The Mother Divine
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Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

A real Bhakta of Sri Bhagawan and who has complete faith in Him engages himself lovingly in doing constant Bhajan. He does not want anything in return. He does not care for worldly pleasures or sorrows. He considers even heavenly pleasures to be insignificant. By his Bhajan he does not even aspire to attain Moksha or the face to face meeting with God. He does Bhajan, but why he does it he cannot say. But it is a fact that without Bhajan he cannot stay even for a moment. For him it is impossible to give up Bhajan, just as one cannot think of giving up one’s life for anything because one loves one’s life so much. The person who considers the attainment of worldly happiness and enjoyment as the merit of Bhajan and as God’s kind gift, but who at the time of worldly dangers and sorrows, forgets  Him, and considers them as His unkindly acts; who sometimes even starts doubting Bhagawan’s kindness and even his existence, he is a pitiable individual indeed. Such a person is not loving Bhakta of Bhajan; he is a bania who trades his Bhajan for worldly commodities; he is a person without faith even in Sri Bhagawan.

When Sri Bhagawan expressed a desire to give blessings to Prahalad, the king of Bhaktas, the latter said:                    
Yastu Asisham Asashtey Na Sa Bhrutyah Sa Vai Vaanik.

He, who expects good return from his master for the service rendered to him, is not a servant; he is a trader.

A person who, in return for his Bhajan, expects to get pleasure and enjoyment, who hopes to attain Indrahood or Brahmahood or who even prays for face to face Darshan, is not a real lover of Bhajan, Bhajan is for the sake of Bhajan alone. A person who can bear with equanimity pain or pleasure, whatever comes to him as a result of his previous deeds, and yet can engage himself in constant Bhajan is a real singer of Bhajan; he is a real lover of Bhajan. God always protects him with his Sudarshan Chakra.