The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Recite the Name at all times of the day,
Thy sins will wear off with its recitation.
The sign of sinlessness is the dislike
Of worldliness, and devotion to the saint,
The teacher and the Name. When attachment
To the Name increases, all worldly desires
Disappear; there’s no wish to enjoy small pleasures.
Universal joy then overflows the heart.
Boundless and endless is that extreme bliss.
He who attains it is a happy soul.
Worldly pleasure is like what the fly derives
From a wound. Its enjoyment through many births
Has brought thee this pain. Once thou attainest
The power of the Name, off goes the greed
Of worldly pleasures. Don’t look at anything,
Sit in a lonely place and chant the Name.
If thou canst not do that, be where thou wilt,
Only call Him, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!
Never mind if thou hast no devotion,
The Name brings devotion with it, brother!
One who constantly repeats the Lord’s Name
Is firmly clasped to the heart by Devotion.
Don’t worry about devotion or faith,
Be it thy vow only to take the Name.
How Ajamila went to the holy of holies
By remembering his son Narayana!
The sinner Ratnakara became a great sage
By constant chanting of Rama’s inverted Name.
There was hardly a sin in the whole world
The bandit Ratnakara did not commit.
His tongue was powerless to pronounce Rama,
So, ‘Mara’ brought him emancipation
But thy tongue can utter the name of Rama,
So chant the Name without fear, the Lord’s servant, Sitaram!