The Mother Divine
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The Final Way
By Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

One can gain ‘Bhakti’ only when the heart is chastened or purified after doing 'Karma and pursuing 'jnana' for hundreds of years hence it is very difficult to gain real ‘Bhakti’ for the unrealized person to take refuge (Sharanagati) and for one who is unable to do that even to take refuge with the Guru are the final means to gain 'Bhakti’.

‘In the path of 'Sadhana’ for ‘Bhakti’, just as taking refuge is a distinct way for the unrealized, similarly for the person, who is unable to take shelter, glorification of one's Guru is also a distinct way of 'Sadhana’.

Is it the Guru who will show the way to gain the final object that is to become servant of the Guru?
Guru is not different from God; hence service of Guru is the same as service of God and is the final end to be attained.

Guru is the giver of the ‘Mantra' to the disciple; he instructs the disciple how to do (Sharanagati) that is how to take refuge. Hence to the disciple, Guru is Vaikuntha, Kashi, Samudra, Dwarka and every holy place.

One, who leaves his own Guru, who is easily attainable, and starts worshipping God, who is difficult to attain, is comparable to a person who throws away the riches which is in his hand and goes on digging for secret wealth which may lie buried underground.

One, who leaves the Guru, who is visible to one's eyes, and goes for ‘God is attainable only through the Shastras’, is like a person who throws away the water which is in his hand and longs for water from the clouds.

Sri Bhagwan Ramananda Swami has said—

When the seeker for 'Mukti’ (final liberation), in spite of his great devotion is disappointed in finding that Sri Hari is distant and distinct from him, his mind is stilled by finding compensation in Gurudev, who can show him the final way. He then realizes that Gurudev alone will make fruitful all his efforts to attain God in his next life and, with the realization, remain steadfast in his devotion to the Guru and lives without any anxiety or doubt in his mind.

For those who have taken shelter with the Guru, Guru is the final answer, the final means of liberation.

I am yours, I am yours, I am yours, oh my dear, I am yours.

You are mine, you are mine, you are mine, oh my Lord, you are mine