparent the Virat Swarupa. Thus, human beings tend to be obsessed with Maya and become victimised trying to fight out the lures temporary pleasures invariably and confuse Non-Realties for the Lasting Truth of the Antaratma, a mirror image of Brahman!  Once Enlightenment dawns into the thoughts of a person due both to knowledge, introspection and ‘Satkarma’ of the cumulative fruits of births, that blessed Soul conquers fear by unveiling Reality within, despite the play of misleading signals sounded by Panchendriyas and the mind. The person bemoans that through-out the perpetual cycle of births, he has always got victimised mind. It is none too late and search his inner conscience at least now. This indeed is the most relevant secret of revelations of Upanishads, Vedas, and Knowledge.