The Mother Divine
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(Excerpts from Streams of Nectar)
By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Diverse are the Vedas, Smritis, Puranas,
Diverse the views held by the sages.
The secrets of spiritual life lie hidden.
Hasten along the path trodden by the great.
The great saint of Kali is my Gauranga
Who saved the world by the gift of the Name.
Hold firm to the path of chanting the Name,
‘Thou wilt have no worries, thou wilt be saved.
Say Gaur, Gaur! Say Victory to Nityananda!
Thou wilt have great joy by thinking of Gaur.
For the dire disease of this worldly life
The sovereign remedy is chanting the Name.
There’s no question of fixed times in this chanting.
And all castes have their right to chant the Name.
Chant the Name whenever and however thou canst,
Thou wilt get supreme peace, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!

There is no greater saint than one’s Guru.
When one finds one’s Guru, all worldly troubles go.
Disease, sorrow, pain and fear afflict so long
As one is without the Guru’s protection.
When the Guru lays his soft hand on one’s head
All that troubles him in life passes away.
The Guru is Creator, Preserver, Destroyer,
The Guru is all gods in One—the Supreme.
My Guru causes creation, existence, dissolution.
Take the Guru’s name again and again.
It will train the tongue for the finest taste
To which other flavours will be tastelessness.
Prayer, God and Guru—these are not separate.
The three are One—this is Vedic wisdom,
Take the Guru’s name, think of Him, sing Victory to Guru!
This will make thee fearless, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!