The Mother Divine
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By Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

For more than twenty-six years, the lila that Baba Lokenath performed at his ashram at Baradi was recorded by his closest disciples.  These accounts inspire us to the highest ideals of human life.  While the facts and the anecdotes may be similar, the Master reveals the essence of the Divine Play differently to each devotee.  When he radiates his light, one devotee may express it by singing his glory, while another may be inspired to write his message of inspiration and truth.  But Baba is always the source of the inspiration and transformation.

Narisababa, who became one of Baba's most cherished disciples, did not begin with a flawless character.  Before meeting Baba, he had been a person of little integrity who cloaked himself in the orange robes of renunciation.

In his early childhood days, Narisababa met a naked monk of questionable character who taught him to deceive.  Learning the art of deception at an early age, Narisababa easily convinced unsuspecting villagers that he was a renounced monk.  When he reached maturity, he left the company of his guru, confident that he, too, could play that role.  As a guru, he attracted a few undesirable characters who became his associates and disciples.  Moving from village to village with mules loaded with narcotics such as opium and hashish, he indulged in a life of sensual pleasure.  At night his disciples would make arrangements so that he could satisfy the demands of his lower nature.  This unrestrained life of the senses continued unchecked while Narisababa exploited innocent villagers in the name of God.

One day, after smearing his body with ashes, Narisababa sat under a tree next to an open fire.  Suddenly he heard a powerful voice behind him, calling his old household name.  He had never heard such a commanding voice in his life and was mystified.  Turning around, Narisababa was stunned to find an extremely tall, naked yogi standing there.  A strange feeling swept through Narisababa's body as he beheld the radiant being and felt Baba's piercing gaze.  The Divine look penetrated Narisababa's heart, cleansing the impurities that had accumulated through many births.  As if drawn by a powerful magnet, he fell at the feet of the yogi in absolute surrender. 

Like a loving mother pardoning the transgressions of her child, Baba embraced Narisababa with tender affection, saying, “You need not worry about your sins.  They are all mine.  From now on all your responsibilities are mine.”

That this kind of compassion and forgiveness was possible in another human being was beyond Narisababa's comprehension.  Baba knew all of his past sins.  When, with full knowledge, Baba took the responsibility of being his Guru, Narisababa was astonished and overwhelmed with gratitude.  To remain away from the holy company of this saint even for a moment became unimaginable.
Having experienced one transforming look from Baba that changed the entire course of his life, Narisababa embraced Baba's Divinity with abandon.   He had never seen God face to face.  Yet, all the qualities and ideals of all that he had insincerely preached were perfectly expressed in every aspect of Baba Lokenath.  Baba had rescued Narisababa from a life of error and transformed him into an ardent devotee.

Narisababa related an incident which reveals, once again, the depth of Baba's compassion and Divine Perfection.

One day a newly married couple visited the ashram.  The young bride was pale and appeared to be seriously depressed.  It seemed as though something had been troubling her for a long period of time.  After the newlyweds prostrated themselves before Baba, the husband excused himself and left the room.

Alone, in the Divine Presence of Baba, the woman felt inexpressible feeling of peace and serenity.  She longed to empty herself of the problems which had burdened her, but she was too ashamed to confess her misdeeds or to speak to Baba about the painful memory of her sins.  With tearful and repentant, downcast eyes, she waited for Baba to break the intolerable silence.

The compassionate mother in Baba spoke to her, “Why are you suffering so much?  What sins have you committed?  You need not tell them to me; I know everything about your past and I knowingly ask why you are unnecessarily causing yourself pain by thinking yourself a sinner?

''Whatever you have done, have you done it all by your own will?  How little you know of yourself.  You think and wish to do many things, but are you always successful in doing them according to your will?  If your will is so helpless against the invisible will that directs you from within, then why are you thinking that you are the sinner?”

Although the young woman did not understand Baba's words, her mind became tranquil. She felt the Divine Presence within her heart.

The woman said, “Baba, I am not able to pardon myself for all my evil doings.  The faith and love that my husband has for me adds to the fire of my inner agony which I can neither express nor endure.  Sometimes I feel that I should commit suicide to end this agonizing state in my life.”

Baba, the Divine physician, consoled the unhappy woman, “Have you ever thought about who it is that motivates you from within to do right or wrong?  I am the One sitting in the very core of your heart.  It is my will alone which plays through you.  If the will is mine, then how can the sin be yours?  If anybody is to be blamed it is not you, but me.”

The young woman was incredulous.  She had never before heard anything like this.  The Godman who was smiling so compassionately not only exonerated her, but also assumed the blame for the sins that she had committed.

Baba said, “You will not understand my words, but always keep in mind that you are not a sinner anymore.  Your husband is a nice boy and he has no complaints against you.  He only wants you to be happy in life.  From today, I take total responsibility for you both.  Leave all the thoughts of sin and your past with me and go back home to lead a happy married life.  You will see that you will have no more troubles in life.”

The woman felt as if she had been touched by magic.  The heaviness of her heart and mind dissolved, leaving no trace of her past agony.  She was at peace.  Bathed in the Divine Grace of Baba, she surrendered at his feet saying, “Baba, you have showered me with so much grace.  Bless me, so that I may always remember your kindness and grace by remaining ever engaged in devotional service to your Lotus Feet.”

From his state of Supreme Divinity, Baba declared, “The One is everywhere.  There is no second.  Who will show kindness to whom?  Have you ever seen a person in this world who is kind to him self?  I do not find the existence of anything other than Me in this entire creation.  I have traveled in the hills and mountains, in the jungles and forests, all over the world, but could only see Myself.  You will not understand why I love you all so much, why I am sharing your miseries and unhappiness.”

The husband and wife drank the nectar of Baba's eternal words.  Prostrating themselves at the feet of this living embodiment of love and compassion, they took their leave of Baba with his words still ringing in the young woman's ears.

Excerpted from The Incredible Life Of a Himalayan Yogi: The Times, Teachings and Life of Living Shiva

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Kolkata, India), is a globally acclaimed motivational and inspirational teacher, author, social advocate and peace maker. His Simple Art of Managing Stress and Course in Mindfulness have inspired audiences worldwide. Author of internationally acclaimed The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi: The Times, Teachings and Life of Living Shiva  Baba Lokenath Brahmachari, Shuddhaanandaa was recipient of the Man of Peace Award from the World Organisation for Peace in 2012. He founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission in 1985.