The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

In the Mother’s Lap
Just as the Madman came out of the cottage, repeating
‘Rama Rama’, Harekrishna came up to him and said, ‘O Mad Father. You are in great joy, calling the name of Rama and here I am suffering from disease, grief and scarcity. Tell me what I am to do.’
Madman: Repeat ‘Rama Rama’. Everything will be alright.

Hare: I love the name of ‘Mother’.

Madman: That is the best! Just say ‘Ma Ma’ all the time. Jai Sitaram.

Hare: I would like to know a single path of practice which can prevent the world from torturing me and can pacify the mind. Is there a simple way?

Madman: There is. Jai Sitaram.

Hare: Please show me a way that will quench the fire ignited by this material world and give joy in the next world.

Madman: Do you sit down every day to do your mantra?

Hare: Yes, I do.

Madman: Next time when you sit down, imagine that you are sitting in the lap of the Mother and, she is clasping you with both hands to her bosom. Sitaram.

Hare: Then?

Madman: Repeat ‘Ma Ma’. When the mind flits hither and thither, say ‘Ma Ma’. If the mind presents some evil thought, say ‘Ma Ma’. Whenever the mind starts focusing on something else, say ‘Ma Ma’. Hold her soft and gentle hands with which she has embraced you and gently rock calling, ‘Ma Ma’. Sitaram, Sitaram.

Hare: What will happen then?

Madman: She will hear you. Sitaram, the Mother will respond.

Hare: Will she respond?

Madman: She will surely respond. I do not ask you to go only by what I say. For the next two to five days, sit down two to three times. Believe for a while that you are sitting in the Mother’s lap. She will surely respond to your call. She will.

Hare: Then?

Madman: Rising, sitting, eating, lying; say ‘Ma Ma’. On being tormented by lust or on feeling anger, say ‘Ma Ma’. Being distressed by scarcity, call aloud ‘Ma Ma’. Call her all the time. Let not a single breath go in vain. Call ‘Ma Ma’, repeat ‘Ma Ma’ and sing ‘Ma Ma’. Blow away the citadel of lust which is more impenetrable than rock, with the cannon of the Name of Mother. O, can lust ever come near him who chants the name of Mother? Extinguish completely the blaze of poverty with the deluge of the name of Mother. O Mother’s son, O beloved son of nectar! Go on chanting the Great Mantra of the name of Mother. You have no cause of anxiety. Sitaram, Sitaram, Sitaram.

Hare: O Mad Baba, merely by hearing your words, my heart is filled with joy. Will I be able to do this?

Madman: Surely you can. Just try a little and then you can feel the grace of Mother. Her grace alone will make everything happen and give you peace.

Hare: I have now heard about Sadhana in this world. What is the path on the other side? Which womb of darkness will I fall into after death?

Madman: Why do you call it darkness? Sitaram, it is the kingdom of Light. You have to meditate on it thrice every day. Jai Sitaram.

Hare: Tell me, mad baba, how shall I meditate?

Madman: Sitting in the Mother’s lap and closing your eyes, think of your heart and visualise that the extremely bright Sushumna Nadi goes into the Sun’s zone. Think that you are at the point of death. Keeping your eyes fixed between the eyebrows and uttering OM, think that you have come out of the body through the door of the Brahmarandhra and the gross body is left behind. Imagine that as you come out of the Subtle body, the presiding deity of the day is carrying you to the presiding deity of the fortnight of the waxing Moon. He then carries you to deity ruling the six months of Uttarayan. Jai Sitaram.

Hare: I did not understand this clearly.

Madman: Just imagine what I have told you. Sitaram, by doing this, you will automatically understand everything. Now the deity ruling the Uttarayan takes you to the deity presiding over the Samvatsar.

Hare: Are Uttarayan and Samvatsar different from each other?

Madman: The Samvatsar is the owner of the body and the Uttarayan and Dakshinayan are its parts. After finding the Uttarayan, the presiding deity of the half-year, you reach the deity of Samvatsara. Then you advance into the Suryaloka, Chandraloka and Vidyutloka. As you pass through, the gods of that place worship you. Within no time you cross the zone of Prakriti. Sitaram, Sitaram.
Hare: How do I travel? I go up to the Suryaloka through the Sushumna, but after that?
Madman: Sushumna in the form of Viraja-Brahma has mingled with the Supreme Being. Mother’s mercy is carrying you. You are being automatically drawn by the higher attraction. Your subtle body goes away as soon as you plunge in the Viraja River, which separates the Prakriti Mandal (the zone of Nature) from Tripad Vibhuti. Your body becomes minute, full of purity and consciousness. You go on advancing. You reach a land of light as bright as a million Suns and cool as a million Moons. A number of great Maharishis reside there. Bowing to them, you advance slowly and arrive at the throne of the One you desire. He calls you. As you approach Him and bow, He puts you on His lap. Sitaram, Sitaram.

Hare: What then? What happens after that?

Madman: Putting you in His lap, He asks you. ‘Who are you?’ You say, ‘I am your servant. In how many fires I have burned! How much suffering have I endured to reach here! I will not go there again.’ He says, ‘No, no, you need not go again. I only am you, and you are I. I am the Sun and you are the ray; I am the Moon and you are the light; I am the ocean and you are the wave. There is no difference between you and me. Live forever in this abode of consciousness, engaged in my service.’ Jai Sitaram.
Hare: What then?

Madman: Then your God puts you on the lap of that very Mother whom you had been dreaming of for so long, and says. ‘Here, take your son who has returned after a long sojourn.’ The Mother clasps you to her bosom. You put your hands around Her neck and fall asleep with your head upon her shoulder. Mother Mother Mother! Here you sit on the Mother’s lap with your back turned to Her but there you are firmly embracing Her. Sitaram, Sitaram. Mother is everywhere. Spend the few days you have here in joy and go there to rest your head on Her bosom, belonging to Her forever. That’s it! The citadel is conquered. There is no need for fear. Come, take my hand, and let us both dance, chanting the name of Mother.

Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai.
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai.