The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
  • This world is like a dream. Wife and children, kith and kin, or even one’s own body for that matter, are destined to perish and are impermanent. No one knows who will have to depart and when the call will come. Food, sleep, fear and sex are common to both men and animals–only thing that differentiates men from animals is dharma.
  • We live in a dream world– there is no telling when this dream and happiness will break, only the name of God is true. To take recourse to Naam with firm determination is the only genuine duty of man.
  • In the dream world, in the theatre of life, happiness and sorrow, honour and dishonour, peace and disharmony, dearth and affluence are all actors decked up to act. Appearing one after the other, these destroy (deplete the effect of) our past actions (karma).
  • Listen, O Mother! This world is a dream-construct, a mirage! Whatever you see here is untrue. Everything of this world: happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears, torment and sufferings are as untrue as a dream. How sorely do we cry taking the unreality of the world to be true, how we rave and rant! How much we scream! But all this is nothing but a dream.
  • There is no guarantee whether this samsara will exist tomorrow or not. So where is the time to laugh and weep and think of its happiness and sorrows, honour and dishonour? Don’t worry; pray with all your yearning and all things will be taken care of.
  • All the prosperity in the world is destroyed with the advent of time; where there is a rise, the fall too is inevitable; union finally changes into separation and the life of an individual finally reaches destruction.
  • This world is the mine of all manner of sorrows. Undivided happiness or sorrow is not anyone’s lot. He, who is seen immersed in immeasurable happiness in the present, is suddenly found plunged into ocean of insurmountable sorrow.
  • The irreligious one spends his days tumultuously, in burning pain, poverty, disease, sorrow and want.
  • Men and women who forget their true values in the momentary mist of short-lived youth, and consider gratification of senses to be the goal of their life, have to undergo untold sufferings in the end.
  • Those who take refuge at God’s feet: they are the ones whose dream is shattered; they wake up. When they look at the faces of those who cry out deep in their sleep, they feel like laughing. They call them out and say, “Listen! Don’t cry; you are seeing a dream. Wake up! Rise!’
  • Call out to God! Why have you come here? And what are you doing? You basically came into this world to call out to God and then forged relationships in this world, why are you raising uproar now? You will have to leave this world someday, what solution have you got for that? It is to drive this point home that the awakened one cries himself hoarse.
  • There is no telling when and at what time we will have to leave; which is why everyone should try not to let time pass unproductively. Easy path available in Kali Yuga is the one of Naam and Leela Chintan. Chant Naam!
  • He who is facing death, why will he care for the pleasures of this world? And why will he be anxious for women and wealth?
  • Death is devouring you every moment, every second! What are you doing about it?
  • He who is travelling towards death, why would he care for the wants of this world? If it comes, well and good! If it doesn’t, well and good! Let whatever has to happen ensue; standing or sitting, eating or lying down just call out to Him.
  • Try not to waste any time. Whether with reading of scriptures or contemplating God’s Sports, with Naam or with service, keep your mind occupied with any one of services unto God.
  • The purpose of life is to remember Hari (God). Human being comes into this world to get a darshan of God. Time is fleeting; the hour of death is drawing close, not just you, every man or woman starts dying from birth itself. Every moment is dragging the human being towards death.