The Mother Divine
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Years ago, when we rekindled The Mother, we had the deepest and worshipful regard for Mother Kundalini. She is known as Chiti. Jnanashakti and Kulakundalini. Her power makes the spiritual world go round. The real story of spirituality starts with the rising of kundalini. Recently, our preceptor Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja, quoted several writings on the matter by Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath and gave a unique definition to the last three, the higher, chakras. He said sushumna channel is like the track along which the chakras lie like main stations and the three granthis, Brahmagranthi, Vishnugranthi and Rudragranthi, the points of convergence of naadis, are like junctions.
When the body is purified through sadhana Kundalini is kindled like a matchstick lights fire. The practitioner enters a realm of unknown bliss. Hearing of Naad and visions of Jyoti become constant and everyday experiences due to the awakened Kundalini. The yogi feels that his body, prana and mind have lost all energy, and only consciousness remains. It feels as if some special power moves through the prana and mind.

In describing the effect of piercing the last three chakras, Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja said:
“When the kundalini rises up to the Vishuddha Chakra which is located in the front at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, the spiritual aspirant loses interest in the external world, he or she enjoys only the bliss of the divine, only God talk thrills, to everything worldly there is a perfect indifference.

The kundalini rises further to the Ajna Chakra located in the centre of the forehead between the two eyes, here the spiritual aspirant has a vision of the Divine (Self). This varies from person to person depending upon the nature of devotee’s preconception, but the experience is authentic. However, while the Divine is seen, it cannot be touched. You see God but you can’t touch God. It’s like the moth wanting to touch the flame that’s secured within the glass of the lantern. The flame can be seen, but it cannot be touched.

Finally, when the kundalini rises to the Sahasrara Chakra, there is real union. The kundalini Shakti meets Shiva and there is spiritual culmination. But this stage is far higher, the attainment is beyond the mortal realm, therefore the body has to drop at this stage. When the Shakti meets Shiva in the last Chakra in the crown of the head, the amrit or elixir of immortality trickles down. The journey is complete.”

From what Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja said, we can see three distinct last stages in spiritual evolution.

The merging with the Divine is comparable to a pitcher filled with water from the river Ganga, placed in the river, which has water both inside and outside. The difference between the water inside and outside is marginal. The pitcher only serves as a partition or barrier. When it is broken, the two waters mingle and become one. The same is the case with the Atma and the Paramatma. The disintegration of the bodily sheaths brings about this union. There is the bliss of the union of the Kundalini with the Beloved Paramshiva. The Narad Bhakti Sutra says, to quote Sri Omkarnath Rachnavali, “On disintegrating the three bodies and uniting them in the One, you have to live as the eternal bride, ever in service and love…and celebrate the bliss of union with the One, what else…?”
May each of our readers be blessed by Mother Kundalini!

Raj Supe (Kinkar Vishwashreyananda)