The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

  • At present Kali reigns supreme with its terrible dance. Almost everyone is walking on a path opposed to the scriptures and suffering from distress. That things would come to this pass has been documented in the Shastras by farsighted Rishis versed with the past, present and future.
  • All this is bound to happen. The Rishis of yore foretold it. It only proves that the word of the Rishis is infallible. They predicted it in far gone Yuga itself: man of Kaliyuga, bereft of virtue, will engage himself in evil deeds; refrain from speaking the truth, refuse to serve mother and father and establish wife on God’s seat, like a servant of lust.
  • Those who advocate unrestricted mixing of men and women, indiscrimination in eating (heedless of source and time) and relishing of prohibited foods, as progressive customs for India, are actually enemies of India. In every town and city there is increase of hospitals, of cancer wards, and gynecological clinics and dispensaries.
  • Try to inquire into the present condition of those who have no restraint. They have no power, they cannot conduct themselves virtuously, cannot observe restraint. And they reproach the Shastras (scriptures). Why? What harm has the Shastra done to you? Have you ever tried to test what is the fruit attained by observing sandhya at the prescribed hours?
  • The focus today is on earning money and that is increasing suffering, it is leading the man astray, towards destruction.
  • In every home across India, there is a cry of lamentation. You become the ideal; bring floods of joy to their lives.
  • Go and search all homes in contemporary society and see how self-indulgent young men and women are reaping the effects of lack of restraint. It is rare to find a woman who is free from illness.
  • Why do the hospitals exist? Hospitals are there because of adharma. The degree to which there is growth in infidelity (faithlessness), there is growth in hospitals.
  • The current crisis can only be settled through adherence to dharma. The fire that is burning cannot be put out with fire; if the cloud of dharma rains down a perpetual restraint, then there is a possibility, otherwise the chances are bleak.
  • The whole race of men and women of today is in panic– in disease, in sorrow, in distress, in want and suffering. No one has the power to dispel this hue and cry. This fire is raging as a consequence of downright disregard shown to the Shastras (scriptures).
  • Today the men and women of India are full of fear and terror-stricken. No one can deliver them from the clutches of great fear except God.
  • Don’t panic at the terrible shrieking of ghosts and spirits of great graveyard of India; chant ‘Ram’, ‘Ram’—that will avert the disaster.
  • Under the influence of English education, all good things like profound customs, virtuous conduct, faith and devotion went astray. Within three to four generations, the children of Bharatamata (Mother India) have lost their character and deteriorated over the last three or four generations.
  • At present even the feeble-voiced, milk-fed school boys are writing long essays on the oppression by Brahmins with great anguish. They are teaming up to redeem masses from untouchability and gloriously proclaiming: ‘I shall eat indiscrimately, with the lower castes.’
  • Hari! Hari! Even the dogs, jackals and pigs eat whatever they like indulgently. It might be a great thing for the gluttons to eat anything, out of anybody’s hands and in any company. But lining the stomach isn’t the most important thing in this world. Is it?
  • You are looking at the prosperity of western civilization as though you are seeing a dream world! You are seeing it as if you are looking through a bioscope! But what is it to you?
  • Because of the infidels who have merely taken on the tag of being a Hindu, and are perpetually condemning the scriptures, idol worship and varnashram dharma – I (Shastra) am unable to sustain you. Forgive me!
  • Standing or sitting, eating or while going to bed, those who adopt the animal ways and disregard Shastras will be cast in searing pain, their offspring will suffer too, you will see their terrible sufferings.
  • Men bereft of divine touch! O those indifferent even after taking refuge! You did not come into this world with wife, children, high post and money; when you leave this world you won’t be able to take these things with you. When your son gives you the Agni at the last rite, he won’t send the money, property and wealth with you, everything will have to be left behind. That is why I am telling you to come forward. Come on, there is nothing to fear. You won’t have to spend money in Ishta Puja. Your Beloved does not want any money, any property; all He wants is your heart.
  • Have you ever tried to ascertain the result of holy dip in Ganga, devotional service to Tulasi plant, worship of Shivlinga and Shaligrama? Ever probed as to how sattvik diet improves health?
  • Come! Come all of you, men and women burning with the misery of samsara! Put an end to the evil deeds of the past through expiation; purify your body and start calling out to God. He will grant you darshan (vision); you will win supreme bliss. You will definitely get it.
  • I appeal to you; come! My dear men and women of the Arya race, return back to your dharma, to your karma, to your sadhana! Show deference unto the Shastras.
  • Come brothers! Come children! Come! Return to your kingdom of peace! You are suffering great torment because of your mindless indulgence in material enjoyment. Return! Return back to your restraint! Back to your renunciation, your worship, your austerity.
  • This is my call to every Indian, an amateur as also an expert, to anyone who is intent on doing well. Come! Adopt the path of Shastras (scriptures)–good fortune will come your way, object of your heart will also be realized. You will neither achieve anything by renouncing Shastras, nor can you ever succeed in establishing a new Shastra at any time.