The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Madman’s Jholi)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The Name is all the four directions, the Name
Is earth, firmament, heavens, the ocean,
Fire, sun, moon; the Name is lightning,
Breath, eye, ear, mind, the Name is all miracles.
Repeat the Name, it is supreme mystery.
The Lord is one and sports by taking many forms.
As gold and gold-ring are the same
So are the Name and the world identical.
As earthen pots, pitchers and lids are earth
So is the Name the multiform universe.
All that thou seest here consists of the Name.
Viewing thus thou triumphest over all.
The Name of the Lord is one word, the world
Is vast. The Chanting of the Name dissolves
The puzzling plurality. All is His glory—
So I think within. Repeat the Name by day
And night, the Lord’s servant, Sitaram!

The earth, the ocean, streams and rivers,
And various lands beyond thy count—
How many of them hast thou seen or heard of?
Poor is the pride of knowledge, it is baseless.
Be humble and repeat the Name at all times,
And the Friend of the humble will show thee grace.
‘I wish to be humble but I cannot’—
Tell this to Him and get thy peace of mind.
He dwells within thee and without and knows
Whatever thou wantest in thy inmost heart.
All that is hidden in the depths of thy soul
Lies open and clear before His eyes.
He is looking at thee at every moment,
Take these words as most authentic. Shouldst thou
Forget these, still don’t forget the Name.
Repeat the Name. Sitaram, servant of the Lord!