The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

  • O those intent on self-development! Awake, arise – you are a human being and not an animal. Awake, Arise! Stake your whole life and march forward along the path shown by the Shastras with your heart and soul. Chant Naam and go on– may your path be strewn with flowers! Jai Guru!
  • For all beings, there is but One Master who is the Soul of all souls; the Life of his or her life, the Mind of all minds, the Eye of all eyes. As long as He is not known, one has to undergo distress and suffering, sorrows and torment. There is only one way to be liberated from infirmity and death and that is to take refuge with Him.
  • Everything in this world is subject to creation, maintenance and destruction. My Mother, possessing three attributes Sattva–Rajas–Tamas, is ever prone to transformation. Only Brahma is said to be untransformed– He alone is perpetually immutable.
  • Brahma or the Supreme Being assumes several forms to perform His Divine Sport, when He is forgotten due to the influence of avidya He comes to be known as Jivatma.
  • Due to the influence of Kaal, pure food habits and regular worship have almost disappeared in the educated men, as a consequence of it several hospitals and dispensaries abound today. Never mind! Think that He alone will do everything– for He has already done it. Resolving thus, make progress in chanting Naam. You will experience how everything gets done on its own accord. Those who have received diksha must occasionally spend some time with Sri Gurudeva. Try to adhere to the instructions given by Sri Gurudeva.
  • My dear! Do you know you have always been seeking supremely blissful God, but haven’t been able to find Him?  Do you know why? It’s only because of your improper diet and want of virtuous conduct. People who take Rajasik and Tamasik foods and eat fish, meat, onion, egg, chicken etc., their body and mind becomes impious, the strength to sit near God and perform japa is lacking in them. An improper diet aggravates the physical body for the worse and destroys it.
  • Listen, my dears! You people ran madly to “this one” and took refuge with me who am your eternal companion, and dear as life! You wanted me to alleviate several torments. See, what your Master has done! Your beloved Lord has established so many ashrams and temples to give joy to everyone. He has been calling you: “Come!” “Come!” He is calling out in the form of many assemblies singing Naam incessantly; numerous books, dozen periodicals and Naam in several streets of this country, can’t you hear his call? Why have you turned your face away? Why are you crying? Open your eyes and see! Here is a remedy to dispel your sorrow! Do you know what it is? Nothing but Lord calling you with outstretched arms! To hold you close to his heart and usher you into the realm of bliss, He gives you a summons. Run to him! Hurry!
  • Pravritti-patha-yaatris, or those inclined towards the path of action and life in worldly society, adhere to worship and sacrifices and having obtained svarga return to the mortal world, and then again head off for svarga. Performing duties in this manner when the sattva guna predominates they take to the nivritti path or the path of renunciation. For those inclined towards nivritti, undertaking activities appropriate to one’s order, first the mind is purified, then for gaining self-knowledge they take refuge with a satguru.
  • Human beings come into this world in order to realize God, if this object is sidelined and the heart longs only for sense gratification, then it is inevitable that the next life would either be of an animal or an immoveable thing. There is no path to knowledge of God except through the renunciation of sense enjoyment.
  • The sense organs like the eye, ear, nose etc. are madly and rapidly being drawn towards their natural objects such as form, sound, smell, touch, taste etc. This is not the spiritual ordain of life, it can only be called death. The Rishis of past have left us an easy course through which one can conquer life while performing daily duties.
  • Even the learned scientists of the day haven’t been able to lay hold of the genuine truth underlying nature. My dear, is nature everything? Do you think the play of nature is all? Prakriti isn’t everything; she is merely a partner in the divine play.
  • As long as a man is interested in sense enjoyments and material pleasure, he stays away from ascetic practices and the precepts of dharma.
  • If you look at the theatrical acts of this world and laugh and cry, how am to blame for that? You have become a king in a dream and you are dancing like a madman. Whose fault is it?
  • Everything is Me – you are merely a witness! Don’t cry any more looking at the drama of life! Don’t lament any longer by calling dream a reality! Don’t forget even for a moment that you are a witness, you are not the actor– let this be settled.
  • Just as if you say ‘I obey my father’, but don’t heed to his advice in practice, it does not constitute true obedience to one’s father; similarly, mere verbal claim of allegiance to God without praying at appropriate hours only amounts to disloyalty to Him.
  • If listening to just one thing resulted in knowledge of Brahma, there would be a Brahma-jnani in every next house.
  • The ultimate quest of all beings is moksha (final beatitude). Every one is wishing eagerly for moksha alone– be it a jnani, yogi or bhakta, everyone is praying constantly for moksha.
  • People who are ardently longing for worldly enjoyment and casting aspersions at Shastras (scriptures)! Alas! They know not; they don’t have the slightest idea of the poison they are drinking. How much suffering lies in store for them! They all will suffer and suffer they must, day and night.