The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

  1. Questions arise only in the mind of he who practices, the rest have no occasion for questions.
  2. As long as the human being doesn’t dive inside of himself, his miseries do not cease. Calling Him forever and ever, dive deep into yourself.
  3. Entire treasure of your spiritual practice forever resides within your own heart, you just have to surrender to it saying, ‘Sharanaagatoham– I am taking refuge with you’, then there is nothing to worry.
  4. Man can gain boundless happiness by merely turning the mind inwards. Heart of every being is full of sound, light and joy. Curb the outside attractions and return to your home.
  5. You will reach the kingdom of peace as soon as you are able to contain yourself. Your going out of yourself will only weaken you.
  6. Science has introduced only the objects of desire and increased sufferings. Ram! Ram! Peace is not outside. Peace is within. The mantra to enter inside is repetition of ‘Ram’, ‘Ram’.
  7. Slowly as the body is purified, the mind begins to be turned inwards; the aspirations of the external world go down gradually.